1. Maybe try looking on Facebook. Try typing in something like your nearest big city+EDS. I don’t live there, but for example “NYC EDS support group”.

  2. the ehlers danlos website has a directory that may be a good place to start

  3. Sorry you had a bad experience. Not every seller is good at every bag -- you often have to find a seller based on the specific bag you want, vs. going to a seller and ordering just anything from their album. Also, definitely review PSPs; for people like HP who charge for them (at least he used to), they are very worth it!!

  4. That’s a great point- I went to hp because I heard consistently that it’s the best LV… and I couldn’t find anything on the specific bag. But you are so right! It’s probably a good idea to post around and see if you can find someone who bought the same bag.

  5. I’ve always liked having pale skin, but probably because from a young age I was into history (so you see pale skin a lot in a positive light) and alternative culture where it’s often praised. There have been times where I tried to fit in though, so I tanned, which was really just my arse turning lobster red.

  6. I agree, I was into classical music, art, history, Victorian and medieval art and literature, also some fantasy and sci fi. That helped a lot, plus we didn’t have social media then, so I had more control over what I consumed. But somehow media and magazines still got me, plus the bullying! 😅

  7. Yes. I remember being about fourteen and going into Sally Beauty, and the clerk yelled out, “Whoa, here comes Caspar the Friendly Ghost!” It’s never okay to make disparaging comments about anyone’s complexion.

  8. Me too… Casper , ghost, and also Pandora (after the vampire), which was a little cooler… I was so self conscious of my skin and would have done anything to change it 🥲 Kids have no self discipline and don’t realize that when you are that age, you really take things to heart and comments like that hurt and stick in your consciousness.

  9. Lotion. Dark skin isn't the only skin that needs lotion to not look ashy. Light skin also needs lotion to look "porcelain" and "milky" instead of "pasty".

  10. This! My husband has dark skin that gets ashy and it wasn’t until I started helping him moisturize that I noticed my super white skin is always dry and ashy! That’s why it looks so ghastly… as soon as I moistuiit becomes more even, creamy, even warmer. It doesn’t last unfortunately but yes, white people get just as ashy!

  11. I for sure gain a lil in my thighs but mostly breast and upper arms.

  12. hmmm. correct me if im wrong anyone, but that does seem like it would rule out dramatic types in general, that seem to gain more fleshiness in the lower body.

  13. They typed her here. All said what I did. The current one is Dramatic and so is the animated version. But the one most adults here grew up with is FN.

  14. fascinating... was the original vintage barbie typed as Dramatic? you said 'current one' ... anyway super interesting and i am psyched to see Margot Robbie in Barbie this summer! should be fun ;)

  15. Omg, I wasn’t expecting such a comprehensive answer, thank you so much! The “little cutie” (he really is!) seems fine. I think he is bored in such a small cage, he bites (and licks?) the cage bars. I can’t wait to get my paycheck this Sunday so I can go get him a bigger cage where he can stretch his wings better.

  16. I googled for sure, but there are so many resources I was confused lol. Do you have any websites or forums you frequent/use and can recommend? Thanks in advance.

  17. I have the same issue… my eyebrows didn’t scab until the second or third week, and took a month to flake off completely . My artist says it always takes her clients 7-10 days to flake off. A month and week later, I have no pigment left. Like my brows just rejected it. I’m the first client it’s ever happened to, according to my artist. She is the best, so I don’t think it’s her fault 😭 I literally followed the aftercare so specifically, and I didn’t leave my house for two weeks or even go for a walk- I was trying to protect my precious brows 24/7. Slept on my back even! I’m going for a Touchup next month so we shall see then, hopefully it will work this time. It’s kind of heartbreaking lol, so I feel you, I really hope whoever experiences this ends up with the result they want. It’s hard after having patchy non- brows forever and thinking you finally have the brows of your dreams only to be back at square one 😂

  18. I more recently got powder brows done and it did take! My (new) artist also mentioned that using retinol products during the aftercare period can also have a huge impact, which none of the other artists told me about.

  19. idk if you read my other comments but I don’t want to spot treat arm fat. I just want to hear other people’s techniques for maintaining tone. Or, the workouts in their exercise routines that benefit their arms in a way that pleases them. I don’t want to lose weight. Do you have anything you want to share?

