1. I also had someone randomly message me saying “your sorc is shit I hope you wipe your team in clown like how you did in g2 vykas. F*** you you chinese bot” I’ve always done vykas w my irl friends so I had no idea where this came from 😭 I’m also in NAW

  2. I know she's fast paced but hitting z and x to switch throws me off from my normal attack buttons, so I switched Z to a mouse button just because of GS. I don't think I could switch X as well because I would 100% forget to change it back and then mess up my sorc blinks or my bard heal placement. So I have to just rotate with Z on my mouse, causing me to often not get to my pistols in time for the extra 4+ dodges - causing me to take SO MUCH DAMAGE. I thought my sorc was squishy but damn

  3. Are you able to switch your z/x to the mouse thumb buttons? (Sorry not sure what it’s called) it makes it much easier to switch guns

  4. Lol that's what I horribly tried to explain. My Z is on a mouse thumb button but if I switch X as well it's gonna make sorc blinks and bard heals harder to control, but only using one direction to switch guns is also not the most ideal

  5. Hahaha yea luckily I switched very early so I got used to my sorc blink and bard heal/buff on my thumb I have a similar roster to you, where I main sorc (reflux) and main alt is bard. I love the Gs playstyle but I’m still learning! I ended up making an arcana w the powerpass that is even more difficult then Gs imo 😅

  6. Not a supp but in a similar sort of issue as you. I don’t have many alts as I don’t have much time to play. My main is 1492 and as the weeks went by some of my static started using their fresh just at il alts in the runs. I wouldn’t really mind if they asked or if they were properly geared. However majority of the time they end up being on the floor. Usually they end up bussing or finding other groups that would accept their mains in someone else’ raid.

  7. I also had a zerk in this dungeon that didn’t hit the boss, then when we failed (first attempt only) voted to quit and blamed the rest of us that we couldn’t carry......

  8. Hello added! i really need that dewgong you have! please add back

  9. thank you for the add! do you know roughly when you'll be online as golurk is in the third slot :/

  10. I'm about to go online right now for a hour or so. I'm reliably online between 830-10pm EST.

  11. Please also let me know when you'll be online as i need your third pokemon :)

  12. Hi Janet, am looking for clefairy! is it ok if i add you?

  13. Hello! I unfortunately missed out on Chansey yesterday :( When will you next be online??

  14. Please add back!! Desperately looking for the chansey and lillipup!

  15. Thank you! could you let me know roughly when you'll be online as clefairy is in the third slot :(

  16. Hi is it ok for me to add you? am looking for the dewgong you have!

  17. Hi Percy! am i able to add you? you have 2 pokemon that I am looking for! :)

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