1. when i was thinking about it this was in my top 3 with behind closed doors.

  2. I had the privilege of studying abroad for a semester at the University of Otago in NZ. It was SUCH a relieving feeling to know that an ambulance ride cost something like $50USD and an airlift cost something like $200USD. I had never experienced socialized healthcare up until that point, but suffice to say getting sick and seeing the doctor, or really anything else, is a nonissue financially speaking

  3. met a guy from Quebec bouldering aline in Tahoe. he said he was bouldering with his partner but she had an emergency and had to go home. he said he had travel insurance but said it was still cheaper for her to buy a last minute flight home, get treated and fly back...

  4. Oh at the time, I didn't know much about the band - I'd only heard I think Like the Angel and Gethsemane. So I emailed Tim asking something about whether they were a religious band (given the clear religious connections in Gethsemane).

  5. i see the song as a comparison of the commitment of consumating a relationship with religion...?

  6. this is amazing. I've been in this position b4: gotten thru the crux, surprisingly, while alone, not expecting to have to make the call of whether or not to jump off or push thru--the few times ive backed off. the poise and confidence--inspiring!

  7. He’s likely belaying in guide mode, I mean best practice would be to have a hand on at all times but I wouldn’t be worried about his technique here. He can still arrest with his left hand if he needs to. As long as he isn’t eating a sandwich.

  8. serious question--i only use a grigri or atc--old style, is this considered acceptable practice? if yes, ill take my flogging happily.

  9. came here to make a joke about the misspelling--yers is mere matere than mine.

  10. Thank you, yeah I am getting in the habit of being more conscious of when I overuse my arms and don’t need to, so just gonna focus on what works best for me!

  11. Yeah I saw Green Day back in 2017 and their current setlist is mostly the same just with the few interesting songs they did replaced with covers. It's a shame too because the night before Lolla they did a small show at the Metro with an absurdly good setlist.

  12. for sure. even if they did one "deep cut" per show. to me it wouldn't matter that much what it was--obstructed view, elective amnesia, escape artists or any of the atr b-sides and i would be soooo psyched.

  13. I supported an ultramarathoner at a race and they had 50-ish gu packs over 22 hours. Seems crazy to me but they know what works for them.

  14. Gu, Sardines, and Taco Bell ended my "iron stomach"

  15. i was at mile 22 in a marathon and not feeling so good--it was hot. i knew i needed to eat a gu. i catch a guy and look over at him: he's trying to eat a gu, but was gagging loudly and almost crying but still forcing it down. i almost puked watching him but couldnt look away. i ate an orange instead and bonked in the last half mile. my wife took me to first aid tent where i was shivering from low blood pressure on a 95 degree day. paramedic says i get an iv if pressure not up--it was. whew.

  16. i paced a fellow for 12 miles in mid race of 100 miles. the conversation was a little weird and he volunteers that hes on acid and thats what works for him. he came in 4th that year.

  17. Did you check out the upper part of secrets while you were there? Took my breath away the first time I explored around there

  18. ive done most of the stuff at the wave boulder, triceratops, sabretooth and blockhead--all fantastic!!!

  19. Let me know next time you are headed out there I got a bunch of pads, would love to check that out!

  20. Really pretending you’re a real climber with your tarantulaces proudly displayed huh

  21. lol! those are my wifes and they have been used twice in the last year!

  22. its actually old climbing shoes i plan to donate. check it out:

  23. Thanks, this was taken today. Caldor didn’t burn on the NE side of Hogsback but destroyed the valley between that and the Main / East Wall.

  24. thats so awesome! i climb a bunch up 50 and it is SO hit and miss where the destruction occurred. still devastating tho.

  25. Such an incredible climb! I keep telling people tufatafoni traverse is the best climb out there so this climb doesn’t break from the masses 😂. Was there a few weekends ago and low tide was at 1pm. Have you checked out any of the stuff in the cove just next to it? Shark Nipples v4/5 is very classic as well. Bring more pads though! Flying starfish v6 is also in that cove. Still need to find Albino Barnacle, it’s somewhere in between.

  26. never heard of those!!! is one if those a super steep prow/arete? just north is a small alcove that is tall/a drop off?

  27. Right on! Thanks … was just trying to rally my brother for a 6am departure and he was not having it haha

  28. I know I'm totally missing the point but... what hoodie are you wearing in pic 2? It's so hard to find good hoodies with thumbholes like that! Also congrats on making it out, good call on bailing.

  29. I don't blame you, I'm ashamed too but I had to take my shot.

  30. That muscular imbalance in your forearms is going to limit you pretty severely, gotta correct that somehow

  31. if he uses the other arm though it will feel like someone else--also a sin.

  32. elective amnesia is an all time favorite along with generation lost, obstructive view, historium calatum (sp? :)

  33. I thought it would be clear from the comment I replied to but it's too late now

  34. this is TOTALLY a sling popping because he back clipped while top roping without a belayer which cut his rope.

  35. Chalkbag thing is always weird to me because I'm not a fan of it either, but kneebar pads I'm fine with especially on an FA.

  36. since this a stickler debate: serious question: what about the baggy t-shirt dab or the long hair dab? these really do trouble me because i think they are ok, but i can categorize these as meaningless so does this make any "meaningless" dab legit? ugh? or?

  37. I’m not a fan of the chalkbag thing bc by having someone give it to you or place it somewhere, they helped you with the send. If you were alone, it couldn’t happen

  38. i feel like im a stickler for dabs and honestly never put a lot of thought into chalkbags being moved--i assume you feel the same about fans being moved and chalkbags being thrown to people? i certainly whole-heartedly agree that you are welcome to this perspective; and i appreciate you drawing my attention to it--im honestly torn.

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