Memphis Grizzlies scorekeeper posting fraudulent numbers

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  1. Yes, exactly like you have the right to resign for no reason. Do you think it's unfair? All I read in these comments is young people advising each other to hop jobs for better money, to have zero loyalty, to be cold hearted bitches basically. And now you think the employer shouldn't be allowed to do the same? This generation is poised for a rude awakening, I'm sorry I won't live much longer to watch it.

  2. I’m 38 and I would have been nowhere in my life if I didn’t hop jobs to advance my career every 2-3 years. Companies no longer support upward trajectory. You must leave.

  3. Sometimes you just get a dud. Happens to all products. Most of the world with stronger consumer protection allows refund for manufacturing errors like these regardless of warranty. In this case you also have warranty though.

  4. Yep. When building my home media server (40TB), I had 2 drives fail within the first few weeks. Which was a rare scenario, but it happens and they will take care of it if it does. I stress test most critical drives now before putting them into anything. A single failed drive is nothing to write home about. Surprised this post has so many upvotes.

  5. I don't stress test all that much, maybe basic sanity testing. Though I probably would do a bit more if rebuilding a storage structure would be annoying. But I always assume that any drive will break at any moment and thus never store important data there without backups, preferably off-site. People should realize that they are consumable devices and will break, not may. On top of that you have ransomware and other malware which can break your data. You can also have a PSU fry all your drives at once. Do proper backups people.

  6. Yea I lost my server data with a RAID5 setup because I assumed a dual drive failure was so rare that RAID6 was overkill for my stuff. Thankfully the server was still new and was just media at the time. Of course the second drive happened during resilvering, causing a total loss.

  7. A normal engine would shut off, there is not a gas engine car sold to the public that explodes if you drive too fast.

  8. Gas engines do catch fire. It’s not as treacherous as a battery fire, but it’s silly to claim gas engines have safety mechanisms in place when they can explode in any number of ways as well.

  9. Then how come when I’m in the US the waiters keep interrupting to ask at least 3x if everything’s good and making pointless small talk. You’re right that it’s built into the culture. Outside of America, we call a waiter, any passing waiter not “our” waiter if we need something but aside from that we don’t want the waiter approaching what could be an intimate conversation. Also in my country and other countries, you always find negative reviews on restaurants from Americans about the waiters not smiling or being engaging.

  10. Oh, that’s what you consider chatting. Yes, culturally we do engage in more meaningless small talk as a means of icebreaking when we’re forced into social situations. The extent of my small talk with waiters is usually answering their, “Have you been here before?” “How about the weather today?” with short answers so they don’t feel they need to try to converse more.

  11. Yes but it’s developed into a thing where waiters interject in an unnatural way to ensure their tip and customers seem to want a song and dance to give them a tip. Their job is taking down orders, answering any questions about the restaurant’s food, bringing cutlery, bringing plates, cleaning the tables. Giving recommendations when asked is not going above and beyond… Having to keep an eye on them the whole meal to judge their “performance” and engage in their spiel that they do in hopes of a good tip throughout the meal is an annoying process for non-Americans is the point I’m making.

  12. I mean, someone just did. It's only 32 total games, which is just the right amount of sample size to work with. Someone needed to do the legwork like OP though.

  13. I’m surprised opposing teams didn’t notice it. I work in NASCAR and trust me when I say that most teams are watching these events like hawks to find any semblance of cheating from competitors. This sort of stats issue would be called out within a few races by some manufacturer.

  14. I think that's the thing though, this sort of frequent activity doesn't impact the wins and losses, which is what opposing teams are likely most focused on and care the most about when it comes to watching for potential cheating (like your NASCAR example).

  15. Yea I just know that teams are likely running their own statistical analysis of other players. Working for the manufacturer, we’re monitoring and doing analytics on all drivers, even outside of NASCAR. We even keep an eye on children racing leagues lol. I know the teams themselves also do similar on pit crews and such.

  16. They’re yelling for the body cams. Sound is clear but the imagery is chaotic. It then comes across as evidence of resistance.

  17. That was my thought too. Body cams can easily create doubt as they are shaky and there’s a lot of action. They were chanting their cover story but it was clear that the man’s hands were behind his back, potentially already in cuffs, and both arms secured by officers as they chanted and beat him. I almost wonder if the pole cam is what really sealed the deal for these cops.

  18. Not saying it would have worked with these blood thirsty cops, but if he just laid down, face down, arms behind his back, could they have stopped? Or in the future, if anyone else finds themselves in that situation, could getting on the ground, hands behind your back save you?

  19. There is absolutely no guarantee. There’s been too many examples to prove this point. And when panic and adrenaline kicks in out of fear for your life, fight or flight can and will take over. This man chose flight and was murdered for it.

  20. "20 easily" yeah no way. You can fit about 5, maybe 8 if you space it really well.

  21. Yea, even with stacked parking like this garage has, you’re looking at 10-12 bikes in the same space as a single car.

