1. Sssniperwolf: I used to be a fan of her until I stopped watching because I grew out of her content then I heard about the scummy stuff she’s done and overall found her content lazy and clickbaity

  2. You completely missed the point of this post

  3. Can you upload video footage please? It doesn’t matter if it’s recorded off another device but most of the game circling around is basically lost and I can’t find any footage

  4. Unfortunately you will need to jailbreak your iPhone for it to work and it is a little bit technical requiring a 32 bit iPhone or iPad and you will need to use 3utools on pc

  5. Also Johnny’s voice actor plays wooldoor sockbat in drawn together

  6. Fans aren't spinning, check the inside CPU fan and see if it's stuck, might be a safety shut off

  7. I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem it’s been like that for a while and it would run fine I might take it to a pc repair shop cause I’m not that good with pc repairs on my own anyway thanks :)

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