1. Scion/Toyota iA is a barely rebadged Mazda2 sedan. I always found it funny that Toyota kept the Mazda design language everywhere on the car except for the grill and emblems.

  2. I use B&BW body cream in the morning, and I usually reapply after lunch. It's not greasy at all, which is great. Hydrates pretty well, too. I try not to touch any books within the first few minutes of applying. I just use that time to answer emails and check orders. After a bit, I'm good to go.

  3. 2014 was the first year of the 3rd gen Mazda3. The 2013 is part of the previous generation.

  4. It was introduced mid 2013 but given the 2014 model year designation. In any case, do you know of any issues with the first model?

  5. I didn't have any major issues with mine. Road noise could be pretty loud, but I just turned my music up to deal with that. Mechanically, the car was sound. Drove it for 7 years before moving on to a Mazda6. I still have and love my 3, if that means anything.

  6. idk who that is but i'm tired of folks being invited willy nilly to the cookout, so the cookout's over. everybody get their foil and styrofoam plates and go home.

  7. And H.E.R.'s Belle was so good that Emma Watson shouldn't even be part of the conversation anymore.

  8. Any library in the processing/acquisitions department. You don't necessarily need an MLS/MLIS degree. Just note that you couldn't call yourself by the title of "librarian" if you don't. But if that doesn't bother you, library backroom work is a great option.

  9. I can never say anything more intelligent than "she's so hot" when I see her. It's embarrassing lol

  10. No, I wouldn't date anyone who doesn't have their own place to stay. They need to get themselves together first.

  11. Just gonna remind everybody that Thomasville has had a Whataburger for years. This isn't their second one in the state.

  12. We had one in Valdosta. Went a couple of times and thought it was okay.

  13. Yeah, the Thomasville location is surprisingly good. Takes a while to get your food sometimes, but it's worth it.

  14. I’ve moved to wearing exclusively wire free “bras” that are like lined crop tops or sports bras really. I’m never going back.

  15. I’m in Aus so I’m not sure if stock is the same but i use these types

  16. These look so comfy. I'm going to see if we have them here in the US. Thank you!

  17. Mazda did this with a bunch of their cars when the ship that was importing them suffered a shipwreck. Many of the cars survived the disaster, but Mazda didn't want to take the chance of selling them. So, they stored the cars like this until they could all be destroyed. It's a really interesting story.

  18. I live in south GA and have bought all of my cars in Florida. They're registered with Floridian temp tags and my own insurance until I go to my county's tag office and get the car registered here in Georgia.

  19. They are protected by state law. Leave Southerners alone.

  20. I like how you forgot Black Southerners exist. You don't speak for us. I'd be more than happy to see every one of those shitty monuments blasted into space. :)

  21. As someone whose parents were buppies in the 80s and 90s, this is incredibly accurate, right down to the Coach bag. The only difference is that my mom wore scrubs a lot of the time, and dad didn't wear duck boots.

  22. Be sure to rule out any kidney issues. Kidney problems can present as back pain, as well.

  23. Maybe they just don't feel like prioritizing dating. Maybe they were caregivers for other family members and didn't have time to date. Maybe they have trouble socializing but are otherwise cool. Could be any reason. I wouldn't hold a gap in dating history against someone unless they turned out to be an asshole or something.

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