1. Please reply to this comment explaining why you believe this person is faking. Thanks <3

  2. im pretty sure op is saying their autism will make them go off on someone for being rude? fairly certain thats a natural reaction

  3. She has 1.3 million followers but gets less than 3k likes on her posts? Is that a normal ratio?

  4. the way most people use tiktok is by scrolling on their fyp. i almost never go to my following tab and they hardly ever show up on the fyp

  5. That could be an option as well, what’s wrong with 3 options?

  6. why bother? they/them pronouns are completely universal and are used for every existing person on earth at least a handful of times. i genuinely dont see how a villager calling you he or she would completely change the experience of the game aside from some grammar. if it was there you wouldnt even notice it

  7. Not sure! I just assume it could lead to more interesting dialogue I guess. Dialogue is something I find very lacking and boring in this game, adding some variety I guess could help

  8. thats a fair point that i will agree with. i do honestly miss the mean villagers and i feel it made the game more interesting. i think the dialogue issue you have may be geared more toward the lack of character diversity as opposed to the pronouns being used

  9. If you actually had POTS you wouldn’t do this. Fainting isn’t good time happy hour. These kids are idiots.

  10. i dont have POTS, but have fainted once in 6th grade because of dehydration. it was the scariest thing i ever experienced because i didnt know what was happening and everything just suddenly went black and when i woke up i was on the floor with teachers all hovering over me to check on me.

  11. I had fainting spells in middle school and it was SO SCARY. My parents were very concerned and I almost fainted at school so we had to take me to the hospital. Fainting doesn’t mean just laying down, it’s hitting the floor HARD and not remembering how you even got there in the first place

  12. i was lucky enough to have my homeroom teacher right there to catch me as i fell, but we had typical hard tile school floors and i was told by the nurse that had i fallen without being caught i couldve had a very serious head injury.

  13. "and ive been posted on REDDIT before" me, watching this on reddit: 👁️👄👁️

  14. something my friends have told me is that when you accept an apology from an abuser, im a way you are telling them the abuse is okay as long as they apologize. if he slips, all he has to do is say sorry and it wont happen again and you'll forgive him, until the slips become slides and he goes back to his previous behavior.

  15. surprised she never deleted the comment calling her out. apparently she's usually really good at that

  16. I've been following pixies lolcow thread for a while now, this girl is wild lol. She recently claimed the reason no one could tell she had DID previously is all her alters could just act exactly like her with no one noticing, and that the reason people think she's cringe is because of her autism (no official diagnosis)

  17. im pretty sure thats the literal opposite of how DID works 😭

  18. But why say “we”? you aren’t actually different people when you have DID. You’re still one person.

  19. yeah thats what i always had the issue with. like your alters arent real different people, they are still You physically

  20. they're doing a Q&A about their disorder. this question in particular is asking if their alters ever get nervous when performing in drag shows. they've been on this sub before, they got the "happy DID diagnosis!" cake

  21. Wait I thought kinning characters wait just relating to them strongly?

  22. for some people yeah, but a lot of them took it quite a bit further

  23. I think kinning has basically become the whole “irl” and “delusional attachment” thing and/or people claiming to have fictives. I saw someone say they were a fictive of 10 different characters the other day. Not that they had 10 fictives, but that ONE fictive was comprised of those 10 characters. Like, dude, that’s just kinning, that’s not how it works 😭

  24. i miss the good old days when kids would just make a mary sue or gary stu character and larp. i did that as a kid and it was super fun first of all and second i wasnt Faking A Serious Illness

  25. I would do that if I had reliable transportation and was able to get to my job all the time...but they won't even allow me to get a car and basically most of my paycheck goes towards them anyways every single time I get paid

  26. if you can, try to find a cheap apartment in a city near public transport that can take you to and from your job. save up anything your parents arent taking from you and try to work something out with your boyfriend so you can both try to get out of there asap

  27. ive definitely been through some big life changes but none of em involved me grooming a minor

  28. ive never understood when people said they looked alike until this very moment

  29. It was chops I had to introduce myself and now he’s a villager

  30. that happened to me too!! i wanted to move marina and tom nook told me i havent even said hello yet and that moving her house would be rude 😭

  31. Mine never even showed up! Didn’t even know I had a new villager

  32. he really just showed up and decided he liked the place

  33. Yes about John Green! I also remember Perks of Being a Wallflower and It's Kind of a Funny Story attracting the same crowd. There was another author, Amy Reed I think her name was, who also exclusively wrote those kinds of books. And Ellen Hopkins, who basically writes trauma porn for high schoolers. Luckily that phase of YA seems to have died out in favor of whatever the fuck is going on with the category right now.

  34. as far as i can tell from the many times i go to barnes and noble, its mostly published rei and kylo ren fanfics these days, which isnt great but as far as i know ots not romanticizing being unwell.

  35. There's also a lot of romanticization about mental illness. Lots of YA books about mental illness usually have scenes where they form deep friendships or fall in love while in the psych ward because they "understand each other like no other". Or they fall in love with a guy who makes a big deal about how they don't care about the mc's mental illness, in fact that's why they love her, etc.

  36. 100% agree. iirc john green books were terrible about this in particular and he was THE author to read when i was in middle school.

  37. this is like when a shitty author kills off a character for shock value

  38. Then I must ask, why did you even make the post and ask the question if you did not expect a serious answer?

  39. i wanted to have a fun discussion with strangers on the internet about a silly little anime

  40. Don’t worry about this person, literally almost on every post they take every discussion serious as if they’re going to die from having fun.

  41. i figured after goin through their posts. im not opposed to serious discussions dont get me wrong, but this one was just for fun lol

  42. They would people able to take out some of the newer trolls like the idea guys or the teen Troon squad

  43. thats true. im sure there is good that comes from the shut down. the people using that site were needlessly cruel and horrific. being on separate sites without easy access to each other would stop a lot of the downright vile shit they come up with, im sure

  44. He would be like Light minus about 70 iq points. As in, he’d kill all the trolls (and probably literally anyone who slightly inconvenienced him), and proceed to blow his cover instantly by bragging about it on the internet.

  45. she wouldnt even be able to kill any of the trolls. you need the real face and name of a person to kill them. mary walsh, though? she's a goner

  46. You do realize that they will never “go away” right? All this does is push the normal people out of the scene and leave the crazy people who will actually try to destroy someone’s life for being trans deep in the tor browser so that there is no moderation of them. Critical thinking… use it

  47. exactly. these people dont go away just because the site is gone, theyre just going to go harass people somewhere else. i honestly would rather it have stayed contained on kiwi farms

  48. Go on to your router and block tiktok, twitter and YouTube. I'm sure they find some more sites but just keep blocking them.

  49. block tumblr as well. from my experience on the internet, tumblr is where the fake disorders really started to pick up in popularity

  50. 100 DID alters, that seems excessive. Like I don’t know a lot about DID but it seems a lot more than usual?

  51. its facebook dating. im only on there to find friends, but this was one of my suggested...

  52. Uhg, barf. I hope your search goes better.

  53. thank you! so far thats been the only person i know for a fact is faking. ive seen other people say they have autism in their bios but they genuinely could. idk i havent put my mental illness in my bio since i was like 16 lmfao

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