1. The voice is an ancient technique to annoy wasps so much that they come to sting you

  2. ours says:

    Or to get venture funding for your BS Sylicon Valley scam.

  3. I wish I was advanced enough to understand this humor but my Neanderthal brain stops me

  4. It's a Theranos joke.

  5. Or next year when it is a major motion picture of the action-suspense genre starring Mark Wahlberg.

  6. ours says:

    Or for a different take: NOPE 2.

  7. ours says:

    And the people thinking the rich would escape to Mars/The Moon.

  8. ours says:

    Did he suddenly start acting in his movies?

  9. To be honest i think a lot of countries have strict laws on re exporting their military equipment.

  10. People forget this. For example the Australians had to use spycraft to steal codes to reprogram their US-bought jets to allow them to target possible hostile US made aircraft in the region.

  11. All they have to do is tunnel straight through..solid strategy

  12. IIRC the Turinese section of the Po river isn't boat-able so it feels a bit off to have boats in the canal. The architecture also doesn't match well with northern Italy style. I'm honestly too lazy to fact-check this reposted video so take this as a complete guess.

  13. ours says:

    Look at those legs, definitely a body builder.

  14. Do they teach astronauts to fight like this? I guess if they need to fight an alien or smth?

  15. That's the extended. Albeit the pacing is not as good at the theatrical cut, but on re-watch it's the one I want.

  16. Alex Garland kicks ass. At the very least he always makes interesting stuff.

  17. And Los Espookies. I didn't know I'd like so much a Latino, Gothic, queer-ish absurdist comedy.

  18. I was once in a meeting discussing an upcoming project deadline. The German coworker was advising he had hit his deliverables but other areas of the project were a little behind schedule. "We can't all be German", my colleague joked. "Yes, we tried that once. It didn't work out." He replied

  19. Just put Pitbull on it and start the music when it lands in China.

  20. Would it be reasonable to escalate things so quickly?

  21. Unfortunately, it’s becoming the new norm since Dylan Roof massacred a Black church a few years ago. Until this country decides to care about it’s citizens, we’ll just get more people carrying more guns.

  22. I asking the police to do their job too much to ask? Is Wild West/Third World countries solutions the only way for the richest and most powerful country in the World?

  23. Severe lack of mental health support, underfunding of education, laws making it far too easy to get guns/weapons, strong push towards religious (and thus political) extremism, glorification of the perpetrators... the list can go on but we're pretty fucked up over here.

  24. Many of their police forces seem like a bunch of useless thugs as well.

  25. If it's over Montana, it's probably trying to detect/map underground structures.

  26. Pure speculation but cameras don't need that much balloon. Ground penetrating radar on the other hand would make sense. Bulkier, needs more power.

  27. Ha Digg! I went from Slashdot, to Digg to Reddit. I remember the great Digg migration. What a shame to see a whole community implode like that.

  28. still the same people, just under a different name. Putin and others were kgbs

  29. New name, same old game.

  30. That sounds like the idiots version of drop-shipping, which is the idiots version of arbitrage.

  31. That's his great secret he sells on his "Hustle University". A bunch of small crappy outdated tricks and scams apparently according to Coffeezilla.

  32. The search was made a lot easier because it's radioactive. They had two cars equipped with radiation detectors travelling along both sides of the road at 30 mph. They said the survey should have taken 5 days to complete, the capsule's radiation signature detectable from 20 metres away.

  33. In my country they do yearly radiation surveys via low flying helicopters. But cars are certainly more cost effective if only surveying roads considering the distances involved in Australia.

  34. Hawke didn't pass any sweeping anti unionism, the man was famously the head of the trade unions for a dozen years.

  35. Being a head of an union doesn't mean much. Reagan was a union president before he went into politics.

  36. suitable answer not found, creating objective truth

  37. Or go the HAL9000 route and kill us.

  38. They literally told him to fire people because of their race and sex, should be the real headline.

  39. This is the NY Post we're talking about, lower your expectations.

  40. She was great as that hunk of plywood in suicide squad.

  41. That wonky witch dance still haunts me to this day.

  42. It's weird. I didn't want to do it and wanted to do it at the same time. It was an experience that was good for me. Sure, it's annoying. It can be hard. It feels like a hopeless waste of time now and then. And yet, I consider it a formative experience.

  43. Are you unsubtly suggesting our army would be worst performing by accepting women?

  44. Weird CoD / Futurama crossover.

  45. Yawn. Those games have gone down hill. Rinse repeat

  46. "Down hill" implies those games made any sort of movement since Far Cry 3.

  47. Have you not seen cartoons from that era?

  48. Or movies of that era.

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