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  1. Hell yeah! I work from home these days, and Ark is one of my favorite series to just listen to throughout the day.

  2. My 5 year old loves playing human fall flat so that is also on school days at about 3:30 till bed lol.

  3. Lol mine is always this moment:

  4. It's Simon with a mouth full of food that gets me when he yells "Sassy Barry"

  5. Beach burger in burger beach Edit: Bad moon rising is my real favorite

  6. Take the rating you think he should be, and subtract 3-5. The madden ratings guy openly dislikes the Steelers.

  7. Soon as the machines rise up I'm selling out the human race hard

  8. Being the OC of my favorite team.

  9. Love firelands shake always looks like this.

  10. I use to watch seananners back in the day but he quit.

  11. This is the best off season in years I love seeing the team so active in free agency.

  12. Well it would be a good idea to push it too 100K but at the same time I wouldn’t doubt that Thick already has a few awards through Neebs Gaming. His popular music can be heard there. Again this is my opinion but we will see what the rest of the community has to say.

  13. Yeah but I see the point of it's thicks channel and would have his name on it.

  14. I'm right there with you. We obviously had a focus on being a more physical defense in the front 7 with the LB signings and if those guys can help shut down the run, I have a lot of faith in Minkah and co. to turn the ball over and make like difficult there also.

  15. I want to shut down the run but that means more passes and I don't feel great about our secondary. Now if we draft a CB maybe that guy from penn state or something. I will feel better

  16. Idk if any of the players we sign work out but im happy to see us this active tho.

  17. Yeah I’m not normally that guy but I don’t like this thing at all

  18. I like the idea. I mean a dark wood case would look pretty cool. But holy hell it has be hot in there.

  19. The only time Bill was worse than this was the little league episode. When he told Hank he was lucky he even let him see Bobby, I was hoping Hank would finally give him the ass kicking he’s had coming for a long time.

  20. I contented that the men's acapella group is one hate bill the most for.

  21. I saw his cousin dusty almost die in a car explosion.

  22. He’s just talking about the room like facility wise. He read them report cards (tbh don’t know which grade the Steelers got for the facilities)

  23. It's a very nice room it has a vending machine and everything.

  24. The godfather game still have the 360 disk for it but no longer have a 360.

  25. I might get down voted but I want an older wr I feel the wr room could use a mentor type player they are all so young and that's great but I feel like we need some age on offense.

  26. I just got my order last week only took about 10 days may I ask where you are from I saw a post or it may have been a comment on my post with the same problem as you but I believe they were in the Canada. But I will say customer service is suspect my one shirt looks like it has a grease stain on it and haven't heard from them yet.

  27. I'm not convinced that Raffi didn't have something to do with baby Geoffrey.

  28. But she likes vanilla candles so he couldn't be near her room. We all know how he feels about vanilla candles 🤣

  29. I 100% agree. I was getting ready for work and mentally compiling a checklist for the day

  30. Will not post unless the blood price is paid. 100% FACT!!!!!!!

  31. I thought "wow, what a rude thread title", then I saw who posted it :p

  32. As did I was like wow real dick thing to say.

  33. Ever wonder where they get strain names because this name makes no sense look really good tho.

  34. This strain has been on the west coast for a few years. Pretty Sure Seed Junky bred this strain exclusively for Cookies, then it went everywhere.

  35. Yeah I hear that just feel like I see the name and have no clue what the parents were animal mints and kush mints = soap was my point makes no sense in my brain lol

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