Mime pranking a tourist!

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  1. Your food is what my food eats

  2. Which country will he be deported to?

  3. Very poor choice of words……

  4. Yes sab 25 k mein Milna mushkil hai bhai

  5. Actually, there are a lot of high-rise flats available under 25k. And I am only asking basic facilities like power supply, and water supply. Expecting a reply or two from redditors living in any of such gated societies. Let's wait.

  6. The result of this poll is expected to be heavily skewed towards option 1 Redditors in general are not extroverts

  7. Downvoting just because of that song, sorry

  8. Totally understand, my mistake!

  9. Not yet, you can return to your cave

  10. Another post says it was China’s room. Dishonesty is an ugly thing.

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