1. Rutgers checks a lot of boxes for me. Terrible team, tough conference, decent stadium size (~55k), clean uniforms (nice red and white); good option for a rebuild imo.

  2. I've seen their water first hand; it's as bad as it sounds/seems.

  3. Are you in Pennsylvania? How did you come across it?

  4. Yes PA resident. I've seen someone's water that lives in the EDWA area.

  5. I rolled in a bedliner on my '19. I used Walmart's version whatever it was. $80 I believe. It was relatively easy. Sanding the bed was probably the hardest part. Wear old clothes as you will get messy. Instructions are easy to follow and it has held up pretty well. Any spots that end up showing paint you can always add a little touch up.

  6. This tent is on sale on Amazon right now for $247 with an additional $50 off coupon. My concern was all of the recent reviews being 1 star.

  7. Love it. Have this exact one. It is great. It’s been fine in rain, never had it in high wind. It’s a 9 person, there are two adults and two young kids in our family. We sleep on a Stoic double cloud camp bed in the middle of the back “room” and kids sleep on either side on small inflatable camp mats. Then the front room is our stuff. It keeps us from getting the “bedroom” dirty at all. We use a heavy duty tarp under it which protects the bottom from sticks etc. and we use a canvas drop cloth inside as a “carpet” which adds warmth and protects the inside from being punctured by anything or getting dirty (easier to take out the drop cloth and shake it or wash it after). We also have a plastic outdoor rug/mat that we put outside the big front doors, for standing on to take shoes off, etc. Overall I’m really happy with it - it truly is so easy and quick to set up, and being able to have a separate sleeping room and stand up in it is great.

  8. That's what I love about it. A separate room for all the other "stuff". Will only be 2 of us camping but would be nice to have extra room in case family or friends want to tag along.

  9. Yes but just looking for some more people with real world experience with it

  10. Thanks for the comment! Will definitely get a ground cloth of some sort.

  11. Looks great! Where was this campground specifically? Link to book it?

  12. Wanted to give my fish some more room for swimming so I cleared up space in the middle of the tank. Also added 2 caves for them to hide in. Added some thick vegetation areas for the shy ones to hide around as well.

  13. Glad this post brought back fond memories for many of you. These were given to me for free, and I have no memories of my own as we never camped growing up. But I look forward to making my own memories and handing these down.

  14. I do everything above except the marijuana and am also called a hippie. They're just jealous.

  15. Got tired of waiting for my October order so went and picked up a 2019 Chevy Colorado Z71 with 11k miles.

  16. Serious question; why not just buy new at that price? Doing builds on the Chevy site and you can get a lot of options for that price.

  17. I built an online one close to this as possible and it came in around 42.5k. So 4.5k more. Also getting new vehicles in my area is next to impossible. I've been waiting for a Ford Maverick order since October. So the price was right on this one and it was actually available for purchase so I jumped on it. Also my daily driver needed inspection, registration, tires, brakes, and possible wheel bearing. So it was just time.

  18. Lowes sells cedar fence pickets at 3.98 ea. 6ft boards. 5.5in wide. Could use those perhaps? For walls of coop.

  19. Just cut it and tie it around the pole. Legit advice; I've done it.

  20. Also live in Pennsylvania. Just around me the range for municipal sewage bills is $30-100 a month depending on the town/system. Mine being $42.

  21. How do you maintain such cleanliness. Everyone hoses down the entire building every month?

  22. Everyday after a press we do a light hose down and squeegee. Once we're done pressing for the month we do a thorough hose down.

  23. I’m right there with you fellow belter!!! Except my presses are 30 yrs old and have more straps and ropes holding em together than original meat!! Come on upgrade …. In 2 years!

  24. Yeah this press and entire plant was built in 2006. Obsolete by today's standards but still newer than most of what I've seen and worked with before.

  25. I'm fine with whatever people want to do. Its their money. If they want to spend it on things that is their choice.

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