  20. I know everyone says you can’t spot reduce, I believe that… but I swear to God I have spot reduced and I don’t know how it works… but it does for me. Maybe it’s just an illusion idk… but I feel like everyone is so set in the science of it without looking at anecdotal evidence of the “perceived effect”, like if you try to spot reduce and the area looks leaner, isn’t that what you were aiming for? Katie sackhoff has a great video , I think she’s a natural, she goes to this celebrity trainer who has special ways of training the arms for a lean, “red carpet” look, cheesy I know but it’s interesting.

  21. Hi! I appreciate your interaction. I had to respond because I was JUST speaking to my brother about how I admire Katie Sackhoff’s fitness and her sci-fi acting career. I subscribe to her YouTube channel. Then, I open up Reddit and read this! What a coincidence.

  22. YES! I love Katie! i watch her channel just because i love watching her tbh.

  23. I thought you might enjoy this video comparing Priyanka and Aishwarya's types:

  24. It’s so hard to accept tht im flamboyant natural nothing looks cute on me and I’ll never be cute 😥😭

  25. You said they don’t look cute on you. Do you mean that they are not flattering or that the styles are not to your taste? If the FN clothes don’t look good on you, then perhaps you’re not an FN? I’m not trying to correct your type or anything—only you can really decide what you are. But when one finds one’s type, there should be a sort of “ahh…” that the clothes at least look good, then you do tweaks to style them or even subvert the recommendations to suit your taste and personality.

  26. I could be wrong, but as a natural sometimes there is this feeling of not being “cute”, esp when you are young and want to wear youthful, more gamine styles, or whatever is trendy for your group of friends doesn’t suit you. It’s hard to dress a natural frame imho bc your upper body and shoulders are like right there front and center, and as a natural that’s where all your width is, and so many clothes are designed for moderate upper body. As a natural, everything pulls and fits weird up top. Even more so now bc so many cheap clothes are bought from china now (Amazon, she in) and made for smaller sizes and Frames.

  27. I’m a natural so I know the feeling but keep in mind a huge percentage of fashion models are FN, also a lot of stunning actresses…. I just kept studying kibbe esp naturals- The more I’ve been able to identify FNs in tv, movies, online, I start noticing more and more gorgeous women that have similar structure to me, and it’s helping me to start to accept my body more ! So I encourage you to try 💕

  28. Personally, I think Classic is best suited (prep is based on classic tailoring), then F gamine next.

  29. I love this post! Thank you! Growing up my preppy parents dressed me this way, and I still love this type of style… But as a Natural I do struggle with it. Preppy often leans towards classic . Many staple styles look awful on me (fit and flare🥲) Especially if I get a little overweight… it all goes up top. A lot of classic and prep styles are tailored and or form fitting, which for a fleshy Natural is a total nightmare. I do better in tomboyish styles like riding boots, relaxed button down shirts, shorts and sandals . A sweater draped over the shoulders. Loose and messy, a little more French . Minimalist tomboyish French girl vibe suits me much more. Separates for sure! Dresses are tough. Blazers are tough sometimes. When I was thinner I could pull it off a little better. When my boobs are big, forget layering button downs and sweaters! And a pearl necklace looks so classic and romantic- it’s off on me. I usually wear tiny irregular pearls , pear shape or baroque. Classic Frye boots with a little heel balance out the “top heavy” shape I tend to have with my broad shoulders.

  30. Hello, I’d love to be added… was a lurker on Repladies, I’ve only bought authentic bags so far but really want to add a few reps to my collection, for travel and practicality… plus at this point I honestly just don’t want to spend 8200 on Chanel flaps … it’s just so expensive that it’s tacky to me now 👎👎😠 I had messaged one of the sellers already but they didn’t get back to me- not sure if I have current info etc

