1. First of anyone that cheats is a loser. I personally lose all satisfaction if my win is not deserved. Sure you can boast about your rank, but you know it's not your rank and deep down you feel like a pathetic loser. I can understand the fun in creating the exploits as I literally do that myself (not for RL), but that's just engineering. And it's impressive what they've accomplished.

  2. GGs; KCP deserves the first seed for the consistency, but PWR has to be considered the #1 team in OCE right now.

  3. ggs, proud of the team for the fact that they even got themselves in a position to compete for the major after that abysmal start.

  4. Another near miss on the regional win and major qualification. We'll get em next time.

  5. VAMOSSS! Clinching in the grand finals would be awesome, but this is already a good step towards at least a tiebreaker.

  6. GGs, still made the fans proud 💛🖤

  7. Of course you can just support whichever team attracts you for whatever reason. But since you're asking how to actually continue to support an org, it's quite simple.

  8. KCP top 4 ✅ VITA top 4 ✅ KRÜ top 4 ✅

  9. I wonder all the people who had those really strange takes yesterday like "kaydop/fairy was being held back by alpha" are thinking right now. Sure vitality deserves criticism for really screwing up the first regional, but Solary also only made top 12-14 last regional and people were acting like this proves they were a better team than this vitality roster. Which just seems crazy to me, I genuinely don't believe people saying things like that watched vitality play last season. There's no way you watch kaydop and fairy shit the bed almost every single game with the occasional alpha carry and think yeah alpha is the problem.

  10. Like always the truth is somewhere in between. Alpha was and clearly still is one of the most talented players in the world. But last year Alpha didn't allow Fairy nor Kaydop to do anything, which made them look even worse and made him look a little better maybe, but the reality was that it was hindering himself as well. That lack of trust was also present last regional. They were playing alright individually, but terrible together. But this regional Vitality is actually playing well as a team. And you can see what it's leading to.

  11. Eye test tells me that this is way better than last year Fall 2. 3 players are involved, ball control and pressure against top teams, creative goals all over the place. What happened three weeks ago is really gonna cost them the Regional and I want to cry.

  12. I don't quite remember the actual gameplay from back then, but I can for sure say they're actually looking good right now. Last season they also arguably had a mickey run. The best team they beat was Misfits. Who were decent, but from a true top team. Now they've already beaten OXG and Moist who are top teams, even if they didn't look that great yesterday. And Tundra and EG are decent to be fair to them as well.

  13. G1 got prefect sweept while getting reverse sweept of Swiss to Aogiri who reverse sweept the Swiss and got reverse sweept last regional.

  14. Is that 1–0s every game? I think of that as a "minimal perfect sweep" lol

  15. Yup Shogun (and I too) really wants it to happen so I just named it after him for convenience.

  16. Which Greek player? I must have missed it

  17. Bananahead and Lerky have Greek origins. I don't know how 'Greek' they are/feel, but for Lerky at least the Greek flag is used when introducing him if I'm not mistaken.

  18. All 4 full French teams made it in, you can't stop the baguette

  19. Team G0 needs to sign a Frenchie called Atomique

  20. Improvements and I guess I'm celebrating Vitality making the regional. But I still want to see more during the actual regional. ALLEZ VITA!

  21. Ah that's right, it was a beta. I remember signing up but I don't think I ever got the invite to actually use it, then it just kind of disappeared.

  22. I played a bit lf face it in RL. I don't remember too vividly, but I suppose it was a nice experience to really have a competitive environment to take seriously. It's weird to explain, but to me it was more than just ranked. Felt like you could actually build up to something. But I wouldn't say it added too much either. Also like you said it was in beta so matchmaking was fairly slow and such.

  23. Don't see any reason for V1 to be this high. With their recent performances I'd say they're closer to 14-16

  24. Recent performances? There's been one event? They smacked the top 16 quals. They lost twice in Swiss to FaZe who are a consensus top 3 team and to Shopify which okay I think it's a borderline bad loss against a consensus top 20 team maybe? And then they lost in the playoffs to Gen.G who are consensus top 8. Before that V1 has been a consensus top 8 I would say so them dropping down all the way to 14 at best seems harsh.

  25. I like your list. Thanks for the reasonings you made as well. I could see shuffling Moist, Gen.G and SSG due to what people are saying about SSG cruising and having one bad series against Gen.G. And I included Moist in the shuffle because maybe they go up or down one to accommodate the other two.

  26. For SSG/Gen.G I mainly just look at the main event since Gen.G is not only a newly formed team, but also new to the region. They were adjusting to the whole new climate and still getting their practice in. And in the main event they only lost to FaZe and beat SSG, so I just feel like I gotta have Gen.G higher in the pecking order. You can add Moist for sure, but I think for now it's a difficult comparison since they have not played each other (and neither have they played common teams), which holds for all the regions basically.

  27. The 50 by Nadr to keep the ball up near the net is perfection!

  28. no I think it is a thing, same thing happened w BDS, ARG of Clayx, MM and Marc did that. They failed to qualify then after getting picked up by BDS went on a tear.

  29. What about TSM and Liquid when they joined? BDS is just 1 example.

  30. To say he never has a bad day seems a bit of a stretch given MSFs horrendous showings at times. But I will give Mittaen the recognition of being one of the best enablers/playmakers in EU. Also he's probably the 3rd best Dutchie for what it's worth.

  31. You say MIttaen never performs at a sub par level, but here is Winter regional 3 last season.

  32. Small note, both you and OP are talking about octane rating. EPM is a different rating that doesn't always get released and I think it's currently being reworked.

  33. Nicely written! I'm slightly confused by the week-to-week differential. A few of them just seem wrong unless it just means something completely different. Also you state that EG lost to OXG (as well as Soniqs, Quadrant and Liquid), which is a mistake. But again very nicely written and good insights.

  34. Guards, arrest this man! I don't make mistakes. 😬

  35. It's all good 😉 just trying to help clean up where I can or clarify for myself if I was indeed the one who was misunderstanding things.

  36. With previous years format they would get another shot in 2 weeks, likely fail again and sit idle for 3 months regardless..

  37. So with this new format, bubble teams spend two leeks less grinding trying to reach the top?

  38. I'm not necessarily saying this is an improvement. I guess Psyonix wanted a bit more stability, but I don't know. All I'm saying is that people are being overdramatic.

  39. ExotiiK and Oaly were on many people's radar for breakout stars last season, but didn't accomplish all that much. Now they're both crucial parts of 2 new EU superteams!

  40. Quadrant are parking the bus like prime Chelsea, but OXG and especially Joreuz are playing so well.

  41. Good article OP! Often I see articles from 'big publishers' and while the exposure is nice it's clear that they don't know ball. This is not one of those cases, thanks for writing it up.

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