  22. As an elder millennial that's why I am so glad there was not social media when I was kid for me to have my cringeworthy hot takes forever memorialized. I would probably die inside if my AIM away messages started popping up like facebook memories.

  23. I found my old Livejournal account a few years ago and was so glad a younger version of myself made most of it private so many years ago. Even what remained public was still so bad.

  24. Yes. My understanding is that it was a cash award, so the company's valuation wouldn't affect it.

  25. Roughly 25% of the damages was in the form of shares. He received 250K shares in the company and presumably the rest in direct payment.

  26. Oh, really? I read two articles about it and they didn't mention that. Poor journalism. Thanks for the correction.

  27. I can’t find it now, but one of the articles I read stated that he received $27M in damages in the form of 250K shares. I looked again for the article this morning and can’t find it.

  28. Punchline telegraphed? Respectfully disagree 500% there's no way I was like "ya ya, invade the guy's memories and soul, that old joke again"

  29. Fully agree. Every panel was fresh and made me happier. I didn’t expect it to go as far as it did.

  30. But how do you order options? Like, does Toyota know what options the 2028 will have?

  31. Each year you update your order with the dealership based on the new year’s options.

  32. Can you explain how charity donations are a tax write off loophole? You can only donate money you have right?

  33. You are correct. AmazonSmile was taking revenues that would normally be theirs to keep and donating a small portion to a charity of choice. It was not a loophole. It was truly charitable.

  34. They circled it... Isn't that enough?

  35. That circle was so light on mobile that I stared at it for about 10s before I noticed it.

  36. In the photo, the right side is smaller than the left. His eye is a little lower and the mouth is permanently smirking.

  37. He was a stray found on the side of the street. Just a few weeks after adopting him, we thought we were going to lose him. He was attempting to steal dog food from our 9 year old Shepherd / hound mix, Ranger, and provoked a quick snip from the dog when Nugget swiped at Ranger for trying to get to his food.

  38. I dont care if awards are gender specific or gender neutral, but whoever is offering awards needs to own it and give the award to the best nominees for that select award. I would hazard a guess these nominees are primarily been driven by sales numbers when selected? If someone can find holes in their choices I would be more curious about that, is there a nominee who very clearly should have been selected over another?

  39. Looking at the list of eligible female artists, the two female artists who charted with number 1 albums were Charlie XCX and Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine fame). Compared to the 5 nominees, neither artist had charted as much in the UK as the nominees. I don’t know what metrics they use, but I would assume UK charting is extremely important to winning.

  40. I've only been here a few months, but the entire sub has been NSFW since I joined.

  41. Yea, I’ve been on it for close to a year and I don’t recall it not being NSFW.

  42. Even then, Applebees was mediocre. At best TGIFridays and Outback weren’t too bad like 20-30 years ago. Applebees was always a few notches below them. Now they all seem to be fairly on par with each other.

  43. yeah I would not have spent anywhere near as much as this damn thing cost had I realized it would come with advertising. Rather have a dumb tv and keep running netflix through a game console.

  44. I didn’t mind the ads on the dashboard. That’s whatever. But the pop ups are wild. Also the OS in general feels like a huge downgrade in many small ways compared to the 9, 10, and X models. Really not a fan of the changes.

  45. I’m sorry people are sick of the record production line being taken up with multiple variants of just 1 artist

  46. For what it’s worth, I run a couple small record labels and turnaround times have massively been reduced in the past 12 months. My last orders were quoted at 14-16 weeks, which is faster than it’s been in at least 5 years. I’m also seeing more plants have max quantities listed on their site now. It seems a lot of plants have taken measures to prevent isolating their customers and allowing them to continue fostering smaller businesses like ours.

  47. That’s because he didn’t even know that mobile OS platforms take a 30% cut of sales. Something that is extremely common knowledge and not hidden in any way. He treated it like he was exposing this big industry secret when he found out.

  48. He was reactive, not proactive. The accident might have been avoidable, and she could have been in more gear even if the accident wasn't.

  49. Agreed on all those fronts but it’s weird to say he didn’t give a fuck about her when he was applying his own lack of regard for protection evenly to the both of them. Both had nothing more than helmets on.

  50. I mean it not exactly controversial to say bad things should happen to those who do bad things and good things should happen to those who do good things. Almost everyone will agree hitler deserves to burn forever and innocent children deserve heaven regardless of what your beleif are. The concept is sound, it's the specifics that people get caught up in.

  51. As a non-religious person who grew up in Christianity… No one deserves eternal damnation. The concepts of heaven and hell are absolutely coercive forces. They are the core driving principal of why most people are religious. Morality exists without religion, but an afterlife doesn’t.

  52. You picked up on the part where my first post was sarcasm, yes?

  53. I caught the sarcasm in it, but the insinuation of the post is nonsensical. Usually sarcasm drives a point, not a lack of reality.

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