1. pakZ says:

    I am having the same issue.

  2. There's no answer that fits everybody. Just try out both versions and see what's more suitable for you. I need to start with something light to get into flow.

  3. Captain Jack Sparrow..

  4. 5% of the worlds population is just that much richer than the other 95%

  5. That doesn't make any sense. Even if the poorest American would be richer than every Non-American on this planet.. they do not belong to the top 1%, because he'd be the poorest of those 5%.

  6. It makes sense because the US economy which is the largest punches above its own weight.

  7. I'm sorry, I don't even know on what tracks your train is on right now..

  8. 20 years of sports betting taught me to never ever bet on your own team ✌️

  9. Pretty sure this qualifies as Dark Pattern. About time they put some consequences for this into place.

  10. Maybe it depends on the source. You can re-encode a 56k audio to 320k but won't gain any more quality.

  11. Pretty sure, 2070 will see neural datalinks that allow you to store and access information directly to and from your brain.

  12. Hey, much appreciated :) As I said, I understand why Chrome gets the most attention.. but I'll definitely check it out, once it's ported ✌️

  13. Germany did not declare war. We simply have an idiot minister of foreign affairs..

  14. Don't listen to anything that person says. Don't even pay attention to him. No one is taking him serious. Even by this subs standard, he's completely ret......

  15. I want to fly like a bird.

  16. Are you saying that jewish communities were vaccinating their people at around the year 1600?

  17. aCalendar, IMO, is visually pleasing enough without having nonsense like mandatory accounts, etc...

  18. Wasn't it a short circuit caused by some craftsmen?

  19. Execute order 66 Memorandum 200.

  20. In before the Americans, confusing Brussels with Bruges again, spamming comments about dwarfs..

  21. Protip: it's actually 12:01 already, we are witnessing the beginning stages of collapse, but for the sake of our feelings we pretend it's two minutes earlier.

  22. Well.. 00:01 would mean, we still have 23 hours and 59 minutes left :)

  23. Haha.. guild dungeon pvp and EuRO was bound to be RnR..

  24. Yeah people like you are why it continues to happen. If you punished these men truely punished them for all to see as examples as to what happens when you become an animal like this then it would not happen as often. But instead we watch we join in, and we have people like you holding those that would happily punish them back! This is why we will devolve this and the fact that we constantly go out of our way to breed iut any intelligence by constantly allowing the dumbest of us to have five six seven children, but yet the smartest of us are just looking for the right time to have a child but that time never comes. We have religious communities constantly preaching that it is immoral to look a certain way but not immoral to beat a person because they're dressed that way. The fact that you're not enraged by this the fact that you decide that I should calm down is kind of telling of how effective all of this is. But no you're right it would have been better if worse happened to her so that you could sit there and enjoy it more right? The fact that you're not seething with hatred and anger from this incident not at the people or the culture but just at the Injustice of the fact that this happened and those men were allowed to walk free. Shame me if you want but I will never calm down when it comes to things like this it's wrong, and you should know it is wrong.

  25. First day on the Internet?

  26. Stop spamming your idiocy.

  27. They control everything about the solar tech, so if we're getting it we're getting it from them. Gas is simple, gas doesn't require a master's degree to comprehend/utilize.

  28. Yeah.. I love that pretty much everybody can acquire their own gas these days. I have a small gas field in my backyard and can provide for my family and some of our surrounding neighbours should need be. Not like those pesky solar panel market monopoly!!

  29. IMO, Todoist should be just right for you. Just try out the free plan.

  30. Oh great.. are we now questioning that people can possibly die from too much heat? What an absolute clown show this is becoming........

  31. Sonst gehts aber noch bei dir? Wegen Leuten mit genau dieser Einstellung stehen wir da wo wir heute sind. Man kann nie zufrieden mit dem Personal sein das man hat, sobald 1x was nicht klappt. Und dann direkt die nächsten "Trainer raus " rufe oder der schrei nacj nem neuen Vorstand etc. Wirklich traurig, das bei uns keiner seine Arbeit machen darf. Nur der HSV

  32. Denke mal, das war ein Scherz 🙃

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