1. just impulsively bought myself a keyboard last week. Never played before. I want to become a professional musician now. FML. wtf?

  2. that's great!!!! I haven't been doing that in a while (unless you count milk + coffee as a meal, then I have several meals a day lol

  3. This bugs me very much and it’s one of the worst parts of my life seriously. Same happens for me in therapy, which makes finding the right therapist very hard. I just felt misinterpreted my whole life, and sometimes it takes me days to decode and analyze a social situation until I realize for example what I missed to say so the other person could not have interpreted it in the most awful way. I did not know how to explain this until now. Thank you!

  4. YES VERY MUCH. I have this mostly with bad smells like fish and dead meat. My theory was that the particles of the smell were stuck in my nose hair and trimming my nose hair did actually help!!

  5. The worst part about having ADHD is the anxiety of strattera. wtf??

  6. Can’t wait to visit family in Croatia next time!!! thank you for sharing

  7. As a kid, I remember thinking that the Truman Show was about me and it was the "writers/producers" attempt to see if I would catch on or maybe a warning/message of some sort. I grew out of that but every now and then something happens and I catch myself thinking it had to be scripted.

  8. Plus you get to have a routine and get away from the stress of the current world

  9. This sounds so interesting tho. Do you think that maybe it could be a shade of purple?? Was it see-through? Was the "hat" big or did it have long tentacles??

  10. If you google ‘metallic blue’ that’s the color its tentacles had and the part under the bell shape body. And it was pure black, not see through. Big hat, proportionally not long testicles, medium i would say, and the oral arms were veery big in diameter also metallic blue obviously. It just can’t be that I have this memory without that it happened, and I really think I didn’t change my memory that much through the last year..

  11. Ok no jellyfish in the Mediterranean has metallic blue oral arms, nor any known species.

  12. same for me, in the dark it’s almost always there (but still good night sight) and I see it when I’m looking for it

  13. I’ve lost so many library books I’m scared to even go in my local libraries now

  14. I haven’t seen our libraries from the inside since about 8 years because of that reason

  15. Oh I‘m definitely a mix of Frankie (yes, definitely forgetting birthdays..) and I have some „issues“ like Brick, and mostly I‘m just Sue or is Sue like me?

  16. mine died yesterday so I‘ll stay the upper one… probably a little bit darker as well

  17. 33 is just my age. But I remember periods of horrifying paranoia, racing thoughts, suspicion, severe anxiety… it came and went but never got super bad until I was 27 and I had my first major traumatic event in my adulthood. It was the worst I’d ever felt. The thoughts that marched through my mind, the things I felt so strongly that spirits were telling me to do & I could not stop those thoughts even though I knew they were bullshit. They were horrifying beyond comprehension and I still to this day have not written or spoken what ran through my mind because it horrifies me that deeply.

  18. This sounds a lot like my experience with life but I never thought that the life long paranoia, racing thoughts, suspicion, severe anxiety, the constant sense that something horrible is about to happen and the struggle in public (even though I kind of know they probably aren’t laughing about me but the thought is still there) … is psychosis?

  19. It can be the beginning stages of a psychosis episode… “prodomal” from what I am reading. The step of psychosis that precedes a full-blow acute episode of hallucinations and shit—if it remains unaddressed or is triggered further.

  20. I feel you. What made a big difference for me was a pretty rug

  21. Fun fact: While schwanz means penis in German, in Swedish it means tail! (if you account for spelling).

  22. My boyfriend recently replaced 'don't be a pussy' with 'don't be such a soft willy' and it makes us both laugh so much, and it's so much more accurate!

  23. That‘s funny because in german it is pretty common to say so. It translates to „Schlappschwanz“.

  24. There's actually a name for this, someone brought it up on an Aspie sub before.

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