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  1. Nathan Ake has shut Saka down. Was worried about him watching the last couple games they've played but I've almost forgot he was on the pitch so far tonight.

  2. Makes you wonder if Barca weren't so corrupt and kept tixki and ferran, would he have stayed there and made a dynasty?

  3. I think the Spanish media and rivalry with Jose had alot to do with that situation

  4. The last 115 minutes of football have been a like a fever dream....

  5. Am I missing something? I've filed my taxes 4 years running using TurboTax and it hasn't cost me a dime...

  6. What is your budget looking like for a PSU? Because there's nothing more janky than blue screening because your power draw is more than your psu can handle...

  7. Well I’m already over budget lol but I’d like to stay under $100 or as near to it as possible.

  8. Unless you find a mega deal or an open box lacking warranty it's going to be tough to find a quality 750w PSU for under 100$.

  9. I've been offered a 3080ti for 900$ cash near me. Says it's been used for 1 year. Is this a good deal or should I wait to get some new and on sale?

  10. Fair price but if you're lucky you could get a used 3090 for that price. I'd go for it if the card wasn't used for mining.

  11. Seems like it wasn't, they just upgraded to one of the new AMD 7000 series cards. Going to pull the trigger on it I think.

  12. Compatibility report found only minor bugs that it told me shouldnt impact game performance. No major issues or outdated mods.

  13. I combed through your output log with what little experience I have and it seems like around line 12,000 or so it tries to load something to do with node controller and curb height adjuster and then the object reference errors start.

  14. Removed curb height (as i dont really use that it that much anyways), saves appear to be loading.

  15. You can run Wii games on a cell phone, so you really don't need that great a computer.

  16. Is the totally legit copy of the game you're using up to date with the latest version?

  17. Isn't BotW already on emus? Granted that may have taken more than a year to happen...

  18. People were playing the new pokemon games days before they released for the switch on emulators.

  19. Train stations harbors etc come with fix streets. There was a mod that allowed to change the road. Currently they have the small two lane road. I want to change it to the industry road so it looks like the rest of the industry. I hope that explains it better.

  20. I'm pretty sure you can use move it mod for that, select the two nodes of your harbour road and remove them then replace the road with whatever you'd like.

  21. Move it didn't work. Well gotta look out for the right mod.

  22. There is also a mod called Upgrade Untouchable's or Unlock Untouchables but I don't think it's been updated since before plazas

  23. Don't go too crazy... Nunez is smashing Alvarez in red cards per 90.

  24. Gotta take liberties and call those Mulligan's when necessary

  25. I said i quit smoking weed of Messi lifts the WC in 2014. It's 2022 and i still smoke. Messi let's go

  26. Off the top of my head a popular map with a hydro dam that sounds similar was called Kerrisdale - really nice, one of the first I used from the workshop. I’ll see if I can find a link a bit later .

  27. That's not it sadly, it's too mountainous. Thank you though!

  28. Had 8gb of ram when I built my PC. Upgraded to 16 when I discovered Cities Skylines. Upgraded to 32 when I discovered the world of modding. Now that I'm into detailing and have 5k+ assets I'm thinking about doubling again.

  29. How can you not focus on someone trying to shoot you in the head?

  30. People with ADHD should still be able to focus on significant and important things such as avoiding death or enjoying a sport

  31. If you think dying in an online video game like call of duty is significant or important in the grand scheme of things then you've got your priorities mixed up.

  32. Spill oil on the rest of the pavers and they will all match!

  33. David Beckham, from ally to being in bed with the enemy.

  34. Gary Neville is no better. I can't act high and mighty being a City fan though.

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