1. I know that most readers don't know what Zionism is and do not intend to read, for example, on Wikipedia, so I'll give a short explanation.

  2. Today's Zionism is not the zionism of Theodor Herzl. It is a settler-colonial movement that has purposely dispossessed indigenous Palestinians for multiple generations. They continue to illegally annex territory and build settlements in areas that are internationally recognized as not part of Israel.

  3. Nah. The military remains loyal to the regime. As long as they are, nothing will change.

  4. An Iranian friend I have in Tehran says that the military will probably not be deployed. They fear defection. Only the IRGC and Basij are there.

  5. Not really related but I somehow find it very funny that Iran calls Israel “the Zionist entity” in state media. It’s not Beetlejuice

  6. Some Muslim countries don't recognize the existence of Israel, so they call it "the Zionist entity" or "the Zionist enemy" etc. Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon do this regularly. They don't teach at school that Israel is a country.

  7. That's reddit for you. They'll paint all religion as the most terrible thing in one broad stroke, despite one religion in particular being more problematic throughout the world than the rest.

  8. And if you point it out they call you "islamophobe", like you're the bad guy.

  9. I'd keep saying "we're having an issue with the bank but are working on sending it no worries bro" until the protests in Iran stop. Would hate for the 7B to be used to suppress them.

  10. This is not a solution. Even after Iran suppresses the riots, the 7B will be used to fund terror organizations outside of Iran and kill people. It can also be used to upgrade Iran's military and IRGC, which means even less of a chance for the protestors next time. You have to think ahead.

  11. Yes, and that's much higher than usual because terror attacks stepped up this year. The UN takes the numbers from the Palestinians, so they are inflated, but even these are very low:

  12. Here is an interesting video on the challengers that electric power plants face.

  13. Weird, I'm surprised amnesty isn't blaming the protestors for not complying.

  14. Yeah, I've been following Amnesty and HRW on this. They hardly care. They did, however, write a report against Israel during this time, so I guess that's more important for them.

  15. I feel like we were seeing a lot more about the Iran protests earlier this week, then it went silent. This is concerning to me.

  16. I don't know if I would call them a straight-up terrorist state, but they support the terrorists Hamas, and Hamas's leadership live in Qatar under the government's wing. This is enough to decry the country.

  17. He said the people who lived there. You know, the ones forced out by gunpoint after some deals were made for a small amount of the land with aristocrats in turkey. The rest of the land wasn’t purchased from anyone but was acquired nonetheless. Guns work

  18. Read my response to him again. You seem to not know what the Ottoman empire was.

  19. It’s independence? You mean the Palestinians resisted ethnic cleansing from European colonists

  20. No, the Palestinians could have had their own country

  21. No no, this has looong been a tactic of Iran's. During the Iraq Iran War, Iran would send hundreds of children tied together (to prevent any from retreating) to swarm and distract Iraqi tanks so that Iranian anti-tank crews could move in closer since Iran was at a severe disadvantage with regards to tanks.

  22. Good god. Using kids as shields, despicable.

  23. Usually Hamas learns from Iran, this time it's the other way around.

  24. they should go back inside. nobody in western media ever made a big deal about china not being democratic, or israel.

  25. When in the history of Israel has it not been a democracy?

  26. You got cheers from many lebanese people buddy. Life and freedom to the great iranian people!

  27. I have a feeling these Lebanese are not exactly Hezbollah supporters...

  28. Why doesn't the Iraqi government respond to Iran? Is it too weak militarily or something?

  29. It's a hostage of Iran. Iran has been taking over countries in the ME, namely Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Not by force, but by politics, influence and terrorism sponsorship. A huge part of Iraq's leadership are Iranian puppets, a bit like Belarus is to Russia, but not quite there yet. It's on course to being there, though.

  30. It's been like that for decades. Iran funding its terror proxies is something they have eventually admitted to it themselves. Iran arming Hezbollah in Lebanon to a point where it's stronger than the national Lebanese army is not some conspiracy theory.

  31. Doesn't seem so solid when you look at the votes here at least. The "not Israel bad" is upvoted and the "Israel bad" is downvoted. Make no mistake, people genuinely are misinformed and as a result form a bad understanding and express it, like you, but most of the world doesn't buy that and rightfully so.

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