1. Machine Connor. I love his villain arc

  2. Glad you liked it. What ending did you get for each character?

  3. This games soundtrack overral is way above expectations. But in my opinion the most powerful one is definitely Markus’ (Stratford tower soundtrack is fire especially the part where they’re climbing the tower)

  4. Yeah I wouldn’t like to get into detail with that because I don’t want to have people here questioning their existence because trust me this is bad one

  5. Definitely Robby, mf litterally walked on that wall like it was normal ground

  6. I could never imagine Connor being played by someone else. Bryan does an amazing job with the role

  7. Robby because Miguel was drunk

  8. The fight at the furniture store. Chozen always makes me laugh

  9. Great, more needless hostility, you sure have me quivering now, man! I’m sorry, but she’s still not the first deviant, and downvoting me isn’t gonna prove otherwise.

  10. You guys don’t have to argue with each other over Reddit bs

  11. So? A computer virus isn't exctly like Covid where you need to be in contact to catch it. If Kamski spread the virus on the androids then it would go through a shared network.

  12. Kamski claimed that the spread of the virus is androids sharing identification data when they meet each other though

  13. Ugh, I knew they would do this. The characters were the last reasonably priced thing in this game.

  14. Multiversus just knows how to f up everything. They want they’re game to be alive but theyre doing steps to get farther away from it

  15. It breaks my heart to see it because I really really want this game to do well

  16. Silver. Sure he’s an asshole but he had a good character arc and was really smart

  17. Well then replace the title with the dojo in the remake movie

  18. Fighting Dragons Kung Fu studio.

  19. Higher is better but if that’s the difference on your main compared to your leaderboard character your account is bugged

  20. Well yeah thanks for telling me imma check again when I get on

  21. I might’ve misinterpreted your question haha, were you genuinely asking whether higher is better or were you saying your main is 2273 and leaderboard character is 635? Either way I edited message above to better reflect the question. No worries on the help

  22. I was asking if higher is better and thanks

  23. I’m pretty sure the camp is the only way to get all three of them to survive if Markus goes for the violent revolution.

  24. This is not fanmade, this is him deactivating his skin during the nuclear/dirty bomb ending

  25. If not counting backpack then id say Finn

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