AITA for telling a girl to stop wasting food?

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  1. it's an interesting question, I would actually agree that the beat is kinda sharp (don't know if that's the right word for it) and loud in my ears, too, compared to other songs at the same volume, I usually turn the volume down a bit when the song comes up after another one ;). off topic a bit but I have also noticed that some parts of Taurus sound distorted when I have my spotify on full volume and my headphones on - Naomi's parts and some other parts are clear but the first parts by Kells sound a bit scratchy when too loud. I think it's a mixing thing. also when I listen to lately in my car too loud my whole car is vibrating when that instrumental part in the middle comes up :D

  2. i also noticed that on taurus ! most the time i play my music off my apple tv in my room or over my car and i had my friend play it at his place on his computer and it sounded really off, kells was super quiet and naomi was normal

  3. No, no, don’t you see? Op is just worried about this girl wAsTinG FoOd! Of op doesn’t micromanage the daily activities of everyone around her who will?

  4. see if i was op, id be way more worried about someone who i see every day not eating a lot than the fact they’re wasting food. i’ve been there especially when i was losing weight from an ed where it all looked rly good then once i sat down w my friends i couldn’t get myself to eat all of it. not bc i didn’t want to but bc my ed told me my friends would judge how much i got and how much i ate

  5. I regularly get woke up by cars with loud exhausts, and/or can't hear stuff in my own home because of them.

  6. 1- if you live in downtown boise, you chose to live in a city. the cruise was there before you, so you had plenty of time to know it existed and chose somewhere else that suits your needs better. 2- if you live in a neighborhood, then it’s time to talk to your neighbors. if they won’t listen try sleeping with a noise machine on. i live right next to a drag strip, after getting a noise machine those exhausts don’t wake me up and they are much much louder then the cruise.

  7. i don’t have an exhaust on my car for one, and for two you decided to have this conversation

  8. Got to disagree with you there. It isn't just a race issue, yeah it plays a role, but these cops were black beating on a black man.

  9. supporting something means you understand the flaws and wants to SUPPORT the thing through them to improvement. being a fan of the police is what i call those who are the racist ones and stuff like that because they think nothing should change. you can love and support and appreciate something and still admit there are flaws and needed changes.

  10. In Idaho, there is no age where a child gets to have an opinion on their own custody arrangement. If Father is a POS and kids cry not to have to go with him, start acting out in school...too fuckin bad. Idaho says the Mom better physically force them into the car with him or she is in contempt.

  11. yea this isn’t true. 1 i have friends who got to chose and the age is around 13-15 depending on the judge. 2 mom does not have to physically force the child, mom should document it on video and submit it for the judge to see or cps. as well as calling officers in advance to say hey my kid won’t go i’m trying and get a report to back up the video in court as well.

  12. There's a good chance you have women in your life that you know. Ask them, gather their opinions, learn about the people around you 🙂

  13. yes, and have a litter tray that is covered over with an 'entry flap' makes a massive difference

  14. actually, litter boxes with lids and doors can be bad for cats- it holds in the dust which when breathed in by cats from a normal clay litter can cause lung issues, it can make the cat unwilling to use the box, and many cat experts and vets discourage using one

  15. I think its a nice gesture, especially if the money for the food would be considered “a lot”, but certainly not necessary. I would not expect to pay if a friend had invited me over for food unless they had previously discussed it with me, but would also not really have a problem if they asked me to after.

  16. at least w my roommate we alternate who cooks or pool things together (like when we made deconstructed meatball subs it was her who had and made the meatballs and i made the garlic bread and sauce

  17. If the kid can sleep while the rest of the class goes about their day then the kid needs the sleep.

  18. and currently policies reflect that already, i work at a daycare and our naps have to end at the same time for developmental reasons, and if the kid sleeps til 5 when mom and dad come then they won’t sleep for the important sleep at night where they can hit rem.

  19. YTA. Your dad was right all along. Your brother ignored him and lost a lot of cash.

  20. honestly, i was going w nta until what op said after- i get having a dad who makes u feel like shit about ur mistakes instead of letting you grow. that being said everything after defending ur bro made you TA.

