1. If only one of those was a massive emp that can disable all Russian nukes for 72 hours

  2. all high-end electronics have EMI shielding, it's difficult to imagine a nuke would not have a nice ol' layer of EMP shielding

  3. What creators? Who will use this turd when VRChat exists?

  4. 5$ says vrchat will start to get issues working on facebook devices as soon as their horizons is ready for the limelight

  5. You suck. Censorship is not the answer. I hope you do not get the answers you are looking for.

  6. I'm quite simply out of all other ideas. I've tried to reason with him and it does not work. I understand that it is easy to look down on me from your side, but I have to live with this every day and so do my siblings and mother. It is not easy.

  7. I agree, if you block him he will only double down. It's probably more productive to ask him exactly how it all works, all the details of the admin, employees, chain of command etc etc and eventually he'll realise none of it actually makes any sense.

  8. Having a conversation with him is not fruitful, we have all had a crack at it many times now. At this point I am entirely out of ideas how to talk to him about it.

  9. Roughly speaking, with just the mechanical pump, you can deposit gold because a little bit of oxygen in the vacuum chamber won't react with the gold anyway, but if you try to deposit some more reactive material it will get contaminated with oxygen. If that's what you want, for example if you're trying to deposit an aluminum film by evaporating aluminum it might be possible to get that to work.

  10. what about titanium? Also, is there any description I can read up on what is oxygen contamination in this case? like how it would turn out n such

  11. Ti is highly reactive, even more so than Al. So I don't think that's promising at all. I'm not sure what to suggest other than a high-vacuum system with a cryopump or diffusion pump.

  12. Great to have a non-optics person (or hopefully not-yet-optics person) think about these things!

  13. Thanks, I now have a better understanding of the problem.

  14. I think it’s the time to kill that bothers me with Pavlov. People are such bullet sponges unless you pop them in the head. You shoot someone 10 times in the middle of the back and they turn around and shoot you once in the head and you die…. Little frustrating.

  15. If your hd6XX gets more than loud enough on your current source, getting an solid state amp will make little to no difference.

  16. what about the low end? I'm not sure how much of it I am supposed to have, but I do recall hearing there is some low-end impedance spike on some senheisers.

  17. I was only able to find one that is real big. its 16000uf 250v. Though it costs 60$, so I thought I'd see if there's alternatives before spending the coin. Also the problem of noise is increased when walking on treadmill, my assumption is that the capacitor just does not have enough capacity in it to last until next pulse but I am not sure if that is correct.

  18. Try removing the capacitor (or replace with much smaller to still suppress some of the switching and brush noise), SCR dimmers really don't like driving capacitive loads as the cap tries to pull huge current at the instant the SCR switches on.

  19. the noise is substantially worse with the capacitor removed

  20. I'm not sure if ISPs store browsing data unless they have a need. From what I remember, they only care about who was logged on which device at what time, and they typically did it hourly. Those records are usually maintained for 6 months, and only brought up for copyright infringement requests or law enforcement.

  21. Exactly. Collecting this kind of data is expensive and opens them up to quite a bit of liability if it gets leaked. Also, since most sites are now encrypted with SSL, the most they could potentially track is the raw HTTP connections and DNS lookups which don't really provide much useful data. They could probably tell when you access

  22. That is mostly what I expected to see, but I wanted to see it for myself. The best they provided now is a spreadsheet containing no information about raw HTTP connections which I sometimes make and nothing about DNS records for my destinations, but maybe that is not information they store by default?

  23. What about law enforcement applications? Would they not want to know all my sessions destinations n such?

  24. They can't see shit except for unencrypted IP to IP communication, a list of all the IPs you connected to, SNI data, HTTP, unencrypted DNS. That's mostly it.

  25. I have some websites that I visit occasionally that are http. Those are not there, as well as there are no IP's I connect to. As you see in the screenshot the information they provide is less than the little you say could they collect. Would they see https communication routed through their dns servers? I use cloudflare's dns on my main computer but all my other devices are routed through whatever the router provided by the ISP tells them to route it thorugh. Thanks for the input, that's already something to work with.

  26. As someone who also made an indie game (mine's way worse) I can appreciate the story.

  27. you still think your game is better though?

  28. Don't have to pour salt in the wound. It is not easy to make even a simple game, most people don't finish it when they start it. Their game looks like they put in a lot of effort into it too so are they really that wrong letting the community know they can be nominated too?

  29. The tough part isnt making this work with running. The tough part is stopping.

  30. You don't need to change the laws. You have a choice to buy this product or not. You have a choice on what browser you use and you have a choice on what services you use.

  31. People 'vote with their wallet' sometimes, say it could be interpreted as a protest against poor working conditions or low salaries. Some examples that come to mind off the top are: elevator operators and british car manufacturers.

  32. This is just marketing wank to make them look better and allow a play for amazon-like long term massive domination of the market.

  33. Sure seems convenient that these leak just days before it can be pre-ordered. Almost as if this was not a leak

  34. In fact, seems that most of the leaks in that twitter appear just days before the product is available. sus.

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