1. Now he just needs to go on American idol and sing a song that’s 4 minutes and 32 seconds long at the same time and he’ll win two competitions

  2. my brother is the actor who did the voice/movements for Horley in this game

  3. The post card appears to tell of a story of a daughter reception of the letter from her aunt whom spent time with the girls mother. Apparently they were dipping into the water on some vacation perhaps at the river pictured. You’ll see these on eBay for a few dollars. You may want to reference the card and the mailer. Sometimes when there are unique canceled stamps, or famous stories, the value improves. I would first identify the post card and see what one without writing says. Did you buy it or did your family collect? Often times when families collect it’s their personal communications within.

  4. Thanks for the info - No I have about 5000 postcards I’m selling on eBay from a collection I just bought all from the very early 1900s this is one of them

  5. Thank you both so much for shedding light on this - I now feel a bit smarter today :)

  6. Now because I know the town is Seneca I figured out that bank building is still there

  7. I would guess Seneca, Kansas.... Based on the text. Pac Train to KC (Kansas City), and the letters visable in the Post mark. Sen..a, Kans

  8. Duh! Thank you so much it seems so obvious now much appreciated

  9. omg!! i was just watching deep space nine and admiring their weird mugs last night x)

  10. I have a large lot of other first day covers currently

  11. Reminds me of this tidbit from the book “Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller Sr.” by Ron Chernow. ”Drake’s (Edwin - first American to successfully drill for oil) feat touched off pandemonium as bands of fortune seekers streamed into Titusville and its pastoral surroundings. Speculators scrambled over the greasy slopes of the creek, leasing acreage from unsophisticated, often unlettered, owners; one farmer turned down an offer of a one-quarter royalty and stubbornly held out for a one-eighth share.”

  12. Or dealing with your brothers bring hookers into their hotel room while very young Michael was in the room. Some messed up crap in that family.

  13. Let’s throw being a Jehovahs Witness into this salad recipe for good measure

  14. I would first run down the categories of things it MIGHT be for, in this order: 1) The bedroom 2) Automotive 3) Printer ink

  15. The Blair Witch (when she’s on vacation in the UK)

  16. The bottom left looks like there could be a signature? Or maybe that’s just wrinkles that break color

  17. My only interest is getting a date with the bike rider in the photo

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