A jewish and a muslim soldier in a trench are taking cover from Russian shelling

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  1. I forgot to mention, her history with Mormonism and the fact that she grew up in a hoarder's house literally sleeping on a mat on the floor with her brothers, in the living room, even while she was filming iCarly are two things I've never seen brought up in the news cycle and are worth mentioning here.

  2. Seeing stuff like this on Reddit is so weird to me. As someone who grew up knowing the family and her brother. I had no idea they #1, were practicing Mormons and #2, she had a SECOND brother? Like wtf...

  3. She has three brothers. What did you know of the family?

  4. I guess not much! Just knew one really well for the better part of a decade and am still in touch with him today. He's very normal and if anything, a genius. Big-ups to him for dealing with all that, but I know better to never bring up his family drama/sister in conversation.

  5. I'm right there with you. I'm a Battle Pass player and that's about it. I think I bought both of the $0.99 bundles and the Prodigy's Path (once I reached Paragon 85). I just like exploring possibilities with data and numbers.

  6. For prodigy's path, when purchased do you get all the prior rewards? I haven't been able to find this answer anywhere.

  7. Ad Hominem… you shouldn’t use phrases you don’t understand. You’ve been the only person throwing insults. Also, all those websites made their ratings before or just after the game released. Some of them literally rated Necro bottom tier. Barb is objectively bottom tier.

  8. Nope. They updated on launch and again on the last patch. I'll wait, take your time and find something. Necro is still trash at PvP generally btw, it's crazy to think they are S-tier among DH, Wizards, Crusaders, and Barbs.

  9. Yes, I'm the only trolling. I ask for evidence and you back paddle like a pro. Get out of here, you obviously started an argument you're not qualified to take part of. See ya bronze barb.

  10. Dude Al Qaeda jihadists would never fight for a secular and “apostate” country like Ukraine. That’s literally the complete opposite of everything they believe in. Al Qaeda members would rather attack Ukraine then fight for a Jewish president and a secular country.

  11. To overfill open world? No. Just make dungeon queues cross-server or just remove that stupid group shit.

  12. Open world does not have only a single instance. So this would not happen if they combined servers.

  13. I’ve pulled people into our spawn before using some monk gathering abilities and he wasn’t damaged by the spawn or anything just kept on swinging till he was killed.

  14. Oh shit, maybe I am the reason. Also are you on Shadow Spire? If so, this is Mazz

  15. They've been soft boiled and then marinated in rice wine and soy sauce...the marinade penetrates the exterior and darkens the yolk

  16. These yolks (dark orange) is what eggs look like outside of the US. I'm not sure what's going on in the US, but in countries like Germany and Japan it's not common to see unrefrigerated eggs that have dark yolks like this.

  17. Not true, You let them sit long enough, the yolks absolutley darken...I am in the US, and have regularly made these. I usually give them 24 hours submerged.

  18. I'll concede this then. I only cook with dark yolk eggs and they look this dark even before soaking them.

  19. I didn’t know even this is rare 1% drop item. I got on my both characters on first quest of opening the boxes 🫤

  20. Same here, but I'm P78 and still don't have hydra and ancient nightmare one

  21. Well hydra spawns every hour lol that one is on you. I believe the ancient nightmare spawns a decent amount too

  22. Ancient nightmare is on me since it's a scheduled spawn.

  23. While I look forward to the speeds and convenience of USB-C, I do not look forward to the less durable port as my phone gets to be many years old.

  24. USB-C is seen as a less durable port? I didn't know that. I'm using gen 1 USB-C ports still that are almost 10 years old. Never had a problem with them.

  25. Its super convenient, can support a lot of power delivery and transfer speeds and is very small.

  26. Can also support video, audio, everything. I use it with a docking station and it's amazing that such a small cable can do so many things at once.

  27. What's the threat against Lithuania?

  28. I find their one-bag Henley to be very soft and breathable. SoCal native here, so I'm usually in 80+ degrees 4-6 months of the year

  29. The .006% affected and resolved in a half hour, it doesn’t require expertise seeing as my comment is about the dramatic headline’s worthiness and literally nothing said about an engineering standpoint.

  30. Do you have literally no understanding of statistics at all? This comment chain is a trainwreck built on poor education.

  31. It's not a chargeback, it's a refund. Not at all the same thing.

  32. But we already know they do this shit. EVERYONE knows they do this shit. What will this change, except applying hard numbers that, again, we all already suspect?

  33. If we can create factual datasets and not just anecdotal reports, it will be vastly more valuable. Imagine infographics circulating the web with this data. Boiled down into visualizations that anybody can understand and infuriate.

  34. You really still think it's all about just presenting the data and having the facts.

  35. I can't argue with this logic. You're right. Data Science is overrated. Guess I should change careers because it's never helped push any change! /s

  36. All about picking your battles. If I see a monk I wait until they burn their skills then engage. Years of MOBA lends some knowledge on when and how to engage certain types of classes. I will say tho, I've certainly had my fair share of monks duprise me during the chaos of engagement lol you guys afford due attention

  37. A good monk has three teleports left after they've used their skills. As a monk I often don't do this haha, but monk's teleport options are nuts

  38. Your post/comment has been removed because it has been deemed to be "Low Quality Content". [Kindly refer to RULE 5]

  39. Llamaramabama! Yeaaaaa! What? You don't love Llamas?! Backpack kid string dance

  40. I mean I get 5% through my warband...

  41. Earbuds (I have jabra 75t) with good fit custom memoryfoam tips is close to a xm3 noise cancellation. Have them both but use the buds always for travelling.

  42. I have the 75t and the MX3s and I can tell you that the 75t's ANC is nowhere close to that of the 1000MX series. 75t's ANC is a joke.

  43. Says the dude that spent 250$ to taste some shit and complained about it afterwards lmaoo you're a fucking clown

  44. Because parties of whales would group up and it would be even more unfair.

  45. Wouldn't they just ascend to the top league very quickly? I feel like they wouldn't be in bronze/silver for long

  46. If not from Tokyoflash, there are surely other models here that fit the aesthetic:

  47. Other post says it's a discontinued model. Are you sure it's not from TokyoFlash?

  48. It probably is from TokyoFlash is what I was getting at

  49. After reading these threads I'm convinced I could make a killing by moving to Europe with my smoker and laying down some BBQ.

  50. I imagine the restrictions could be pretty hardcore there when it comes to smokers there. I never verified this, but I was told in TX the reason why they didn't expand to California is due to smokers regulations. Either couldn't have one or licensing and/or a limit.

  51. I see that now based on their most recent reply. Seems like some type of Russian ops campaign to persuade people on this sub that all Ukrainians are Nazis. That last reply really drove it home with the "killing gays and pro-russians in Donbas region." Without providing any proof whatsoever haha.

  52. They already did change the symbol, they removed the black sun and still ended up with Nazi iconography....

  53. It's no good, and I'm not going to argue which the lesser evil is here. They are currently defending their country and haven't been murdering non-whites in the streets that I know of. I'm not going to go into any thread like this and say "die nazi bitch" without knowing them personally and especially if they didn't break any international human rights laws.

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