1. Karmine, they seem to be the undisputed best team in the world according to almost everyone, but I think there's multiple teams close to or at their level. Karmine's amazing but people are acting like they arent gonna drop a game at the major

  2. KC is very similar to Moist last season IMHO. They can win, but they can go out in quarters as well.

  3. Idk who kuxir is, but I'm certainly not giving him credit for inventing a pinch

  4. Is this sarcasm? Season 1 vice world champion and season 2 world champion, the first player who pulled off a sidewall pinch in RLCS and very likely the player who first realized it was possible to get consistent at it and thus discovered its competitive potential.

  5. What does that have to do with eSports?

  6. He’s a prodigy who has been signed by a major org before he’s even allowed to compete in RLCS. If he’s clipping on two very highly regarded RLCS players, I think that’s relevant for this sub.

  7. In a similar vein, any players that use meme cars to get into their opponents head?

  8. 21-22 Karmine Corp prior to the Spring split used to use a variety of nonstandard cars.

  9. Especially AztraL if I remember correctly? He seems to like switching things up

  10. If we are VERY generous, maybe they’ll add the Australia octane decal which is already in the game files…

  11. Id suggest grinding out other maps as well. But you also have pretty good control over it so maybe try translating it in game by practicing air dribbles and double taps?

  12. Any idea who he might be replaced with?

  13. With this, Lakeshow are down to just 2 members from the main roster and a sub (no coach and down 1 player)

  14. Any idea who they might get to replace him with?

  15. I don't know why this is getting down voted, mm has said he is close to ending his career and recently it seems like his mental is the worst it's ever been. on top of bad performances in regional and missing Rotterdam, I could see him not lasting the full 2 years and I don't see this team staying the same 3 for 2 years

  16. Tbh he has been streaming a lot recently and he looks decently happy. While he says stuff like « I’m almost at the end of my career. I’ll probably end my career at BDS. », he also says he feels a little better now than when he put out the tweet.

  17. Torment is a bonafide scrub! He can't play! No disrespect whatsoever, but I'm sorry to call, tell everybody the truth, the man cannot play the game of Rocket League. He has small hands, he can't shoot the ball, he has bad rotations, he can't really move even though he's mobile, doesn't really know what he's doing, doesn't have an aerial move that he or he puts to memory that he can do two times in a row. He has no game whatsoever, plays no defense, doesn't have the heart, the passion or anything that comes with it, and you're asking me whether they gave up too much? Please. Cloud9 knew exactly what they were doing, they should be celebrating right now, and Squishy should not be saying a word!

  18. According to the World Bank, the latest value for Belgium is 98.64% of individuals over the age of 14 have bank accounts. So yes, it is a high percentage, but no, it isn't everyone.

  19. The original parent comment states that

  20. Tbh I rather rock a basic decal than be a walking (or rather ‘driving’) advertisement

  21. What's the difference between that and wearing a pair of Nike shoes or any Nike clothing? You paid money for it, and you're a walking advertisement.

  22. That’s why I try to wear clothes with no logos on it.

  23. I turn chat off. It’s not like you have to coordinate with teammates anyway in 1s

  24. Bro got a Naruto character for support, support must be low for rl

  25. Kinda sad that Sakura had to take a job at Psyonix to pay the bills

  26. The question is: did you lose this game?

  27. Pretty sure you can get Yellow Standard from drops

  28. you can get saffron painted standard, not standard yellow. and yes they look different

  29. Didn’t know they looked different. I have Standard and Orange Standard and it’s kinda hard to notice the difference in-game.

  30. No age limit. If you’re good enough to qualify, you’re in.

  31. For under $100 per shirt, I think you'll get the best quality with Kamakura.

  32. Am I the only one disappointed by the quality of these shirts? All I've heard is rave reviews but in my experience the shirts are very thin and will therefore rip with the slightest abuse.

  33. Half of my shirt wardrobe is Charles Tyrwhitt, and the dress shirts are their best offering, particularly the non iron twill ones.

  34. IMHO you should always go for the do-iron version. The formaldehyde resin bath they use to make no-iron shirts not only is a known carcinogen but also damages the fibers. The result is a plasticky and cheap feeling shirt.

  35. Charles Tyrwhitt offers 30% site wide. But even with their standard 4 for 200€ option, that still results in 35€/shirt. I remember better deals from them in the past, do you think we’ll get something extra on Black Friday itself?

  36. Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin, Hawes & Curtis..

  37. TM Lewin only ships to the UK AFAIK. Mainland customers are screwed.

  38. Seems like we’re in completely different time zones LOL. I’m in EU.

  39. Haven't heard much from Scribbles recently. Is he still on the grind? When will he be eligible?

  40. People like Scrub, Daniel, and FK were definitely good enough to be pro before they were 15. Right now through I can’t think too many kids under 15 that are like that. Maybe dark from MENA but I don’t know how good he is at 3s. I’m from NA and the best players under 15 I can think of are Fast and Scrzbbles but they aren’t pro level right now. (They could be in the future though)

  41. You can also add pretty much evry pro that was banned for playing underage to that list: Zen, Seikoo, Atomic, Nwpo

  42. Speaking of China, can we also call the Taiwanese flag Taiwan ? 🇹🇼

  43. If you click on the crates, it says which region’s decal they contain…

  44. And you just could have said it was the 1v1 challenge but whatever

  45. “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

  46. thanks for the info on usa. hoping rumble tourney qualifies work. i tend to avoid ranked play (tho i did do some snow day this season)

  47. New-Zealand is a fan favorite. I like Korea and Saudi Arabia as well personally.

  48. The best event you ever did was Radical Summer: you earn summer credits you can spend on an exclusive shop. This way people can grind out enough credits for the items they want, while ignoring all the rest. There has never been an event since then where I went « woah, they really pushed themselves for this event ».

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