1. I really really wish they made something the same size as the X-T30 but with weather sealing and nicer build quality.

  2. I know 😭 I just wish they made one with the 35/1.4 instead of the 23/2

  3. Was this at the full 400 mm length? Impressive! Love the detail of the falling droplet!

  4. Thanks! Yes, this was at 400mm 1/1000th f/5.6 ISO 160

  5. Do you think there is a chance Fuji releases a camera with no screen? (Or a only mini display like the XPro3's)

  6. My dream is x-pro4 in pixII concept, but I'm afraid it's too bold.

  7. The point of the x100 is that it is compact and you have less to worry about. The lens choice is already made and you always have the ND filter available.

  8. I wish it was weather sealed with dura titanium plates and an ISO dial instead of the drive dial.

  9. The lens matters more than the camera.

  10. If the lens matters more than the camera would something like the XE3 be fine or would there be a noticeable difference versus the XT-3?

  11. I sold my Canon DSLR and lenses for an x-e4 and I absolutely love it. I've had it for about a year now. The ones giving it poor reviews are just nitpicking. There is nothing to hate about this camera.

  12. I just had the opposite experience. I brought the 33mm and the 100-400mm on a trip. It's nice to be able to change lenses but I wished the entire time that someone made a compact fixed 35mm aps-c (or 50 full frame).

  13. You brought with you the 100-400 and complain about the size of the body? :-)

  14. Unfortunately, I like to take pictures of birds and there's just no good way around the huge lens. I'm still tempted by the 70-300 but I don't want to give up the range and light.

  15. Focal length never changes. FOV does. This is an important thing to understand when picking lenses. The character and z-axis pop of a 35mm will always be a 35mm etc.

  16. I just realized that the exact thing we are discussing here has a very specific use case in cinema: Dolly Zooms.

  17. There seems to be some confusion among the replies here. I am also confused.

  18. The 18-55mm and 15-45mm are usually.kits with the X-T30.

  19. For cheap new manual-focus only lenses people generally like 7artisans, TTArtisan, and Meike.

  20. Darn okay. So does that mean anyone who uses any of the film simulations just deals with this minor lag?

  21. None of the "built in" film simulations cause this.

  22. I'm not aware of any camera called the XC-16 but fuji did make a lens (I think now discontinued) called the XC 16-55mm.

  23. Hm, that’s interesting, because really can’t see any motion blur… why I thought you covered the lens between/during exposure

  24. If it's dark enough at like f16 or with an ND filter you probably just don't get enough light to matter when you pan quick enough.

  25. Same, but Fuji doesn’t make any telephoto primes for wildlife, aside from the expensive 200f2.

  26. I adapt a canon 200mm f2.8, but rarely ever find myself wanting to zoom out.

  27. Put a square hood on a Fuji and you pretty much have the same camera more or less. Just have a basic to decent understanding of composition and editing, some sort of rapport with your subject, and you too could take a photo like this. Sorry Leica snobs

  28. In defense of leica snobs, people don't typically argue about the results. They tend to readily agree that you can acheive the same end result with (almost) any camera.

  29. I don't like editing so I shoot jpg only and never edit.

  30. This is really really wonderful! I just got back from a big trip and the instant I saw this my first though was "Damn. I should have taken more videos".

  31. Thanks! The moving tracks are a bit of luck, I took everything in full auto. But when I was filming something else I noticed the framerate was nicely set for this shot, so I took it.

  32. Dura Silver because it was the first one back in stock at the time.

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