It may be airborne

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  1. what is optimistic about it being spread through droplets? people will not wear masks.

  2. People will wear masks when they realize they will get hideous scars, including on face, if infected.

  3. Yes exactly, in game 1 Dallas would have needed to shoot the lights out just to get to a close game. My point was that it wasn't just a matter of "Dallas not shooting well"

  4. And TBH if Dallas was hitting a lot of 3's, they would change the scheme in the second half to be more man coverage and less help.

  5. I’m fully vaccinated and had covid for two weeks in April, couldn’t get out of bed. My workouts have lagged heavily. Still had pretty severe coughing and shortness of breath, so it’s not like the vaccine is a magic bullet where you don’t have any issues long term

  6. I coach a 11U baseball team and 3 of our kids have gotten it. The difference in their performance has been noticeable afterwards. Our lead off batter was hitting ~.500, and hasn’t had a hit in almost a month.

  7. It’s my birthday, so I’m expecting them to gift me with a strong W.

  8. Shouldn't really be a concern, but man, it'd hurt to get into a playoff type situation where LaMelo completely burns Wiseman and the Warriors, kind of like what Doncic just did to the Suns and Ayton.

  9. Look at it this way - lamelo means we probably don’t keep Poole. So would you rather have Poole+Wiseman or LaMelo? TBH I would rather just have Poole over LaMelo.

  10. Steph isn’t a top 5 player anymore, however teams still understand he can be if they slack - which means he still has significant/ top 5 player gravity and affects the game in a positive way outside of the counting stats.

  11. Yeah this was bad shot selection, but Green didn't even touch the ball. He got all of Jaren's wrist on this play

  12. I might entertain the fact that he's better than Haliburton, but I don't usually like comparing different positions like that. Lamelo, no way - seems like that kid can do everything.

  13. Well, it’s time to see if the, “the grizzlies are better without Ja” crowd is right

  14. I mean, you can't 100% say that honestly. To me it looked like something and not nothing, it depends on what the injury is for sure but its kind of hilarious how people are just dismissing a guy grabbing a dude's knee and going the opposite direction and saying it had nothing to do with the injury.

  15. So I can see Jordan grab and pull Ja's knee from a different view?

  16. Does Curry have 0 chips if Klove/Kyrie don't get injured and they don't get KD tho?

  17. Like it or not, more often than not the winner of the ship is largely based on health.

  18. Absolutely unbelievable. You rarely see him ever shoot on the move like that.

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