  21. honestly i love this song so much and the movie is why- i heard it first, i liked it but i preferred glass house (i love the haunting vocal thing in both), then i watched the movie and it made the song better. is now my fav song

  22. 10/10 j for the car. it’s modified im assuming so i’d swipe right 😂 maybe it’s bc i build my own tho too, since clearly other woman are saying different

  23. Maybe not so stiff with a coupe, though: if it's not very sporty (which I wouldn't expect with an LX) than it's just an impractical 2 door commuter. Not very appealing in the new car market, looking at what's available. They might want to get this car off the lot quicker than your basic sedan, which can be sold to a larger audience.

  24. the lx coupe has the na engine so does the sport and same w the sedans. for the coupe and sedan only the ex and up has the 1.5t, all hatches have the 1.5t

  25. I can't believe you think this proves anything lol. And millions have texted and drove and didn't die. Doesn't make it not highly dangerous.

  26. i race my car, those are not within regulations, and would throw off the way i drive since every drive is practice. plus a lot of it has to do with i drive a car meant to look sporty. hence why i cant adjust the seat belt hight and why i need the fuzzy things.

  27. Most that I've seen are set and forget.

  28. sir or ma’am i drive a honda civic. it’s manual seat adjustments😂 i’m 20 im lucky i got apple car play and an ass warmer

  29. You know where I went to be alone with my thoughts as a teenager? My bedroom because my parents respected my privacy.

  30. same here, mine were also big on the fact if i was in trouble i wasnt told go to my room as a kid, bc my room should be my safe place. that also meant as a teen arguments took place outside my room. my mom does have an issue with no knocking but she rarely came in at all unless she needed me so it wasn’t like a constant. did it bug me in middle school bc my mom even being around gave me a headache and frustrated me? yes. was she a bad mom? no i was j a grumpy teen especially in middle school

  31. I wish. I had shared my bedroom with two sisters. When I wanted to be alone, I crawled into a book. A bomb could explode in the room and I wouldn’t hear.

  32. luckily i am an only child so that was never something i had to deal with.

  33. Especially when two queen beds are usually the same price as one king (in regards to hotels)

  34. i’ve stayed in a king w my bf and when i tell u it’s barely enough room bc he sprawls out i mean it

  35. i literally gag when i see them, the front is just so ugly to me, it looks like tammy from 1000 lbs sister forehead 😂 i like the back but i can’t get over the front. and don’t get me started on the type r, w the wing they picked it looks like when a newly liscensed driver gets his moms old commuter and slaps on a autozone wing

  36. as someone who lives in moscow, stop. seriously just stop. this has broken our vandal family, one guy had to leave the country and now the roommate is under fire AGAIN. stop. i’ve seen people romanticizing it, and using it for clout and it’s not just rude to the people who have been cleared LEGALLY, but to the victims and to members of this community. we are all so tired of this bullshit. take this down.

  37. NAH. You weren't trying to "make it about you", you were only trying to relate to him. Unfortunately, because you abandoned that child he is going to have bad feelings about you whether or not you like it. And that does not make him an AH, that is a normal reaction. These are the consequences of your actions whether or not you like it. Maybe just apologise and move on. It really seems like neither of you want a relationship.

  38. as someone adopted, the only AH i see here is the kids adoptive parents. As an adoptive parent you should be open and help the child from a young age understand why. I’ve always known i was adopted, who my bio mom is, and as much of the situation as my parents knew/ was age appropriate. Has the occasional “my birth mom didn’t want me bc i suck” cross my mind. ofc. but me and a lot of my adoptive friends have never had it go this far, especially with adoptive parents that from the start go “you may not be ours genetically but we love you so much, your bio mom loved you to but she realized we could give you the life she wanted for you”. adoption as a process (especially with the younger children, he was 1 so they definitely had the chance to correct or stop this behavior) tends to be much more mentally harsh on the mother. It’s not his fault, it’s certainly not the mothers fault. it’s on the adoptive parents who failed to explain the situation so he grew up going “my mom gave me up so i could have a better life”

  39. If found guilty he does! We should use the death penalty a lot more in my opinion. Nobody should sit on death row for 20 years either. If there is incontrovertible evidence that proves you're guilty of premeditated murder you should be put to death right away. It looks like that's going to be the case with this guy and if that's so he should be executed within a year of the conviction.

  40. the reason this doesn’t happen is the defense is allowed to throw every appeal in the book at them and to allow time in case something does change.

  41. i got my 2019 ex coupe w 16k for 10k$ less than this

  42. my old laptop was a lenovo, got it when i was in 7th grade, lasted til i was a freshman in college

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