1. This makes me wanna watch the movie again. Also, you made an ice cream cake, something I've never heard of someone even making at home. Verrry jealous of your skills. 💪🏽

  2. I would wear a different green dress every day. See how long it would take y'all to figure it out. Then obviously hopefully all my lil fans would wear green for each episode until I'm unfairly dumped after Casa Amor. 💚

  3. I think they should. I'm sure some sports team has succeeded in a town where previous attempts failed. A lot of people from outside of Georgia have moved to Atlanta since the Thrashers left, those people would probably like to see their teams play. & Obviously there are kids in Georgia who would like a hockey team. I think Atlanta should get a team & they should also add another Canadian team at the same time. But I've only been a hockey fan since 2016 so maybe my view is limited.

  4. Well children's makeup is considered a toy so it's usually not tested like other makeup is. The government doesn't seem to care despite even like celebs pointing this out. If they don't care when rich people complain, they surely won't care about the rest of us doing it. Probably why some parents have moved to letting their kids use adult makeup instead.

  5. Yea I don't think people understand the turnaround that has happened with smoking starting in the 90s. I remember watching those congressional hearings on it as a kid. In middle school I tried to get my mom to quit using the Truth campaign or whatever its called. Although I still eventually smoked cigarettes from 2007-2013, by the time I did start it was already illegal to smoke in restaurants & bars in my state. Now the internet super hates smokers like they are murderers, but a lot of people still smoke IRL. I don't hate smokers, but it's definitely an inconsiderate habit. & my opinion now has moved to the belief it shouldn't be done near children.

  6. This is nuts, I’m in healthcare, and this is one of those Taboos that is supposed to be an immovable line.

  7. There are no immovable lines within the American prison system.

  8. It's a reminder that producers don't value islander mental health & never will. They want Zara to feel bad or react negatively so she can be the bad guy. Instead of realizing they are just making her feel like shit. I think this year we'll see a lot more of girls just taking in & being sad than outbursts of anger. Especially since someone like Zara can't really do the outbursts/loud arguments that Ekin or Faye had.

  9. Lmao we do not need these couples judging each others relationships any more than they already do. Reminder these are real people, not fictional characters.

  10. Makes sense. Colorism was just as big back then as it is now.

  11. sfjc says:

    Maybe it's just where I live but it's in every grocery store and most corner stores. Bottle is now plastic but still has a random fact on the inside of the lid.

  12. The plastic makes it taste so bad. It made me very sad. I also hate that you can't find Juicy Juice in those giant ass cans anymore. I hate juice in a plastic bottle so bad.

  13. I've never known or thought I knew what those numbers mean. My doctors & nurses always tell me what my blood pressure is. In my head, I laugh everytime because I have no fucking clue what that means. My grandmother was a nurse & my best friend is a nursing aid, I still don't know. I just assume the medical staff will let me know if the number is ever of any immediate importance. I go for my annual exam next week. They'll tell me the numbers, I'm just being honest in saying that I won't be paying attention.

  14. Every cool American I've ever known has liked cool ranch Doritos, so this makes sense.

  15. Wow I truly thought he was like a decade older than that. I'm genuinely shocked lol. Like I thought he was just older than Laura but apparently she's 3 years older than him.

  16. I'm a millennial. Please don't make me come over. Please don't come over to my place either. Let's mingle through distance.

  17. Millennials remember you. We're the only ones though. It's because you were cool to us. Everyone else just either lumps you in with boomers or millennials. Sorry.

  18. The doc on him was so cool. I learned a lot & it made me like him even more.

  19. Wouldn't surprise me if he has had babies already. Plenty of rich men pay to keep their children a secret.

  20. Tommy Fury is not that rich and that has nothing to do with my comment

  21. I am talking about Jake Paul.. not Tommy. You asked "how would he know?" I responded to that. Were you talking about Tommy instead? Because I definitely thought your question was to Jake Paul.

  22. I will take a pill, do something else, then be wondering like did I actually just take the pill? Lmao

  23. I don't watch those videos. The videos of Tamir Rice & John Crawford being murdered by police were some of the last I willingly watched. I lived in Dayton at the time, & I'd recently been to the Walmart John was murdered in. It fucked with me. Still does, especially since John Crawford is basically one of the forgotten ones. I know a lot of people will watch the video today & be traumatized for life.

  24. I can't watch those kinds of videos, but Tamir's case haunts me to this day. He was a child with a toy. How evil does someone have to be to gun down a child and let the murderers get away with it?

  25. Letting police off the hook for their crimes is normal in Ohio. It's basically expected. I live in Columbus & a police officer was just let off the hook this week by a federal court for murdering a 16 year old like 6 years ago. Took all that time just to decide to do nothing about it. There is something wrong with the people who live here. I cannot understand them, I don't want to. Obviously cop convictions are low everywhere, but I definitely think Ohio would be at the bottom of the lows. Evil.

  26. Apparently a lot of the Disney characters who aren't white are wayyyy lighter when it comes to their Funko Pops. So makes me think someone at Funko doesn't think dark skin colors look good on their figures. I wonder how the ones made of real black & brown people match up.

  27. I'm sorry that happened to you. I fell down the stairs twice in one week last year. Then this week I almost fell & sadly my first thought was that I didn't have time to deal with the exhaustion or pain that would follow falling. I hope you are able to spend the weekend resting. 🩵

  28. I think I saw something Hello Kitty on Living Single whan I was watching last week.

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