Monday I was diagnosed with cancer. Next week I go into surgery for it so I just bought this and a 14lb brisket as a gift to myself this weekend.

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Maxine Water's Report yesterday revealed the DTCC waived $9.7B the morning of Jan 28, 2021, spread out between 6 firms. Robinhood was $2.2B/$9.7B, which means 5 other CEOs were awoken at 3AM like Vlad with a massive margin charge. 5 companies divided by the remainder $7.5B is an average $1.5B each.

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  1. Just to note don’t always goes by the hairs I used to till I started more attention to the trichomes, when they heads are more milky it should an would be more of a upper uplifting high. Regardless of Sativa/indica( you will clearly still get zooted of the indica) an when the trichomes are mostly amber you will experience more of a couch lock 🔒 type of situation. I’d shoot for more milky trichomes with a 25% of amber trichomes. Heads are nice an swollen an are looking good btw

  2. RIP 🪦 KYLER, a plug 🔌 gone but never forgotten, he’s in heaven selling DUBS to god.

  3. My legs get so cramped in those, nice 40 ❤️

  4. Why are you calling me a bitch lmao I literally got a notification that someone reported this three times. You must be slow or something, especially since your in the Cardi sub. Enjoy your early death.

  5. Getting there looking good brotha

  6. So this guy that’s in one of the hash Facebook groups had his packaged up an let it sit in the sun for a few hours. He not only safe it became very very soft it also brought out a ton of terpenes that weren’t present when he first got it.

  7. I will give this a go the bar was wrapped in cling and a plastic bag and left and forgotten about for a good 7-10 months it’s moisture has fully been dried out I’m not sure what oils or how the sun will extract it but I can’t judge til I’ve tried it

  8. I can cash app you liek 50$ bucks if you wanna maybe get soem cheese to smoke with that brisket 🤷‍♂️ idk I live in an apt I can do this I am here for the dank food shots.

  9. This account is only like 4 hours old, who makes a brand new account to post this

  10. Idk man, semi SUS but I’ll take that as a reasonable answer cuz it could be true.

  11. THC percentiles have nothing to do with how high you get, it’s really strain dependent an what terpenes are present in the flower, just saying

  12. Just curious, my experience has been that super sticky weed is way stronger, why would that be?

  13. Again stickiness has nothing to do with how high you’ll be getting that only signifies how fresh the weed/flower is.hope this helps

  14. :D I am glad you've opted to get cancer, I think the world will be better off without you. Our quota of idiots was met back in 2004 so we have quite the excess.

  15. Go back to your terraria game bro, underage people ain’t allowed here anyway.

  16. As mod I’m gonna need you to send me one of the those banana 🍌 backwoods, I got my own flower.

  17. But frfr if you got an extra pack I’m interested an I’ll cover shipping fees ion had the nanner 🍌 or vanilla woods yet so hard to come by

  18. Sungrown is sungrown, it's all labled the same on the shelf.

  19. Classified as mixed tier lighting, also it has to be labeled properly so yea if you go to the collective it will tell you if it’s greenhouse or not.

  20. No one is lableing their stuff as mixed teir lighting, lol. Go back to your home you boxcar kid.

  21. Everything is labeled so yes it’ll tell you if it’s dep/greenhouse I have multiple jars an 3.5 bags that say greenhouse on them. No one wonder you constantly get downvoted, arrogant 1 gen grower in the emy triangle. You wouldn’t be shit without erll lmao. Nothing but a dick riding cultivator. Pump those plants full of nutes now

  22. Wtf lmao, my good has longer hair than this an doesn’t shed like this. I do brush her daily tho, cuz she’s spoiled

  23. Essentially the higher the quality material the bigger the yield will be, also note 📝 it also depends on how fresh or old the product is. Older product tends to lose it trykes from tumbling in the bag for so long.

  24. Heat stress so make sure you watch temps or how close the flower is to the light

  25. Ahahah how am I worried? You seem to be the one getting offended. Get over yourself, you're only a mod 🤣

  26. Your entire page is satire bruh 😎 go smoke your mids son

  27. Ahahah you tell me I'm worried when you're the one going to my page to try an insult me with? Dude it's my page 🤣 you mustn't be too smart

  28. This is what happens people who you don’t have quality flower, still angry, no affects, make sure you smoke quality over quantity.

  29. Why not buy a random mask an jait tell him it filters thc smoke, as a smoker an grower there’s nothing that will truly filter the smell or smoke unless your using a charcoal filtration system. Jsit buy him a nice looking mask an tell him it filters thc( obviously remove from packaging )

  30. that would be a bit too immoral for me

  31. Well he needs to suck it up then cuz there isn’t really a filtration mask 😷

  32. Ethos is great I really don’t care for the pale immature seeds but he’s got great strains. I wish he could have stronger genetics 🧬 tho for them dark ripe seeds

  33. We pheno hunted a mandarin cookies Original an it was amazing ran it two years in a row we had a cuts an half the valley was running it one year. Superb. I have tons of from ethos lots of freebies too. I’m thinking about picking a lilac diesel to pheno hunt an maybe do a cross with something, ran crescendo aswell it smacks hard, I heard banana hammock is good aswell. My only complaint again is how pale the seeds are. I’ve heard people have really low germination an other great success

  34. Can someone dumb this down for like a 5 year old.

  35. If you come through Redding tap in I’ll give you a ride as far as Williams or something make your trip a little easier

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