  31. Amber is not guilty of abuse, maybe she acted bad but it was in response to him abusing her for years and she finally snapped. It’s called reactive abuse in psychology. No such thing as mutual abuse, one person is ALWAYS the abuser :) In this case, Amber didn’t fight back for years, until she broke down. Then she did start fights. But again anyone who understands IPV dynamic and abuse dynamics- it was reactive abuse, not considered the same as true abuse . It’s like if someone is chasing a woman to rape her, and grabs her leg, and she kicks him in the face, did she abuse him?um, no! But abusers will turn the story and accuse her of abuse, saying “she kicked me in the face! I’m a battered man!”… since she doesn’t have any visible injuries, one might reduce that the guy is telling the truth, even though he’s bigger and stronger. So yes, she is innocent, not always acting like an Angel, but who would under those circumstances? In some ways, you could say it’s not all Johnnys fault bc he was blacked out drunk with drugs when he beat and raped her. Buuut he still did it ? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  32. The case wasn’t about innocence. The case was about defamation. Victims never use defamation trials, abusers do :) it’s a common tactic called DARVO, litigation abuse, that abusers use to silence their victims when they speak about the abuse. Depp was proven guilty of beating his wife Amber, in a UK high court- by three Lord Justices. (They have a much more stringent process then in US, so don’t let anyone tell you it was “rigged”, or that Amber heard controls the English government, lol!)

  33. Bright colors and certain combos (um gray and bright purple !) give me hives! I redesigned for myself with warm beiges (my favorite!) and muted purples/blacks . Beige is such a warm beautiful neutral. ace, grace, and graygender :) I know it’s not a meme but it’s ace specific…

  34. Woah, I didn’t know colours could have such physical symptoms. That’s very interesting but I also imagine it would be very annoying to deal with. Can I ask how it works?

  35. I’m not sensitive in the way a synesthete would be, although I do at times feel like I can travel into that space… my mother was like that a bit.

  36. thank you for this thoughtful response!

  37. Also the before outfit is pretty trashy, although on a different, younger man it might work. like I would never approach him, but I’d totally ask the frog for directions So psychologically it works better for me lol 😃

  38. I totally get what you are saying! And i honestly had this thought that in the green suit, he looks like a frog that just became human and is really happy and now I cant see anything else

  39. Wait what? Trs are supposed to be narrow and petite, they can’t have width. G types can have moderate width, but not TRs.

  40. Oh ok, that is true. Maybe I’m using the wrong words to describe it… maybe it’s not width 🤔… more like fleshiness up top? it’s possible too that the way she is posing or possible breast implants… but with a lot of TR Celebs I just see a bit of that look, where the waist is tiny and it can make the upper body look even more generous or bosomy, it feels very hourglass, but still subtle. It feels like there is width up too relative to the waist, and at certain angles you can get that triangle effect (a lot of shots of Celebes are taken from a higher angle, so the head and shoulders look broader than the hips) I hope that makes more sense… it’s hard to explain what I see 🫣

  41. Hilariously, every Soft or Flamboyant Gamine type I know - a very idealized type in pseudo Kibbe - has been bullied for their appearance in school. I'm FG and sure was. I don't think Gamines are ugly, even for myself I know I just really tried to wear clothes that weren't made for me, and think it's because western fashion isn't gamine friendly, but still funny how that works

  42. Omg I have always idolized gamines! That’s crazy!!!! And I mean Audrey Hepburn duh ? I have a gamine friend who is like catnip for men and women adore her too and envy her large expressive features and girlish figure… Also gamines age so well… Growing up I really did want to be gamine, I also loved it when gamine girls would chop off their hair and wear boyish or girlish lines and just look like rock stars… 🤦‍♀️what’s wrong w people Also my husband is a gamine so I’m partial for sure. I think they are effortlessly cool…

  43. I think it’s so weird how we don’t take into account that most celebrities, verified examples even, have had at least ~something~ done. R Marilyn Monroe had a nose job and I’m not quite sure lol but laser to her hairline or something too. Tr Salma Hayek has also had a nose job and breast implants, and Penelope Cruz (unsure if she’s verified or not) FG has had a nose job also. Unverified celebs like Megan Fox, potential DC, are imo especially hard to type bc their plastic surgery has been so subtle yet affect their whole body, not just the face.

  44. Can someone explain to me how ScarJo isn’t a true romantic? Everyone else seems very obviously SN to me, but I have never “gotten” how Scarlett was typed the SN category….she seems so petite and yin.

