1. Can someone explain to me how I can cast Gaze of Nagash with my Vampire? Absolute newbie who got the game when he learned about the mod here. I understand I need to press Q, but I get neither Crosshairs nor anything else to cast.

  2. They fight them alongside some Drukhari in Voidcrossed. Basically, the Harlequins do what they think necessary in their enigmatic ways.

  3. I usually don't. I bring 3 squads for a battalion - and the 30 points almost pay for an extra Vyper. I'd rather bring more toys.

  4. From what you're describing the stuff you like would be perfect for an Ulthwé list. D-Scythe Wraithguard have been used to good effects in Ulthwé and the Wraithlords get a lot of value from the 6++ & the re-roll.

  5. I've been looking into the D-Cannons and I can't really find the models for them, as there seem to multiple Support weapon variants. Is there a particular one that's best to buy you can point me to?

  6. To start out I would grab two Combat Patrol boxes. With all the spare Incubi parts you can build a pretty cool looking Drazhar-stand in from the 2nd. Archon.

  7. All good picks. Combat Patrol + Rangers are a great starting point, you practically can't go wrong here. The Visarch is an Ynnari character though, which is something to keep in mind - if you run Ynnari, there are a few options you can't bring (Avatar, Phoenix Lords) unless you bring the Visarch as a Auxilliary Detachment which costs 2CP.

  8. Can't open the list, but generally good units in that pricerange for Ulthwé would be -

  9. Would it also be worth considering to take a second pack of ten avengers with no upgrades and a second war walker ? I know, its not hail of doom, but as long as i have a farseer to cast doom, i think the avengers remain great... as for the walker idk if its good. But its cheap.

  10. Yeah Avengers are always good. Ulthwé Walkers like Bright Lances for the free re-roll, too.

  11. Got 10 of those buggers. Building them was fun but painting looks challenging. So many pouches and guffins :D

  12. I still wanna try 2x5, using them basically as artillery. Using Fire & Reposition + Matchless Agility/Fire & Fade to keep them out of LoS.

  13. Soinds great! The Spear-kit allows you to make an Autarch Skyrunner fairly easily, too - which is best in Saim-Hann. Just give it a few bits to stick out and maybe the head of the winged one (don't remember atm how the sprue is structured).

  14. Why Crushing Orb? Feels like the worst spell to take out of those available. Guide, Fortune, Will of Asuryan I'd all rate higher.

  15. I would probably just start with a dedicated boxset, usually the combat Patrol, and something that makes you excited - for example the Avatar. Unless you speedrun this whatever is good now will have changed once you've finished assembling, building & painting.

  16. There seem to be a few archetypes that make use of different things. The ones I'm aware of:

  17. Trueborn?? I know that's a lore thing for Drukhari being actually born instead of clone, but what does it mean rules wise?

  18. It's an upgrade you can buy for one squad. Gives them basically an "always hit on a 2+ no matter whst" rule.

  19. Wh- F-for any Kabal-based unit?.. Holy shit. THAT'S ACTUALLY COOL. Ok ok I can put this on squads too right? What would be a good elite choice for this?

  20. No just for Kabalite Warriors. You buy an upgrade for your Archon which unlocks the ability to upgrade one unit of Kabalites.

  21. For melee I prefer Vengeful & Savage Blades. The extra AP really helps with AoC and similar rules.

  22. If I had to bring one, I'd go with Glaive, Reaper Launcher & Falcon's Swiftness WL trait. Just shoot & scoot in and out of LoS.

  23. For Iyanden I would try to track down the older "Start Collecting" Set. Comes with a Farseer on foot, 5 Wraithguard/Wraithblades, a Wraithlord & a War Walker. Add in a unit of Rangers and a Spiritseer you have a very good starting point that is ~750 points.

  24. Have fun! I'm of course biased, but it's a brilliant series (to the point that it has inspired a user of this sub to succesfully write their MA-thesis on it) that stands out from much of what BL puts out.

  25. Oh wow, I just finished my own MA-thesis (albeit on history) so will have to look this up for being thesis worthy

  26. As boring as it is, the Combat Patrol set really is a great place to start. If you are looking for a bigger first purchase, add 1-2 squads of Rangers and 1-2 Farseer/Warlock Skyrunner kits to the mix.

  27. I recall a story where a craftworld Aeldari was a prisoner of a Haemonculi.

  28. Pretty sure that was part of the Aeldaris psychic awakening book & one of the stories posted on WarCom. The Eldar was an Ynnari and taunted the Haemonculus that once dead, he would hold no power over him. The twist was then the revelation, that he had killed & revived the guy in an endless cycle before.

  29. He's out of the picture. Doubt he's dead for good. Likely getting a new model, maybe something crazy like a Dreadnought.

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