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  1. Congrats on the newborn my friend!

  2. Can you post or dm the link to the fighting cowboy video that shows how to get this? Highly appreciate it!!

  3. Quite interesting. Im always fascinated how everyone gravitates towards different weapons. People rlly love the shield but i could never get the hang of it with the bull rush and all. LOVE the bow as well. Just not as much. Probably since i have the least number of runs with it. Interesting how spear is your least favourite. I recommend maybe trying poseiden's boons and the 3 spear daedalus upgrade. I love that combo

  4. Personally i LOVE the blade, the spear, and the fists. They're so damn good. Recently unlocked arthur and that shit is WICKED. Dont like the spear's hidden version tho

  5. Also nooo I didnt rage quit. I have lime 5k kills on console and around 1.5k kills on PC JUST as octane xD. I just left to join my friend my guy

  6. Lmao i left because my friend came and joined my party xD my bad my guy. Hope you had fun games

  7. I'm using the first because it has 999 for juice wrld probably not your intention though lol

  8. I know right!! I wanted to share this with the community too!!

  9. You already know MATLAB so that's good. Python could be very useful. But CATIA is the go-to software (even though I don't know why we use it, it is bloody hopeless against inventor, SOLIDWORKS, fusion360 and the like)

  10. Hahah, thank you for your insight. I'll surely look into CATIA and learn it better

  11. Sweet. sorry I can't help with your original question, but good luck with everything.

  12. Me too. They were soo good. For me they're canon tbh

  13. I haven't seen most of the Shippuden filler, but I think my favorite from part 1 was the one where Naruto and Sakura went on a mission with Jiraiya.

  14. Ooo never seen that one. Putting it on the list then



  17. Thank you so much!!! This is perfect!!

  18. The only thing I'd add to modify to this is don't necessarily limit yourself to *only* new-grad type job reqs. It's probably not worth it to apply for a role that asks for 15+ years of experience of course, but my first job after graduation was for a req asking for 5 years of experience. I was just applying to anything and everything in my attempt to find a job, and I did well enough during the interview. Anyway, I'd say it might be worth it to still apply to jobs that ask for 2-5 years of experience if they line up with your particular interest or internship/coursework experience.

  19. Oh this is very helpful because I used to get bummed out seeing most job listings asking for so much experience. I'll be sure to keep this in mind. Thank you once again for your guidance.

  20. As someone who has been in the professional world for about 5 years now, worked at 3-4 different jobs, I recommend reaching out directly to people that work for companies. Search on LinkedIn by people that went to your school and also work at a company you may want to work at, and reach out to them. Often, word of mouth has worked well to help me land interviews. Best of luck.

  21. Thank you very much. Your advice seems extremely valuable. I have been slowly growing my circle over on Linkedin and I guess I'll continue to do so too

  22. bro up your FOV to at least 95 or 100. That'll dramatically up your spatial awareness and the game would flow better. Maybe up your cursor speed so you can loot faster. Try firing range to practise your aim every now and then? I started midway through Season 7 and these things really helped me improve my game

  23. Unfortunately there's no way to change it

  24. That sucks because pubs are harder than rank rn

  25. My friend that I usually play with has a KD of 0.67 when we're duoing in trios and the other friend JUST started playing a week ago and his should be even lower. Idk i feel like we get tougher games even when we're 3 people with very different KDs. My 0.67 KD friend gets easier games when hes solo queuing tho

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