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  1. Jill Humphrey also had a good package at northern classic I’m interested in seeing how she does

  2. Hugen Nguyen Person had a good package at the northern classic and should peak well for this show

  3. Wake up 5 prepare breakfast 5:30 eat 6:30 goto work by 7-5:30 home by 6 eat gyn by 7:15 workout 2-2.5 home by 10 eat sleep cry and do it again

  4. I personally like Huyen Nguyen Person she’s my wife’s posing coach and a great personal friend of mine

  5. Okay maybe I’m too hasty I’ll give it a try tomorrow

  6. Why does someone else relationship matter to you guys real talk!? She’s happy so as a fan that’s all that matter right?

  7. Yeah after my first show, I was so ready to eat my favorite foods again. Within the first few days post show, I ate it all and as much as I wanted. I felt so sick and bloated but I did it anyway. I had zero self control. Then I felt guilty and disgusting. I was too ashamed to talk to my coach or my husband about it. Unfortunately, I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I did, however, learn from it. The relationship with food at any point in bodybuilding is so important and can be really hard to navigate. I LOVE food and truly miss it during prep but I know it’s not going anywhere. I have a show and nationals in a few weeks and I think I’m in a way better place with food now. That first post show was pretty brutal though. I think it’s talked about A LOT more now. Not everyone goes about post show the same. I’m just sitting back observing everyone’s choices and how it affects their progress or next prep. I find it super interesting.

  8. It’s hard cause at one moment your thought process is I’m free for x amount of days and imma say all this and that but in reality you take a couple bites of something and you’re instantly bloated! Idk how many times we’ve gone out to eat afterwards and not finished a meal cause of how full and bloated we were and it got to the point where I nearly went to the hospital for how bad it was. But now we know why works and did want work! I’m glad you have a plan for afterwards and good luck at North Americans I assume ?!

  9. Yea, North Americans. It’s my first national show. I’m pumped to get the experience!

  10. Man literally calls out people who lie about what they do ie fit influencers. A man be very honest about an onion he has. But what isn’t okay if for people who are fit to be lying about nearly everything

  11. He’s threatening he’s got a LIST that he’s gonna release today. Shouldn’t he be busy catering to his clients who pay him to do his job? Why is he so busy “exposing” Reddit users lmao

  12. The man can do both it’s call multitasking 🤣🤡

  13. Huyenperson_ifbbpro she has one posing client go pro with another one on the way

  14. Who cares how many people are in your class or who’s in your class? You’re not there for them your there for you and your own personal experience. So go out there and have a great time ☺️

  15. My problem with Bateman is the possibility he has a 2020 Hollywood Brown season which was very underwhelming. 2021 Was a definite outlier for the Ravens as far as passing metrics, whether they repeat that this year for whatever reason is 50/50 in my opinion.

  16. I feel like he fits the system more then brown a big tall physical receiver

  17. Bro, my advice to my 16 year old former self, I'm 49 now, keep it simple, cut the cardio out, lift progressively heavier loads, and eat as much as possible, good foods.

  18. well many folks would disagree with you including my trainer who is a former Mr America,

  19. Okay here’s Whatchu do!!! Goto a bodybuilding even and tell them hey you don’t needa do cardio cause this dude said so! They’ll all look at you crazy. There’s more benefits to cardio then just losing weight. Cardio is extremely important for your heart!

  20. 'Playing fetch and hour long walks... What can I say, I've got excellent genetics'

  21. Might wanna start adding tug o war my dog started doing that and their size went up

  22. Idk why but a lot and I mean a lot of you guys or gals ratings scare me

  23. You picked the post where somebody actually used some mid-range numbers to bring this up? Have you not seen all the “basic sugar cookie 9/10” type posts?

  24. If you can’t tell I’m new to this page so if I see it imma say it

  25. Stay consistent in everything you do from weighing out food to daily activities, find a routine that works for you. I did that when I competed natty, also find a coach that work with your personality, not just because of the success that coach has. If you find a coach that you mean well with you’ll be more confident. Competing naturally is harder on your body compared to someone on gear. But consistently being in a cut for that long isn’t healthy all last year I was in a massive cut cause I started at 300 and by show day k was 209. Yea I looked amazing but I lost a lot of muscle as well. Diet is the hardest thing make sure your diet is clean day in and day out

  26. For MP would you say 260 is too much for an improvement season

  27. Just started my first Cycle I’m a Person who likes to smoke weed , will smoking have any negative effects on me or my progress ?

  28. I’ll be honest I smoked all the way up until show day no negative affects BUT if you’re the type of person who gets munchies I’d stay away. So no blaze it Tf up

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