1. Hello, obviously di ako nakaabot huhu pero tanong ko lang, di ba nirerequire ni spotify na within certain radius lang yung pwede makaavail ng family subscription?

  2. I had one of these guys use religion against me by selling rosaries and the like. It was too late when I noticed one guy watching them from a distance; I got curious and silently U-turned back to them to see it was one of their guys.

  3. Im sorry i don't understand. What exactly did you notice?

  4. Two minors sold me the rosaries while one guy watched from a distance.

  5. Gotcha. So they were being supervised. Shuta so tama lang and skepticism ko na di magbigay sa mga ganyan.

  6. Mga ministerial students yun most likely on their way to school.

  7. I haven't done my research with regards to this eh, I'll ask my tito if ever may time kung anong brand ng aircon nila.

  8. Vernalization. I do this with mine even though they're softneck and have great results.

  9. Ah you're right, vernalization is cold for established plants to make flowers, like chill hours for fruit for example and stratification is specifically for seed germination. I always bungle up the two.

  10. Gotcha. I never had the chance to confuse the two because vernalization is a TIL for me haha

  11. well i just want more educational contents online kase lalo na yung investigative type para pinapasunod mo yung tao sa proseso ng pag alam ng katotohanan. para siyang David Attenborough and Anthony Bourdain pero more social issues and politics sana. magkakavibes sila tapos ang galing pa niya magtagalog so pwede talaga siya for investigative docus, or kahit simple debunking videos lang pero gusto ko sana docus para mas mahaba at well researched at on ground siya

  12. Masyadong malala na ang kapit ng short video format sa current generation na hindi na magiging effective ang dokyu style. Imagine we already have Kingmaker pero parang walang interes naman din ang ilan sa mga full lengtg documentatries kahit gaano pa kaganda pagkakakagawa.

  13. -codegrepper all the way. i wish google had a blacklist feature just to put that shitty in there for all eternity

  14. Never has codegrepper been helpful in anyway

  15. I live in zone 7. Outside rosemary is perennial for us. I cannot keep it alive in my house. It really likes to be hot and dry.

  16. so you mean, it likes full sun? full tropical sun (~30°C)?

  17. Rosemary thrives when misted a couple times a day, and watered if the soil feels dry one inch down. That may be once every two weeks. Misting is key. You probably have enough light to keep it alive over the winter. Additional, closer lighting may dry it out. Cannot emphasize the misting enough.

  18. interesting. I have had many rosemary deaths and has only figured out the watering part (i live in the tropics so it's a major issue since I tried to plant it outside). next time i get my hands on one, i'll make sure to mist.

  19. Ah, so you've probably heard the atrocity that is Filipino version of Spaghetti

  20. What I remember her from was from her small role as a factory worker in Les Miserables where she was part of the ensemble of the performance of the song 'At the end of the day'.

  21. Ladies and gentlemen we have Marcos apologist and loyalist here in the thread, look, all i am saying is that you can’t use our military plane para mamasyal lang kung kelan mo gusto at pabalik balik ka in 1 day, pede mo gamitin pero plan accordingly, sayang ung gas pabalik balik ka porke mah nakalimutan ka sa bahay mo lipad ka ulit pa Manila and vice versa. 🤦‍♂️

  22. Uhm, i think you misunderstood 'inb4'

  23. Uhh, that looks like a purple sweet potato.

  24. American here. We tend to use the words interchangeably I guess there is a difference but I don’t know what it is. Either way yummy. Love them baked with acorn squash.

  25. I guess the main difference is that ube's skin is brown and a lot rougher that the ones OP posted. If you happen to grow them, the difference is that sweet potatoes crawl while ube is a like vine that climbs.

  26. Can anyone identify the breed? Looks so much like my dog and we have no idea what he is

  27. Looks like an Aspin/Askal. Basically a mutt

  28. Idk why PBB is even an artista search. In other versions they just become normal people or be back at their old jobs or at least be in more reality shows after big brother.

  29. PBB is not well liked among the Big Brother community due to its format.

  30. Ironically, one of the most common insults from when I studied in Leyte was “kolera ka”. Then I got sad because the only reason shit like this happens(pun intended) is poor sanitation management and community preventive health action. Meaning shit water somehow got into water supplies, or flooding releases it from poorly made septic tanks, or there’s so many people with the disease that they get other people infected.

  31. Uhm, i think oral rehydration salts is way better than gatorade in dealing with dehydration caused by diarrhea.

  32. Math 21 or any other math is best learned through practice. Kung nainternalize mo na yung basics ng pagsolve ng problem. Try mong sagutan halos lahat ng exercise questions at the end of every chapter. That way, mappractice mo yung solving skills mo and at the same time mafafamiliarize ka pa lalo sa mga steps sa pagsolve ng problems. Quoting from our Math series prof, "Practice, practice, practice. And then some more practice." Goodluck OP!

  33. RuPaul’s Drag Race can definitely be Edgiced.

  34. I watched the Philippines version and was so sure about someone who turned out to be the decoy winner. But in all fairness, my number 2 eventually won.

  35. Viñas Deluxe definitely was the decoy winner. We got confessionals from her even if she was not part of the current story. Her views were constantly shared episode per until her elimination. Precious Paula Nicole was the same but it was not as much as Viñas's.

  36. Daemon specifically said they have 3.

  37. Daeron's dragon is not yet an adult size so maybe that explains the exclusion. Also, on the intro, Alicent's blood line branches out to four indicating four children. Daeron is going to be there, just not this season.

  38. Yung chicken luto pero yung suka hinde. Sabi nila pag nahilaw yung suka may bitter aftertaste.

  39. Huh, interesting. Never heard of this until now. May food science explanation ba behind this?

  40. Sabi nung iba dahil sa chemical reaction ng suka sa pot na ginamit. Yung iba naman di daw fully naiincorporate ang lasa ng suka at toyo kasi nakakapagevaporate yung water content ng suka.

  41. Hindi ba nagdeactivate siya nga kanyang account?

  42. Lagay mo sa description mo kung magkano

  43. Other people are realizing what he’s doing na and he’s being defensive and tried to say that he actually tried buying the watch from

  44. I called him out on that kasi yung sole basis niya ng pagsabi ng scam/nakaw yung item eh "i have a bad feeling about this". Kung mag-aaccuse ka na lang din naman siya ng ganyan, eh di sana give it some merit para you can back your claim.

  45. i was referring to Sta Rita-Basey road. pero yep, although Catbalogan is a city na, crappy pa rin roads nila.

  46. Basey road is still fucked up although repairs have been going on pero napakabagal nga lang.

  47. puro naman na asphalt yung road from san juanico. i know di pa lahat pero yung mga dinadaanan namin ayos na

  48. Eastern Samar roads ay okay na, yung may problem lang talaga diyan na part ay yung Samar side (Sta Rota, Basey, Marabut).

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