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  1. It's not normal. I'm a lesbian, I'm attracted to women exclusively. I do not gawk, I do not generally think about someone naked when I'm having a conversation with a woman I find attractive, I don't think about banging women that are my friends... I am capable of not doing these things, and straight men are too. They just don't. I'm not a straight man so I can't reason why they are the way they are, but I do know it's entirely option to be that way.

  2. It can help to some degree, based on the person. Things like gluten give me massive endo belly, which is painful. I never have found that dietary changes have helped me avoid flares though, just digestive issues.

  3. I just buy a big container at the farmer's market and plant those. Worked every time so far

  4. I have debilitating insomnia and I wish they would study whether it is associated because I truly do wonder, and if it was associated, if that would change my treatment. I want relief from both!

  5. I find large amounts of soy do affect me. I switched from soy milk and vegetarian "meats" that were full of soy and it improved my symptoms. It's not so bad that I have to watch labels like an allergy, but I try to avoid it as best I can personally.

  6. Oh honey no. 48-72 hours is nothing. I was off for 2 weeks even though I had zero pain as that was considered the minimum before returning to my desk job. You poor thing.

  7. Really now? What can I do to make sure they are tested? I've made the red sauce recipe before and have always jarred them, but I always kept them in a refrigerator or frozen. However my old upright freezer died, as did the downstairs fridge, so I figured it's best to try the water bath method so I can put them on the shelf without worry.

  8. If you aren't following a tested recipe then you can definitely freeze them. There are 4 main sources for tested, safe recipes: NCHFP, Ball, Bernardin, and

  9. I'm still a covid virgin, and it's been through my household twice. I'm also a healthcare worker too.

  10. I feel you sister. I've had 5 significant GI bleeds that looked like I was having a period out of my butt in the past few months. My family doctor pushed it off saying I was probably straining too hard. The ER docs brushed me off because I wasn't losing enough blood to die. I had a colonoscopy as well, and the GI doctor said my bowels were fine internally, no hemorrhoids, nothing. I told him I have DIE 2 endo which is especially concentrated on my bowels and he was pretty dismissive about that and told me not to worry about it since he didn't find cancer basically. People don't ordinarily just bleed out their butts!! Obviously something isn't normal but they keep telling me I'm fine.

  11. The men who have these attitudes probably treat women like crap, and think all other men do too. They don't want their daughter to be treated the way they treat women. They're so close to seeing the point, but also so far!

  12. If you want to be precise, you can get your exact elevation from caltopo. You should be able to plug your address in and find it. My address isn’t usps recognized so I had to drop a pin to see mine.

  13. This is fantastic! I'm Canadian, so I just had to zoom over my house (couldn't plug in the address) but I learned my house is 1089ft. 15lbs of pressure it is! Thank you!!

  14. Sending hugs. I too panicked before my lap, even though I already knew I had endo (Dx by the fact I had an endometrioma). I tried to go to work the day before and had a completely hysterical meltdown and had to go home 45 minutes later. It ended up turning out that everything went as smoothly as could possibly be, including my recovery. I'm not American so I didn't have to worry about the cost of things, but it absolutely would have been worth it even if I had to pay for it myself. Good luck!!

  15. Rest, hot pad, and sleep for me. If I can't get to sleep because pain and discomfort, I will sometimes take a Benadryl or a Gravol to knock me out

  16. That's awful. My endometrioma was 4x4.5cm I think when it was first diagnosed and they told me then it needed to be removed. By the time I got the lap 10 months later it was over 8cm and had also mutated my ovary 5x its normal size, which could cause cancer. Push for another doctor if you can, because that just doesn't seem right to me.

  17. Yep that’s a heavy scale infestation. Scrape it off.

  18. I cut off the leaves that were affected and sprayed heavily with the soap. I may bust out the neem oil as well if it seems to worsen.

  19. Yes, and I do. My gf is trans and has zero depth (no vag hole at all) and it actually works perfectly for us since I have severe endometriosis and can’t be penetrated either. All our fun is on the outside and I was so relieved to find another woman who couldn’t do penetration. Honestly, I prefer it!

  20. Yeah, I was legit pissed. The women in my family have a history of cervical cancer so now I have to wait another four years. A family member had to have a hysterectomy at 34 because her cervical cancer relapsed.

  21. Nobody will see your butt! The gowns wrap around you 1.5 times (so no gaps). They will make you remove all clothing including underwear anyway. You'll be laying on the gurney most of the time too.

  22. I took nothing except my health card (Canada). I didn't even bring my phone, at the suggestion of the hospital. I wore my loosest clothing and my parents had a pillow for me in the car to protect my belly when they picked me up. I was only at the hospital for about 4 hours from start to finish so I didn't really need anything the nurses couldn't give me there.

  23. Absolutely. For your own safety, and their own consent. Transphobes can get really scary and unhinged and you don't want to be in that vulnerable position if they do lose their shit. Also, if they consent to having sex with one version of genitalia and then you present them with another that they did not consent to, that could lead to a lot of problems. They could either feel pressured to have sex when they no longer want to out of respect for your feelings, or they could feel like their trust in you has been shattered.

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