1. Unless you have a specific plan for your life that requires uni, dont ever go.

  2. Im not lol. I have my friends from elementry (and then highschool). And their friends who ive also known forever.

  3. Aks him out on a date a proper one. No drinking. Hash things out.

  4. What worked for me, was installing 'unhook' a browser extension to remove YouTube distractions, including the recommended sidebar, endscreen video suggestions, user comments, homepage related videos feed, trending tab, turn off autoplay or annotations, and more.

  5. I don have a computer lol. BUT, im trying to get one so i can offload some of my phone usage onto a dedicated space. Ill look into that.

  6. Unhook YouTube is available as an add-on for:

  7. Yes im on android. (And my preferred browser is firefox). Where do i get it for my phone

  8. I have a flying PC since level 1 in the campaign I DM. It's only ever actually negated a single encounter. I honestly never saw the problem here, if you're having problems with a flying PC I think you need to work a bit on encounter design rather than putting in place restrictions like 'no flyers'.

  9. Not enough monsters have ranged attacks. As a DM i dont want to have to build all my encounters around a single race feature that only one person has. I know its my job, but its annoying.

  10. Imagine being called a defect so casually. If this wasnt the context, i would be devastated

  11. Proof that cats arent assholes who try to stop you from doing things. They just want to be a part of it. 😤

  12. She is so very fun-scary. I love her.

  13. She deserves the worlds love and nothing bad to happen to her

  14. Cute and creepy, but thats how i like my fictional characters

  15. Amazingly, it turns out that steam-driven turbines are still one of the best ways we know of to create electricity - we've just kept inventing better and better ways of making steam.

  16. The only one way qe get electricity without using steam is by using wind in the same qay we would have used steam.

  17. Soo did he mean this for ladies only? The original snap specified no gender lol.

  18. No. He sent it to everybody just to make this video. It worked as intended.

  19. you missed getting stoned and dust is very funny

  20. Getting distracted cuz you found something that riminds you of something else you need to do, or you find your old gameboy and then youre like "FUCK YEAH! Time to play some pokemon"

  21. I think thats universal if money is no object. That and not wanting the cleaner to mess things up.

  22. Yes. Which is why people like me were upset at how little base class fighter gets. I was really looking forward to playing one, after level 5 i just gave up.

  23. Immune to piercing damage. Try bludgeoning, theyre vulnerable. Watchout though, thwy do have a pretty high AC.

  24. As long as youre brave enough to admit that your scared instead of coming up with excuses.

  25. I think the people on the sub are pretty biased toward long hair, that being said, you really can't go wrong with that face

  26. Its hard not to. Long hair just looks really fecking good.

  27. Thats would still fall under buffs and nerfs. Considering casters already acomplish wht would come from sunergy by themswlves. And martials dont add anything to the mix. You would have to nerf casters and buff martials to acomplish synergy.

  28. that's OP though. I mean, they're basically almost married at this point, right?

  29. Jesus christ your difficult. YOU DONT NEED TO FIGURE THAT OUT! Its already there. Nothing you need to do involves unit of measurements.

  30. This isnt to add to the no work sentiment. Im genuinely curious. What exactly does a ceo do.

  31. People like vriska and hate her. I think same with gamzee and eridan.

  32. Is it possible they told him that he wasn’t sick enough to remain inpatient and to follow up with a doctor outside the hospital? Things often get missed during discharge and sometimes very little is communicated (this has gotten worse over the past few years for obvious reasons). This is normally where someone’s family doctor would take over but in your friends case they may have meant urgent care or a walk in where he would have to pay to be seen.

  33. Thats my best guess. After work, we are going to the hospital to figue out whats happening. I just wanted to know exactly what i should expect. He saif they qere discharging him and that the person who translated was saying it was due to him not being irresponsible and not having teavel insurance. Im thinking those were two different conversations.

  34. Ok fair enough! I’d be confused as well with no bill yet a requirement to pay. Bizarre.

  35. Is that why people are downvoting? Im always sp confused when that happens.

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