Becoming The Ghost [Video]

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  1. Moon master cancel. It’s a melee cancel mechanic, extremely op

  2. really not that op in the grand scheme of things, but go off

  3. Yep, if you're exploiting something, you're cheating. Bragging about cheating makes it worth a lot less. Could just be my more pedestrian skill ego talking here but knowing that I play without exploits makes it more satisfying.

  4. …yeah, definitely the pedestrian skill ego.

  5. Yea they're not gonna go back in and fix a game mechanic. They only condone it because it's not worth the cost to fix. I bet they'll fix it in the next game.

  6. I mean, if they only barely tolerated it then they wouldn’t endorse Joey Dominguez’s videos where he uses stuff like Reload cancel, MMC and WoTF cancel constantly 🤷

  7. You: “Don’t even get me started on duels where opponents have crazy fast animations and parry windows for OHKs and seem to slide towards you to connect a hit.”

  8. The end, you can go as soon as it pops up but he tells people he’s killed the Kahn

  9. I think it’s supposed to be played after you kill the khan cause someone on iki says somthing like “ I heard you killed the khan, I was hoping to see you here helping with the mongols.” Somthing along those lines at least

  10. It’s a bluff. Could not be more obvious given the later lines.

  11. First, get all the Horse Armour dyes. You can just keep talking to Sugi until you have all of them.

  12. Just jump kick his spin. Simple. It’s not rigged towards you not being able to parry, by the way. That’s a skill issue.

  13. Nice work! This is insane. I love the editing too!

  14. Sheesh, the amount of effort that went into that must have been insane. Thanks for sharing it. :o

  15. What sorta video editor are you using for your videos? I can’t figure out how you’re editing the camera’s perspective like that 🤔

  16. Side note: undamaged did a perfect duo hellmode with a WS too. It’s a a fun video

  17. Oh yeah I’ve seen that! Great showing. It equally shows how the WS just isn’t good enough to keep up with the SSB tit for tat.

  18. Exiled_Requiem told me he was curious to see how the SSB might stock up on the Samurai now. It’s an interesting thought for sure.

  19. Along with sculpted nipples. Guess he’s a Schumacher supervillain.

  20. Be difficult to fit. And I was looking over the armor, again, and the Level III+ helmet looks like a Monkey is piloting the wearer, like Ratatouille.

  21. Not really. Monkey taking up the majority of the banner with the crest in the centre could work. I’ve always seen the Level III monkey helmet as more of a throne for the little monkey, but the Ratatouille idea is interesting.

  22. You have to click circle once with a direction. Clicking/holding down circle once without a direction will just cause Jin to try preparing a dodge. In order to actually sidestep, you need to press a direction to the stick.

  23. I’m unsure. Probably not though, definitely not in the open world at least.

  24. Can somebody break down that melee sequence? I see the side kicks from one style then the spinning slashes from another style, but the style never changes.

  25. They’re from the same stance. You’re mixing moon stance up against wind stance with its typhoon kick.

  26. It would be bonkers. It also wouldn’t work 🤔

  27. If you’re using SSB with the meta strategy of repeatedly hitting uncharged headshots and using reload cancel, weaken is good but not entirely necessary. If you’re really concerned about being hit a lot, then switch to blessed arrows.

  28. I get what you are saying but they are two separate things/issues and one should not equate the two in my mind.

  29. Would disagree. They made it quite clear before the base game was released that high level play involved the cancelling of animations. Seeing people take that a step further is hardly an issue with the game, seeing as the melee combat was build with so much variety of play in mind, regardless of whether it’s nigh impossible to fix or not.

  30. Looking good, man! You’re making the climb 😉

  31. And a punch to the groin for me.

  32. You can unlock everything long before finishing the first playthrough, including the DLC upgrades.

  33. N_dt says:

    Since when is there a horse in that colour? Laat time I played, there were only 3 colours

  34. Deluxe edition horse. Since the Director’s cut was released it’s all but standard edition, so it’ll be available for you upon a NG or during Act 3 of a NG+

  35. That’s only half true. With SSB auto aim is useless.

  36. Which turns it into: auto aim + flick left stick up. Still easy as fuck.

  37. Tadayori armour restores up to 50% of the concentration meter on a successful headshot


  39. Copying the link, putting it right on the 2.14 patch notes. Sucker Punch has been looking there for their upcoming update to the game, which is being rolled out in a staggered format starting soon.

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