1. "I try to know a little about a lot. Think for yourself. Research foryourself. You'll be amazed with what they aren't telling us...My Pronouns are (We, All of us)"

  2. Hamas was founded using Israeli money because the Israeli gov didn't want a moderate ruler. So maybe go back in time. Also stop murdering women and children and bulldozing their homes and in time they might chill.

  3. So maybe Israel doesn’t need lax gun laws because they have trained soldiers?

  4. They can't have soldiers everywhere, there is no martial law there. Look at all the attacks in the last year, including the recent one where 7 were killed. There was no soldier there. If 1 person had a gun it would have saved lives.

  5. I think it's the Palestinians who need more firearms for self protection. Palestinians wouldn't have to rely on Hamas if the regular people have guns. Obviously both sides are constantly doing terrorist attacks against the other but 5 Palestinians die for every 1 Israeli. The Palestinians have a lot more to protect themselves against.

  6. Firearms are rampant in Palestinian territories to such an extent that domestic murders there kill many times the number of people Israeli security forces kill.

  7. I gave the wrong link, here is the right one:

  8. Hamas and Jihad fire rockets at Israel.

  9. We want a total free palestine under loving rule of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hesbollah, PLO among other peace loving NGO's

  10. Hezbollah ruling a Palestinian state would be something I would quite like to see.

  11. You are actually correct, Egypt was the first Arab country to make peace. I wrote my comment from memory, sometimes my recall ability is not the best.

  12. You will want to edit your initial comment.

  13. Your grandad needs to learn history then.

  14. Well he's been dead for years so I doubt it!

  15. Better this than what China sent. It's good to see Israel having to be increasingly clear in picking sides.


  17. Israel has picked sides from day 1. In the first month of the war they already sent over 100 tons of aid.

  18. Takes a lot of energy to desalinate. If you can indeed supply the energy from renewable sources, this is a good thing. But at present, Israel, who discovered large amounts of gas in the last decade, is likely relying on fossil fuels to enable it. Again, fine if you can capture the CO2, but there is not a proven-to-scale method to do this, just yet.

  19. While Israel has done very little to combat global warming and adopt new green techs in a commercial way (despite Israel being a leader in green tech R&D), the country is so small that it has completely negligible impact on it. A single city in the US has about the same impact as the whole country. So while criticism is in order, it's rather meaningless at the end of the day.

  20. Israel treats Gaza like an open air prison, preventing them from trading or using the sea for commerce. And if one idiot fires a scud missle over the wall Israel responds with disproportionate bombing raids that destroy entire neighborhoods.

  21. It takes 3 seconds of googling to refute your claim.

  22. But in 3 seconds you can't read that page to see that it refutes your claim.

  23. I was raised in Saudi, and it has just recently (less than 3 years ago) changed it's books "a little" to remove the call to throw "sodomists" off a cliff, it now says it's haram and ends it at that. We were also indoctrined on how and why must females stay homebound, it now teaches that they're part of the society (this is all post Khashoggi btw).

  24. if they're "no longer refugees," then they should be able to return to where they came from, right?

  25. No, the Jews that survived the Holocaust were not entitled to go back to their homes. They were already given to others. They were entitled to citizenship in the countries they were accepted at.

  26. Really? Iran can send weapons and supplies to Russia, used directly to hurt and kill civilians and THIS is disgusting?

  27. Sending stuff to Russia for a few months is what bothers you? They have been sending weapons to Hezbollah, the Huthis, Hamas, PIJ and other terror organizations for decades. You woke up late.

  28. Really doesn't look like the Palestinian position will improve in the short medium or long run; no part of the world is interested in it anymore, sadly for them it's just not important compared to other global events.

  29. They made it not important, not as sad when they chose to take steps to alienate all their friends.

  30. They don’t exactly want another war in gaza and refugees flooding into sinai for treatment because the last time they did that weapons and terrorist got in to fight along side isis in Sinai

  31. You mean until Israel dismantles the settlements and returns to the agreed upon the 1948 borders.

  32. But the issue is simply that Jewish Israelis think that the Palestinians are violent and impossible to please with anything less than genocide of the Israelis, not really that Israelis think that the Palestinians are necessarily wrong about everything.

  33. It's true that Israelis don't have a fundamental problem with the Palestinians being Arabs, Muslim or having some other cultural identification. The opposite is not the same, though, with a large amount of Palestinians having a fundamental problem with Israelis being Jews. Antisemitism is taught in schools there (and other Muslim counties). It's also true that if they were as peaceful as the Druze, there would have been no problem, as Kahana said. The Israelis' problem is not with an apparent support for genocide, it's with evident support for murder of Jews.

  34. Also more important No mention by you that 8 out of the 9 Palestinian murdered were armed terrorists belonging to a Jihadistic group.

  35. Why is terror attack in quotations? He killed a man and his son in cold blood.

  36. It's Sky News UK, killing Israeli civilians is not always a terror attack.

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