Brendan Fraser named Man of Year 2022 by GQ Magazine

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DOOM music composer Mick Gordon responds to id Software Studio Director’s claims about the Doom Eternal OST made in a Reddit post in 2020

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  1. You’re wrong. The vast majority of Americans don’t own and gun. We also have basically no say in our government concerning these things because lobbyist have money and access that the average citizen does not. America is a democracy in name only

  2. Yea, less than half of American households have a gun in the home, while individually it’s closer to like 30% of Americans. Also there’s plenty of gun owners who support gun regulations.

  3. Only half of the country want stricter gun laws, irrespective of how many people own one.

  4. We’re exhausted. I don’t think you understand how much the culture has beaten us down. We all feel helpless here.

  5. I use both, I love 510s and I love the luster pods. I use a uni on 2.7 only and a 510 and luster last me about the same amount of time.

  6. I actually prefer 510 carts over Luster for usage, but Luster over 510 for portability. I personally haven’t seen a difference in quality / effect after comparing the same strain from the same brand in both formats (unless you do live resin, which I’ve only found in Luster).

  7. He’s going to the moon. People already loved Brendan Frasier, but this whole situation is propelling him to Keanu type levels now where he can do no wrong. I fully expect the second half of his career to be pretty huge now

  8. I’m so out of the loop. What has he done recently that’s propelled him so much? I’m only aware of his role in the DC shows.

  9. It says on the article: ‘This is purely physical boxed sales’ and it only counts PS sales. So it’s not that much of an accurate measurement. It’s still great though

  10. They aren’t only counting PS sales. It’s only counting physical sales and putting it up against physical sales of other popular games from the year, including cross platform and other console exclusives (like Pokémon). Yes, God of War only has PS sales to count, but your comment is making some dumb people think this article is saying God of War’s PS sales beat Pokémon’s PS sales (of zero 🙄) when that’s not what’s being said.

  11. 30% off everything at RISE today for Veterans Day. Literally everything.

  12. Dude Madison rise had 30% off everything on the site . so I took an hour ordered everything I wanted and guy on the phone told me it was a bug there is no deals . 😫

  13. The 30% off RISE deal is today for Veterans day. It's live right now. My dispo has a huge line.

  14. So are folk expected to buy them separately or…?

  15. Dunno why no one seems to understand. They sell it this way so the collector’s edition can be played on either PS5. There’s still digital game consumers who would want the collector’s edition items.

  16. As much as I dislike what Marty has done to Mick, I hope the residents of Reddit actually also listen to the part they've played in this saga. Jumping on a bandwagon and seriously hurting someone who is apparently innocent.

  17. As someone who is completely out of the loop, could someone please give me a quick rundown? I tried reading the original Reddit post to fill myself in first before reading the above blog post, but it was really long as well and seemed like a lot of unnecessary fluff.

  18. He does a good job providing bullet points with links to read about those specifics. If you want both sides of the story, he doesn't shy away from linking externally to statements from the company.

  19. The 4090 FE isn’t much larger than the 3090 FE. Just a little thicker but still only takes up 3 slots like the 3090.

  20. 3090 only takes up 2 slots tho? Unless you're counting the top one that it doesn't take up but is unusable ig

  21. I’m talking about the FE, not 3rd party cards. The FE was 3 slots.

  22. Where on Leafly do you see this? Doesn’t seem to be on the app.

  23. Live resin is refined at a lower temp. Keeps more of original plant characteristics like terps. Distillate is refined at high temp with artificial flavors and terps added. U can make up ur own mind on whether cost difference matters. Also some argue terps are more important than thc count in how it hits u.

  24. That makes more sense. The terp profiles seem to be similar but I guess it’s a matter of single source terp vs added terp and if that really makes a big difference. Guess I’ll need to test them side by side sometime.

  25. Live resin keeps the terpene profile so you get a wider range of effects rather than just being high. CO2 might get you higher but the effects will be much less broad so if you are looking for something like pain relief live resin is typically better because it’s gonna have terpenes that help with pain killing and anti-inflammatory.

  26. Maybe they are adding terps back into the CO2 ones? I’m looking at some recent carts and the terp profiles are not much different from flower.

  27. This looks way more fresh than the brands we get in CLE.

  28. If you want to play it on the day it comes out then you should buy the digital copy if not it's up to you.

  29. If you want to play it the second it comes out, sure. I’ve had no problem playing any games day of and I rarely buy digital.

  30. “Intention Deficit Disorder”. A “nearsightedness to the future” in which we can’t prioritize tasks that are not immediately in front of us. I posted the video in my comment edit.

  31. Right?! I’ve read so many things about ADHD that has helped me wrap my head around it, but that video was the first time when I was like, “YES THATS IT!”

  32. “Buy my new tell-all book where I talk about all the crimes I witnessed but wouldn’t testify under oath about!”

  33. This shit has been driving me crazy over the past few years.

  34. My doc approved of my my card but when I started school a few months ago and wanted to get back on my adderall she freaked out and will only prescribe the meds if I stop buying mj. It’s frustrating

  35. Literally just went through this with my doctor. Finally she got fed up with questions and referred me to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist had no issue with me taking both.

  36. Scalpers are the reason I have an series x. Looked diligently for 2 months even had my dad and friends looking for one with me. Nobody could find one at msrp for sale. I called a local game stop one day and they had 3 series x in stock as a bundle with 1 year xbox live that I was going to buy any way. So I drove to the store and walked out with a series x in hand at msrp.

  37. That’s odd. I have both a PS5 and a Series X and the X was waaaay harder for me to find before. I had already helped friends and my brothers all buy PS5s in the meantime while I continued hunting for an X for myself.

  38. There’s great pizza in NEPA, where The Office takes place. Lots of NY mob families fled to the area (specifically to Pittston, which is directly south of Scranton by a few miles) so there’s a decent amount of NY style pizza there. There’s even a township like 10 mins away from Scranton that has their own style of pizza (cooked on a rectangle sheet with a thicker base) called Old Forge. When I lived in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, there was no shortage of solid pizza options there.

  39. There’s a pretty big overlap of adhd and dyslexia but not everyone.

  40. This subreddit does seem to make jokes about neurological comorbidities a lot. In the comments in often see reactions like, “Oh wow, maybe I have ADHD” in response to them.

  41. Yea people do love to Dr Google themselves, but also we shouldn’t have to sensor our own discussions and “I do that too!” Because it can mislead normies.

  42. Yea for sure. I’m not saying change the content that’s being submitted. But adding a little helpful info in the sidebar that mentions comorbidities would be good.

  43. this a joke? i have the same EVGA card and it fits in my case perfectly fine..but according to the earlier reddit post....FE was suppose to be alot longer than FTW3080....

  44. I also have this card and I am so fucking confused now.

  45. I mean the developers had a version for PS4 when they started developing the game. They weren't waiting for PS5 dev kits to start development

  46. Early development of video games isn’t reliant on final hardware kits. You develop on PC, tune to specs, and test on kits.

  47. Have you tried open back headphones. Those are way more comfortable and don't warm up your ears. They're ideal, provided you game in a quiet environment.

  48. I have. My main listening headphones are Sennheiser HD6XX and they are great, but still aren’t comfortable for me to wear over an extended time.

  49. I guess everyone's just different. Never had comfort issues with my HD598's, and I could be binging shows day to night wearing them.

  50. Bold of you to assume they even spent A million on those.

  51. Super Bowl ads notoriously cost several million just to air, disregarding the cost to film and edit. The last 2 years have been full of these sorts of ads during the Super Bowl alone.

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