1. yo I made swiftness igniter today feels good but is it really that bad and I have to change to crit ?

  2. If you're changing igniter from swiftness it better to god be to spec and not crit.

  3. Eh, sure, but you have weak point in doomsday, explosion, inferno and the exploding crystal (oh god what's the name? eruption something). 4 skills of weak point is easily enough if you know you're coming to a weak point destruction moment just save em to drop on it, awakening gives more meter than anything else in your kit so just use it for that

  4. ER is not elemental, so is it boosted by igniter? What about with LOS card set

  5. That's why LoS (or the legion commander set) is more important for Igniters than any other class, since it converts any dmg into elemental type, this means that now your estoteric reaction is boosted by igniter.

  6. No reclearing won't help, also there is no t3 tower (yet?).

  7. There is some towerlike thing with 20 or so floors of rewards is what I mean

  8. Thronespire yes, try to do it, good amount of resources

  9. My bard is 3x3+2, full legendary, does brel 1-2 (now3-4 as well)

  10. Challenge Guardians give a ton of tradable leaps weekly.

  11. 45 of whatever is ilvl when running it for all 3

  12. Hit a bit of dirt, vaporise bacteria

  13. Ye then you try to open a door and it explodes. Then you try to hold a baby and it....explodes.

  14. Dante axe made a sketch like this once

  15. Max damage is KBW if you can hit the crit rate of 80%, which is only possible if you have one of 3 different synergies. Stats are like 19-22crit rate, another 20 from entropy, 10 from back attack modifier and 15 from adrenaline, so thats 65% +-2%. Obviously if you have stuff like circulate or supp with expose weakness you can do it with 10% crit synergies too but in like all but 3 party combinations you will deal less damage than CD. I dont disagree that KBW is max damage in a really nice setting where everything is on point and youll have LW/Roar/Shackling on the boss whenever you Surge but i know that youll have a destroyer or scrapper in half your party finder lobbies or no (crit) synergy at all in your busses so i rather take my max damage for whats a average raid scenario. It doesnt really matter in the end and both setups are costly so for most people it only matters anyway if they pay now for KBW accessories or pay later for purple pots.

  16. Maybe your support have a crit synergy bracelet Maybe you have circulate or crit increase+crit stat

  17. If you don't want to take a break and relax, look for enjoyment, maybe have some laughs on a discord run where you're trying to kill eachother.

  18. Well I was talking about pm, but there's no way a marginal dps buff on focused shot, and a 10-15% buff on perfect shot equates to 10-15% overall dps buff for tth. It is more of a buff, yes, but I'd estimate around 4-5% at the highest.

  19. Most of TTHs dmg is in the rifle stance, and wasn't the buff to all tripods with more dmg at lower half, iirc isnt the perfect shot, perfect zone also included?

  20. Perfect shot is getting about 10-15%, but we don't run the execute tripod for focused shot. If the changes to double tap do end up being a raw dps buff, they're so small that it's not going to make much of a difference in overall dps.

  21. ooh, I thought it was more than one tripod for the typical TTH, I didn't recall all details

  22. G4 is so fun that I'm considering pushing two more alts to 1500+ no matter the cost. Still 1475 though v.v

  23. When your alts reach 1490, you dont have to hard push, once they get enough mats for 2 pieces you're there :) (1 transfer + 1 hone for each piece and you're on g3-4)

  24. I hate it, i am so surprised by the answers tbh

  25. I can understand supports not liking it due to people naturally ending up spread around (me as a ranged class barely moves from one spot sideways unless it's the blue beam stuff while a back attacker is always somewhere around the blue ground mark).

  26. Nope, you just had your eyes closed.

  27. Silver and (soon) shards will become huge issue if we're pushing for too much too quickly

  28. i tough we could get the skins for free with the event, but i just saw you have to buy them for like 25-30€... Very sad...

  29. They're really cheap for gold

  30. Hungry Ashe games is on of my favorite videos

  31. 1472.5 is definitely ideal but the only problem with it is getting into Valtan/Vykas groups. On ilvl groups are going to waste a lot more of your time due to bad players but higher level groups will reject you. Also means you probably can't pug at off hours (i.e. not 4pm-1am) due to fewer quality groups.

  32. Valtan groups above 1460 has never been an issue for my 4x3 legend accs sh/lancemaster

  33. If anyone is gating ppl at 1460+, 4x3 and is not a mokoko for Valtan, then you'd be better off not even joining. I know, efficiency, 500 raids per week to do etc but come on.

  34. Yea I've a duo of 1460s gold earners (to be replaced in future), while I've 3(soon 4) brel chars, those two I used to do Vykas hm, but with main 1-6, one on 1-4, one 1-2, another 1-2 next week it eats time

  35. Does that works for other classes too with this skin? I would love to get my sorc shinning as the sun itself

  36. he still has his ultimate and his auto attack animation is much smoother than yuumi and yuumi ult makes her unable to auto attack meaning he is much more effective than yuumi at being an adc

  37. Yuumi has a line skillshot, a self-healing speed boost a shild on auto attack hit

  38. Darius passive is pretty critical for him too.

  39. Compare that lack of passive to the removal of the entire champion

  40. When the majority of people did this, it was not unusual to see people locked out of content due to not finding any gear pieces.

  41. You can use ether predator as well for your +1 if you want adren3.

  42. This also makes buying one accesorie pretty cheap, since smth with ether pred 5 should not be wallet breaking

  43. If you dont have a re-entry ticket after more than 24h from automatic ticket re-imburse system, contact customer support.

  44. People always complained about Cube rewards but the complaints have been getting quieter since Brel launch

  45. Are they allready on EU/NA?? Like also the strike wave change and what not? I'm a little out of the loop, tia

  46. When it comes to QoL and balance changes, we're usually on a 3-4 months delay

  47. I though it was relevant to some extent in the game experience but it's nice to hear it's not.

  48. The lower tier (1-2) are sparesly populated at best since people who've played a while can raise a character to tier3 within days, or hours, so there's not many.

  49. I am the only normal char in the chaos gate, with 29 bots :D At eklast it allows me to do it with them. So not all that bad i guess

  50. The amount of 1520 with trash gems is insane. 2 lvl 7 rest lvl 3, full lvl 5, 6 lvl7 and rest missing... Insta decline for me.

  51. Eh, for example my FI WD that's currently doing g1-4 runs a bunch lvl 7 gems (3dmg 2 cd iirc) and rest are lvl 5, because she litterly only does dmg with 3.5 skills, so i'd never waste gold or gems that I can give to another char for that

  52. I have denied people solely because they wore the clown mask

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