1. Beautifully put together , have you considered sending these videos to various school districts across the state?

  2. In the past someone mentioned partnering with schools to work on learning materials. I have friends in the school system and am thinking about creating a visual platform more geared towards education.

  3. This is a really cool series and a much needed spotlight on the history of New Jersey. You should cover the various towns and cities along the RiverLINE corridor from Trenton to Camden so much history and good eats. I assume your also going to do Newark , Jersey City and New Brunswick?

  4. Newark is already completed and coming out in a couple of weeks. I will capitalize on the shore for the next couple of weeks and will dig into the corridor for a mid-late August. It really has been a blast digging up NJ history

  5. good catch I should've specified the measurements in width. The falls are 260ft wide vs 160ft wide for a football field. that's why i said almost doubled.

  6. Found your videos on the poconos a while back. Love your channel man!

  7. Thank you so much for the video. Really great 👍 appreciate it

  8. Paterson kicks off the first video in my New Jersey series. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day

  9. Interesting - I believe most of your factual information is true. I was a bit put off, however, by footage interspersed they had nothing to do with The 500 or IMS.

  10. Yeah it was very challenging trying to find footage without paying one of these high cost stock footage companies. I exhausted what they had on story blocks and what I could find through public domain. Those other stock companies charge up to $400 per clip which is just ridiculous. Thank you for the feedback, I’ll have to give that book a try

  11. You can use Google docs. It’s very similar to Word but accessible on desktop or mobile.

  12. As someone who films on the go, I use a combination of apple notes/google keep and OneNote

  13. I'm Latino from the US also (Dominican).....with a travel show on YouTube. Here's my theory as a New Yorker. As a New Yorker, I never bother with places like Times Square, statue of liberty.....because I live there. Same thing with being Dominican. Why go to the touristy places? that's not meant for me. In my show its the same reaction. When I do more touristic videos, they tend to tank vs something random like down New Jersey. I feel everywhere I go there's a lot of everything, but Latino's not as much. From my experience at almost 40, we tend to go back to our home country over visiting the world.

  14. The guy said Chinatown in San Francisco, LA not nyc. I was like this is definitely not Chinatown nyc (not any of the 3 Chinatown in nyc) by looking at the thumbnail.

  15. I updated the Thumbnail to not look as confusing, but NYC has the largest segment in the video because NY's my hometown and really, between Flushing, BK, and Manhattan, we have the best Chinatown.

  16. I think you should research the impact interstate 676 had in Chinatown, splitting it in half. There’s a monument to this on one of the walkways over 676 and new federal funds could Help cap it

  17. i didn't know the interstate had such an impact. I live in NEPA just outside of Philly and this has never crossed my mind. But since its been mentioned a couple of times I will deep dive and do more research.

  18. Its authentic. Google map the number of restaurants throughout. I work in video, mostly weddings, but if you need footage reach out. I could do some shoots.

  19. sorry this is considered self promotional, would be best to post into a sub regarding tourism of nys like /nys

  20. sorry didn't know. Just wanted to share with everyone who help give input on the story.

  21. Fantastic, educational, revealing and engaging! As a life long NYer, this was very welcome. Subscribed. Now shed some more good light on the other 49.

  22. José! I love this series! Thank you so much for this content. I love New York so much, and you do GREAT research. I hope you get hooked up with NYS tourism to do more of this, or a sponsorship, this is just too good.

  23. Thank you I really appreciate it. That would be really cool but its mostly a hobby for now to dig up some of the things a lot of other people never really talk about. I've had a blast getting to research and share with everyone.

  24. Wilmington; Winterthur, DuPont (Industrial Rev), Delaware Museum of Art, Jack A. Markell Bike Trail (It's the JAM!) part of the east coast scenic byway and runs all the way to the beaches, Brandywine State Park, Brandywine Creek State Park (Hiking, Tubing), Union St, N. Market St., or Trolley Sq for Food

  25. This is such a great and extensive list thank you so much. I am going to begin filming next week.

  26. You might want to check out some of the lesser known towns - historic new castle is top of the list!

  27. I'll have to give this a look. I feel smaller towns have so much great stories and they seem to perform best on my channel.

  28. Albany / Rochester were my favorite. But as far as Canal, I just finished filming Buffalo / Niagara this weekend to conclude the series and I accidentally stumbled upon Lockport. Lockport had the best display of the canal with the small museum and staff actually opening the gates. Buffalo was a bummer since the canal is gone and replace by the expressway.

  29. This was a lot of fun to watch. I did have to chuckle a little at the line about the beautiful Capital District skyline, though. I actually think Albany has a nice skyline when viewed from the East but a frustration about the Corning tower is that you can’t see most of the city from the observation deck. It’s a great view of the Berkshires (in Massachusetts), though. Anyway, I get that this series is a love letter to NY and I’m fully on board with that. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Yeah it was a shame that the other side was closed off but after I wrap up NY, Mass is my next stop. Maybe someone will think its an easter egg.

  31. Rent a paddle boat or flamingo boat at Hoyt Lake and row under the Elmwood bridge to see the Japanese garden.

  32. Freedom Trail - Underground railroad terminus, with a jumping off point to Canada around Broderick park.

  33. 99%%Invisible did a great piece on Frank Lloyd Wright. I am so fascinated by a lot of these topics and I might also add in abandoned Buffalo.

  34. I'm no SEO scientist but I swear youtube promotes a video more aggressively in the first hour it's uploaded.

  35. oh absolutely I've noticed this and after a couple hours it just fizzles.

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