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  1. Seeing his massive cranium right next to an ordinary human's head really puts things into perspective. Boglim heads appear to be around 1.5x the size of the average human head. Astounding.

  2. Kyle Rittenhouse. Dude committed murder and is now getting famous spouting off right wing talking points while acting like the victim.

  3. Lol, it was the most clear cut case of self defense possible. Did you even watch the trial?

  4. This is my favorite goddammit for sure. The long drown out beginning is the highlight lmao.

  5. Same here. He's like a little kid that just realized he broke his own toy.

  6. Styxenhammer666. A Holocaust denier who streams on Dtube or Bitchute.

  7. Two brain dead incels fit for each other.

  8. Just because you disagree with styx doesnt make him a "braindead incel"; if anything, all you're doing is revealing your own stupidity with such statements. Even though i disagree with a lot of leftist thought, i dont think you have to be an idiot/soyboy to be a lefty. It would be disengenuous and, moreover, useless, for me to say people like slavoj zizek or destiny are stupid.

  9. He will look like adult butthead in a few years

  10. He should just tattoo the CNN logo on his forehead at this point.

  11. It's always these type of degenerate man babies. Fucking disgusting.

  12. No, it's still ~50% higher than when le orange man was in office.

  13. This guy thinks oil prices is a proxy for presidential performance lmao!! I’m not a Biden fan but you’re part of the problem. It’s so cringe to see people like you post a “gotcha” comment when really you’re illustrating how brain dead you must be. Try thinking for yourself for once

  14. This isn't a "gotcha" you fucking downie. Literally all i said was prices were lower when trump was in office. That's it. Everything else is in your head. The irony of you saying "try thinking for yourself" when you post a 60 IQ take based entirely on lefty talking points makes me think you're just pretending to be this dumb. If you still believe that a president has no control over gas prices, you should remove yourself from public discourse until you understand anything about how policy can influence the oil and gas industry.

  15. Aside from human trafficking/slavery, i'm all for it. Legalize all drugs, legalize ownership of all weapons.

  16. I wouldnt be surprised it if turned out the only actual pussy he's gotten is from steph. Summer probably sucked his nasty little bog knob, hence the throat infection.

  17. Even so-called "anarcho" communism gives power to a collective rather than the individual. You chosing to not call that collective "government" doesn't not make it government, especially considering that the "collective" will have most of the powers and features of a government.

  18. That's the centre. The far left doesn't believe in any government at all.

  19. Lol, communism is one of the most expansive forms of government possible. The state has absolute power.

  20. Does the first item on your list include shit you can get at the grocery store? He can't resist any junk food that's been "remixed" or has a wacky new version, especially if the word "extreme" is thrown in there somewhere. You can bet our boy will be sampling all variations of mountain dew, doritos, etc.

  21. Shon is the only person in the cobraverse that really and truly tells it like it is. He deserves this award.

  22. 🚨BIGOT ALERT🚨 I'm in the process of tracing your IP address. Please stay where you are. A reeducation squad will be dispatched to your location.

  23. What if i put a NOS sticker on my welding table?

  24. I would already be looking for a new job.

  25. You sound like a good boss, because you see the bigger picture. All that actually matters is work getting done in a timely manner and to a good standard.

  26. That's wild because he was the worst. Couch Chris is a Truck mechanic in Ohio which is even wilder

  27. You think scotty was worse than warlord or even gulp scrapper steve?

  28. He keeps calling all this DoorDash nonsense "new restaurants," not realizing both "The Meltdown" and "The Burger Den" are just double priced Denny's delivered.

  29. Okay, well not everyone's born knowing that dood. You're just a troll. Hit like and subscribe if you like the food reviews. slurps burger

  30. I voted for trump 2x, and this is factually correct, dunno why anyone has downvoted you. He even got booed at a rally for supporting the vaxx. It's okay to not agree with a candidate on EVERY issue - especially considering who he was running against. My biggest concern would have been if he was pro mandate or not.

  31. A lot of RINO boomers i know who grew up believing the news/govt (unless it was stuff the blue team was saying) got vaxx'd. Old habits die hard. I'm just glad my parents never fell for that crap, and are even starting to see the uniparty for what it is.

  32. by now 2 years in about 4 MILLION americans have died from this vaccine

  33. Where'd you get that stat? I'm collecting as many receipts as possible to disprove the "safe and healthy!" narrative to people i know irl

  34. What's the next step after Gavin's show? Each step is a smaller and smaller platform it seems.

  35. If he gave a 100% authentic product a review in earnest, would you trust him? "oh thats good utoob u dont even know oowee." For me, the more debauched he gets, the better the content. It is what it is.

  36. Exactly, you're not actually going to learn anything from his dumbass food "reviews" even if he just ate stuff straight off the menu. The only point of watching them is the novelty of it being a boglimized version of a generic food review on the toobz. Meaning every aspect of it is going to be retarded as fuck - even in the most subtle ways, and the more you analyze it, the more you start to realize his stupidity knows no bounds.

  37. Holy fuck how did NOBODY comment on how terribly written this entire thread was? OP was huffing paint or something. Feels like a bot wrote this. Impossible that any of you actually believe this.

  38. Obviously written by a non-native english speaker

  39. If only there were more than 2 countries in the world...

  40. Wow, 200 IQ take. Who knew there were more than 2 countries? This is a total game changer in a story that's only about russian and american astronauts.

  41. What the hell does your ethnicity have to do with anything in this context?

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