1. Terrifier 2 since it’s streaming now on scream box

  2. Thank you so so much for the feedback! I truly do appreciate it. This was my first screenplay and all of these comments are highly valuable to me - especially the passive voice advice. THANK YOU!!

  3. Finally someone else that likes Halloween 3

  4. I submitted a little bit earlier today. Looking forward to reading everyone's!

  5. Thanks no it’s more obscure than that

  6. It’s neither of these but Borgman sounds awesome!

  7. Upload the PDF of your script to google drive, change the permissions so that anyone with the link can view it, then send the link to the moderators through modmail here:

  8. Just finished my third revision - 87 pages. I'm having a few horror fan friends read it over for any last minute tweaks before submission.

  9. It did, but they had to take it away because the backers made too much noise.

  10. I am entering the screenplay contest.

  11. Roadtrip Apocalypse - you guys are too generous!

  12. Subject: Something buried is uncovered

  13. And with that 15 minute trailer, SQ42 has been delayed by another 5 years. Thanks Bethesda!

  14. If you hadn't put in the constraint about > 85% review scores I would have gone with 5-15% because I think they will get multiple systems in (albeit by making more technical reductions elsewhere) and I also think that they will have a form of server meshing in as well (most likely a crappy instanced implementation where each system is a server and you have a hidden loading screen between the two - it will still be 50 players but now each Stanton server will be paired with its Pyro brother in a hard link fashion).

  15. ...and the white knights will be saying: "Work really only started in 2027!"

  16. You joke (or maybe not) but I can guarantee you that there will be claims "REAL work only started when SM went live"

  17. You’ve probably done it by now but for anyone here from google, here’s my advice. Stay on your house and keep a lot of distance, basically avoid all attacks except for the third charge of his charge attacks, and the attack where he does three purple attacks that come from the ground. On the three purple ones, run around kinda towards him, and by the time he finishes the third one be right by him and attack him at most three times, depending on weapon speed. You can punish the third charge attacks in his first phase with around two attacks if you time it right. In his second phase he will do 1-2 charges then do a purple beam, punish this by riding hard to the left and hit him while he is shooting the beam. It will be a long fight

  18. 100% exactly what I did. Fight takes forever and one mistake could spell the end. There were times I was 15 mins in, boss at 1/8 health left and I got greedy and two hits - one to knock me off horse, second with his tail to finish me were all it took to have me back at base camp. Don't get greedy!

  19. Largely a buzz word to describe anything wrapped up in the tools available to the developers. One of the fallacies of CIG that backers like to spout daily is that "tech is useful" or tech gives them some edge over other games, which backers love to spout daily. The reality is tech, be it some clever "bartender AI" or "server meshing" has no use to the end user (Gamer) unless it is fully implemented and integrated into working software and making a noticable difference to their experience.

  20. I just wanted to commend you on the well written reply. I am an indie game dev and have been developing software for over 25 years. One thing that always has me roll my eyes is when one of the faithful start patting CIG on the back for "doing the impossible". You'll see this on the main sub a lot where they start saying something along the lines of "and the hate sub said it would be impossible to have seamless transition from space to planet and CIG did it"

  21. If someone here is eligible for arbitration, I will pony up the $250 just to see what happens. PM me!

  22. Procedurally generated souls-like semi open world with shortcuts / surprise area connections, big vistas, etc. and of course punishing fair combat. Working in Unity3d and using a model inspired by generative grammars but that leverages the game object hierarchy as opposed to a text based language for creating the world.

  23. I mean. They are making strides in gaming and making seemingly impossible or super hard to figure out things viable even with a large system like Stanton. While it has taken a while, isn’t this what gaming needs? Think about all these letdowns of games in the past few years. Maybe this new tech will help it as a whole. But who knows? Maybe we are just looking at the worlds greatest scam, or maybe we are looking at gamings biggest feat.

  24. Please tell me you intentionally left off the /s to confuse us...

  25. Forgot to bounce this on after I posted to the Raw subreddit; edited it a little to make it clearer to those who don't follow the same scam ran by Chris Roberts former colleagues.

  26. My mistake on the employment status - I misread your original comment, it did sound like you worked with them given how much knowledge you had of the situation, but either way - I think your predictions are spot on for the future of SC.

  27. Wow I didn’t realize Star citizen made it into arstechnica. Lol good job CIG. Meanwhile their management is doubling down on staying silent 😂

  28. Yea they've gone way downhill over the years, now they mostly do hit pieces... /s

  29. I had the same problem -- after each song finished and the next started, the volume setting changed. It wasn't because of Normalization -- the volume setting changed inside Windows settings.

  30. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This has been driving me nuts in Windows 11

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