1. Hey if you ever need to talk my PM's are always open :) I know its not the same as a hug from Dylan but its something

  2. Bruuuh these are so pretty! Lepote javnog prevoza ftw

  3. That's the correct pronunciation. What're you on about???

  4. idk english isn't my first language but i always hear everyone saying it how dylan says it👀

  5. The creator of GIF even confirms JIF is the correct pronunciation

  6. ok dude why get so angry about it i literally just said english wasn't my first language

  7. I saw some in my local Tesco the other day. We should start a sour patch kids postal thing where troublemakers who can get them send them to troublemakers who can’t.

  8. Candy with chillies!! They're the best! My country has several that have like a sweet coating outside and then a burst of chilli inside and a few spicy gummies too! You should definitely try them if you can find any

  9. omg i did not know about this i will make sure to try them if i come across them!!

  10. For real though, Dylan is very smart. That's something I have noticed in his videos. He uses a lot of "big words" and like you said, he knows a lot about directoral things. I've noticed some more things, but I can't think of them at the moment. But I also like that he is slightly dumb too. Dylan is a smart dumb person.

  11. It'd be cool. But I think I'd prefer the videos because most of his funnies are physical rather than auditory

  12. yes i still think i would prefer watching the videos but i love his voice so much i would wanna listen to him ramble about random things like before i go to sleep or when i'm chilling🥺

  13. I wonder if he's thought about playing Man of Medan, the follow-up game. And then Little Hope comes out in one week 😃

  14. omg i wish🥺but really all i need is for him to play another story based/choice based game now why the hell did thr font change on its own

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