What is the worst thing about being skinny?

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  1. Tops make people very happy, too. Don’t limit yourself. Try it all and decide what you really like after some experience.

  2. Honestly, if you’re open to it, advertise yourself on hookup apps as someone wanting to learn. There are lots of guys out there into that.

  3. try it. if you like it, cool. if you don't, cool. people evolve

  4. You set this on the floor and took several paces back before taking this photo. Why?

  5. I'm a guy, but I'd go on a date with you if it meant breakfast.

  6. You know what's EXTREMELY unprofessional? Being a stupid bitch. I'll call out how I want to call out.

  7. You're not allowed to complain about body image issues. People are always like, "Oh, you're skinny, shut up." Some of us are skinny because of serious internal issues and we're just not allowed to vent that. It hurts.

  8. This unfortunately was India they don't have guidelines and precautions set in place....

  9. To be fair, I've seen videos of this style ride failing in America. There's that horrid one where the harness breaks on a drop and the guy splats onto the ground.

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