1. Yeah, she's the one that filed the complaint, so...fuck her. But, "they" (whoever "they" are, the school board, school district, DeSantis...) "they" wanted to ban it, so it's on them just as much or more.

  2. German is a great language!

  3. There was another one I saved in my comments, shoulda saved it in "saved", b or f-something: "punchable face" or "a face in need of a fist".

  4. I believe it is Backpfeifengesicht.

  5. Yeah, I'm still waiting for the body cam or dash cam footage of that unarmed 15 yo girl that got gunned down along with her father in California.

  6. I see a lot of new cases of cops being criminals almost every day, never heard about that one.

  7. Still haven't exonerated themselves, they're hoping it will quietly go away. Sept. 2022

  8. I only recently learned that this band it considered the new Nickelback.

  9. Well said. A lot of people jump on the hate bandwagon just because...I don't know, maybe to be on the bandwagon?

  10. Water law is simple. Runs uphill towards money

  11. Dumb showboating for illiterate voters. Let them waste their red taxpayer funds on this anti-immigrant, racist stupidity instead of changing their quality life.

  12. The women testified that when they reported Masterson to church officials, they were told they were not raped, were put through ethics programs themselves, and were warned against going to law enforcement to report a member of such high standing.

  13. Ah thanks, I knew there was at least one more publication to add to my list of Bullshit Leftist Publications.

  14. So...what in the article is a lie, not true? It had a plethora (that means "a lot") of links and screenshots.

  15. A republican governor has a coal empire and has over 5 million in fines that he or his family refuse to pay, all the while becoming the richest family in West Virginia. Who would have thought it? I'm shocked 😳.

  16. Some in our southern states want the South to have remnants of its own culture. For many years, that was OK. Nobody cared.

  17. So you're defending the confederate flag? How are you gonna defend the confederate surrender flag?

  18. We need to take these terms back. Fly the US flag on your car alongside whatever liberal stuff you want. It’s all of our flag. Use the word patriot and freedom. Take it back.

  19. Yes. I am. Another pet peeve of mine is when I see "we the people". Am I not a "people"? Don't include me in your backwards, fascist views. "We the people" don't all believe or practice your beliefs. I am a "people" so don't talk for me.

  20. Didnt she do a tv interview with convicted russian agent marina butina?

  21. Yep. They're BFF now. Well, until her usefulness has been worn out.

  22. Do you know other Betos who would be in this conversation??? Or did you just need to point out he has an anglicized name on his official documents?

  23. The last bomb, the Tsar, I was wondering why they had a split screen with a dotted line.

  24. Man, these MAGAt politicians and corporations are playing these people like Eddie plays his guitar.

  25. Anti-vaxxer, sovereign citizen, traitor...I bet she has a few more "redeeming" qualities.

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