  45. Its a normal question. I was told here that Sn and R can look alot alike. I also struggled at first to understand but I was told that SN encompasses a pretty vast range of body types, so even though she is curvy and even a bit of double curve, and a relatively small width for a natural…. Scarlett looks like less of an N to me when she’s next to an N like Kate Hudson or Jennifer Aniston (that was what I used to think all naturals looked like :) . but when we put scarjo next to Kate winslet.. you can immediately see Kates softness and this almost seamless curvy quality …. While Scarlett’s bluntness and that fresh, athletic quality, suddenly stand out . I’m a natural and when I first started learning about kibbe, I didn’t even know what SN was … so I thought of the Natural type as women that looked more “like me”…. Ie Jennifer Aniston who seemed to be touted as an archetype of pure natural … somehow I saw Scarjo as looking so such softer and curvier than me. But I’m learning!

  46. I think it changes your perceived type/essence . It’s hard to type when someone’s not at sort of a moderate healthy lean”ish” weight. Bc we have to analyze bone structure but also fleshiness and “ common areas of weight gain” can be helpful as well. I think it’s easy for ppl to jump to “romantic” or “natural” when they see someone overweight… and for someone to look more “gamine” or “ dramatic” when underweight … I’m a natural and I feel like I notice this…but it kind of makes sense bc if someone’s overweight they may look stuffy in closed necklines , or if they are underweight, their face and head and features look much larger and “more gamine” than they would. I saw a thread typing Snooki as a natural but I wasn’t sure,I found “skinny” pics when she lost a lot of weight (too much imho) and she looked quite Gamine to me. Idk if it was the weight loss but it made sense for her to be gamine to me- even her weight gain made her a bit more rectangular, bc gamine can gain weight this way, but her shape made ppl go “oh yeah, natural”. But other types can gain weight in the waist, and for romantic it’s bc ppl look “softer” as they gain weight, you don’t see bone structure as well. So I’ve seen people want to type someone as a “softer” type or more romantic, more yin, bc of weight, or vice versa… weight loss brings out more musculature and bone structure ie yang. Just my humble opinion OOOMG I didn’t scroll all the way! Yes plastic surgery LOLL

  47. I love the first jeans and the last jeans, I can’t put my finger on it but they look above and beyond the best to me…skinnies look amazing on you, and the ripped have a drapey open feel that kind of rocks . I don’t love the stiff fabrics or tapered pants as much for some reason? But you have a great figure, nothings going to look “bad” on you :) Good luck 💕

  48. I would do black shoes with a comfy heel (like booties?) that helps the wide leg do it’s thing, And I agree a different coat silhouette, one that is roomy in the body almost a cocoon, or dolman sleeve, slightly oversized or draped if that makes sense…fabric of the coat looks stiff and restricted as well, and the bag also looks too small for the coat- restricting the coat… a looser bag would be nice and different color depending on the coat color. Hair is gorgeous and base outfit is lovely

  49. Everyone knows that vegetarianism is a more ethical and spiritual, and esthetic ally beneficial diet… yet they continue to eat meat and find ways to justify it. I know a lot of people that totally agree with not eating meat being spiritually superior diet, and are on a spiritual path even , yet they just can’t give it up. I don’t understand what’s so addictive and tempting about it, and I grew up in an omnivorous family so I know what it tastes like. If it were sugar, ok I’d also find a away to justify it :) (but sugar doesn’t involve murder. ) But meat? Why does it have such a hold on ppl?

  50. For athleisure , I like slightly oversized but not heavy or stiff, zip up hoodies for naturals bc you can have a deep vertical line and open up the neckline… gymshark has some good ones that are more drapey and I size up. Wearing one that is kind of zipped up , with a lower cut sports bra or tank underneath so you get that open vertical neckline. The hoodie hits at the hip, with 3”-4” yoga shorts underneath and white sneakers? That’s my rockstar look.

  51. I honestly am getting a gamine vibe too, but maybe she’s just super lean? (when ppl are really thin I think it makes them look more gamine bc limbs and torso look proportionally smaller) we had this discussion somewhere about Victoria Beckham being FG vs FN. Anyway it is hard to tell, I do see natural characteristics as well :) But she doesn’t look tall in this particular vid…

  52. How cute are you! This may be unpopular but I am really getting a gamine vibe… esp in last two pics. You are stunning. But maybe I’m wrong, all the natural looks are great on you, you could pull off slightly more classic looks too, with your figure.

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