1. Well if you’re gonna do a PE study for a patient that will never have a PE and you’re correct like 1 in 1000 times then I don’t have advice for them other than stop being a terrible physician.

  2. Unless Kyle has money on the under this makes no sense.

  3. He was also married to someone making more money than him

  4. The initial diagnosis had to have been wrong. No chance it was a real high ankle sprain.

  5. I'm pretty resistant to ads. The last thing I bought because of an advertisement was a Lego set about 13 years ago. So I'm fine seeing ads based on my online activity - funnily enough most of the targeted ads are for Chilli seeds and lab equipment.

  6. Look through the game threads here and you'll see no less than 1000 dumbass takes. Most sports fans don't know shit. This is why they aren't getting paid millions to do it.

  7. This is dumb. Scouting is incredibly hard and most of you guys know nothing below surface level. Absolutely ridiculous post.

  8. The Hall of Fame in general. It went from an exclusive club to now everyone has a chance just cause they went to a few pro bowls

  9. Brady has more Super Bowls since Manning retired than Peyton had his entire career.

  10. With all these new concerns about concussions. How is boxing not feeling the heat the NFL is? I mean Ali could barely function and not shake later in his life.

  11. Um it's boxing. What heat are they gonna feel? No shit you get brain damage

  12. There is something about leaving work and being able to do whatever the fuck you want when you want. Underrated experience.

  13. Why these guys getting so pressed they getting heckled by Shay Sharpe? It doesnt make sense.

  14. Yes if professional athletes have proven anything over the years it’s that multimillionaires never jeopardize their careers by getting into unnecessary fights….

  15. How many real fights have there been in the nba? It's all pushing and shoving

  16. What did the analytics say about Trey Sermon in the 3rd though?

  17. 1.2 million followers! She isn’t cringe or unethical either. She has filmed some stuff in the hospital but never active surgery or anything that would compromise anyone’s privacy.

  18. A couple of the girls in my program dabbled in it but I think at this point they’re posting all those butt pics because they’re single and about to turn 30 with no prospects on the horizon and want kids, not because they want a lot of followers for free figs.

  19. Idc dude. name another career where you come out of training knowing for a fact you will not make under 250K per yr…oh thats right you cant

  20. People whose first real job is residency.

  21. This is pretty dumb considering most countries have direct high school to med school pathways

  22. 1 year em fellowship just sounds like a scam. Also, you're not gonna be nearly comfortable with kids in just 1 year.

  23. People call Warriors fan bandwagoners but the Oracle Arena and even Chase Center has never been taken over like this.

  24. Cowboys look pretty good tonight. It’s going to be a battle next week.

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