1. I’m assuming this has already been discussed here before. But I thought it was interesting that the information has started to spread around TikTok, and that lots of people have been commenting on her videos


  3. I love that Bethy is trying to insinuate that you could make 60 times your investment if you buy the course, but so far she’s made a grand total of $0

  4. more gen g shades!! a nice deep red maybe

  5. She sounds out of breath, her enthusiasm is so fake, and she stumbles over her words a few times. She could have tried for a better take but she probably wanted to get all the filming done as quickly as possible so Dav could do the rest of the work and she could get back to posting cringy reels

  6. What’s the erin Bate’s treatment lol

  7. Pretty sure Erin’s dress was originally strapless but they altered it to raise the neckline and add sleeves. Except it didn’t really blend in with the rest of the dress, it just looked like satin strips had been added on. Kaylee’s dress looks kinda similar

  8. it seems like you can only text the number if you’re in the US. i’m in the UK and it didn’t work for me :(

  9. Top to bottom: Fuzz, Pisces, Villa and Cranberry.

  10. I wasn’t expecting it to be £1249. I’ve been waiting on the M2 air for a while but I think I’ll just buy the 2020 M1

  11. Debated upgrading from my M1 MBP to the M2 Air but not at that price.

  12. I wouldn’t bother with the M2 if I had the M1 Air. I’ll be upgrading from a 2012 MBP so the M1 Air will still be a massive improvement, and it’s cheaper

  13. I’ve been putting off upgrading my 2012 MacBook Pro for ages because I wanted to wait until this was released. But it’s £250 more than the M1 Air and I think that might be too much for me. The midnight colour is very tempting though

  14. I think Lydia means she feels like a big sister to Josie, not Josie being Lydia’s big sister

  15. Are you still open? Daisy Mae is on my island now so I could buy some turnips and then head over!


  17. I have a gear apparatus that I could trade for a suspicious cauldron DIY? Are you looking for crafted tall garden rocks because I’m sure I have some too

  18. As far as I’m aware, Delilah does want a fourth child so she wouldn’t make that decision based on what Eloise wants. And that’s likely why Eloise is talking about it so much. But the phrasing of her post almost makes it seem like God is going to make her pregnant because of Eloise’s prayers

  19. I’m interested in the real gallant statue! i don’t have anything on your art wishlist but i have a real perfect, jolly, dynamic, serene and sinking paintings if you’d like to pick one of those. and i also have a couple of items on your kitchen wishlist

  20. so I’ve just found a real gallant statue in my storage, it’s been there for ages and i thought it was fake. do you have any other real artwork to trade?

  21. I can trade the snack bread DIY for a real painting, just checking if you have any paintings that I don’t have

  22. I can trade the DIY for a real famous, calm or wistful painting. you can decide which one you want to trade :)

  23. I can trade you the real famous, calm, and wistful for the snack bread DIY, birthday cake, and mini dharma if that sounds like a good trade to you!

  24. Yeah that works for me! DM me a dodo code when you’re ready

  25. LOVE the color of the skirt. Where did you get it?

  26. I recognise the picture from SidewalkFashionShop on Etsy. I think OP is the owner of the shop

  27. Erin definitely has the best names. I love the names Everly and Holland, and I like the other kids names even though they’re not my favourite. Plus I think all her first and middle names go well together.

  28. What’s the argument re the router? That someone “could” have hacked it?

  29. From what I understand of the situation, the “expert” witness for the defence claims the router would have been able to prove if there was remote access (so it was someone else that did it, not Pest). I think the defence is grasping at straws, but that argument could be enough to convince at least one person on the jury

  30. Do yall think pest is nervous at all or do yall think he believes hes going home without consequences?

  31. I fully believe he thinks he’s going to get away with it

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