House committee receives Donald Trump's federal tax returns from IRS

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Aaron Swartz Co-Founder of Reddit was charged with stealing millions of scientific journals from a computer archive at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in an attempt to make them freely available.

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  1. No it’s to remove the handcuffs that the left has used fascism to place on. Censoring free speech on either side is wrong. But I’m sure I’ll get downvoted to oblivion by the same people that got the vax on day 1.

  2. You’ll be downvoted to oblivion, but I want you to understand it’s because you in fact the asshole in the discussion

  3. I personally am almost always looking to hire American flutter devs

  4. Main branch of what? Go get a bachelor degree for cheap. If you can make more money by getting a masters, do that too. It's really not that complicated.

  5. In many industries the reputation of the school matters greatly for your career. Getting a cheap bachelor is about the same as no bachelor at all in some cases

  6. If we had serious journalists here, they would push back on his bullshit during interviews and press him for answers about this (and many other) matter(s)

  7. They did, several interviews pushed him on it explaining that audits don’t prevent releasing tax returns, he just doubled down that he wouldn’t do it

  8. I, for one, glad that the leader of the Democrats will go from a white lady from California to a black guy from New York. It’s like the Dems have forgotten there’s also people living east of La Brea and west of Ossining

  9. That’s where they are elected from. Want more flyover state democrats? Vote then into office

  10. They are, though. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives. California and New York have 82 of them. The problem is Democrats seem to be interested only in representing the coasts. The Dem leaders of the Senate are from New York (Schumer) and the Vice President is from California. The problem isn’t that there’s not enough people everywhere else; the problem is that Democrats seem only interested in picking leaders that their base would support

  11. I think you fundamentally misunderstand how the leadership roles are chosen.

  12. It’s a hackathon, kid of things get pitched that may never happen, there’s no pre-approval proves for these things

  13. Sometimes I drive through Phoenix and I wonder when all these people ended up on the street. It feels like the homeless population doubled.

  14. Hey, no joke, I have picked since 2008 (I'm trying so hard to stop uggh) and people have literally said they thought my acne scars were just freckles......

  15. And what people want apps for. This should just be a website.

  16. Only reason an app would be preferable: off line mode because many grocery stores have terrible cell service and no wifi

  17. Not me using a spreadsheet to figure what what keybinds I want to play an old mmo free trial

  18. I want a show about a family living on coruscant reacting to the changes as the republic falls and the emperor forms the new empire.

  19. Do we ever see the reading/writing desk near the kitchen in use?

  20. He has a chess-by-mail game going on the that table in one episode

  21. I see no problem with collecting ethnic, racial and religion data at the federal level, but I see no reason why that data has to go to a university. Replace our names with numbers and replace our backgrounds with our academic scores. That removes any possibility of racial discrimination or favouritism. Rather than being Jamal Williams or Li Zhao (those were randomly generated names I’m using to prove my point), they are “student 1” and “student 2”. The same can and should be done for housing, jobs, etc, because skin colour, ethnicity, religion etc. should not dictate where you work or live or study. I mean hell, the US outlawed religious testing which happened at places like Harvard and Yale, I see no reason why, for example, getting rid of the ability for a university to see any factor that could deny you entry other than your academic achievements and scores is a bad idea. Make academia, housing and workplaces colourblind, but keep collecting that data at the federal level so the Feds are still able to make accurate demographic data.

  22. It’s impossible to remove the racial, ethnic, and economic biases and influences on academic scores.

  23. I kind of like how there sites look so different, the web today has become so uniform and boring.

  24. I wonder if there’s a word for the feeling of nostalgia for the objectively worse way things were in the past that we nonetheless remember fondly?

  25. So Microsoft did 9/11 to avoid being broken up. Got it.

  26. I worked for Microsoft, I can promise you if they tried to do 9/11 it would have ended up with the scope being reduced to each plane crashing into a different Hilton hotel, on October 15th, with a promise of even more to come that will make their vision clear, eventually

  27. We have multiple forms of calling devices in real life and yet we don’t just all use the same one all the time

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