1. In all seriousness, I think his Zanpakto isn’t masochistic but either akin to Momo/Espada or is simply a servant character type where they don’t care to have their own will

  2. Momo isnt just a servant lmao, thats crazy you said that 💀

  3. His bankai is clearly Sex 2 but he knows it’s so OP that he refuses to use it even against mugetsu and yhwach

  4. Both are good. I prefer yuichiro b/c he had so much power but never goes out of his way to show it off (since we never hear feats about him). The little story about him losing matches for his wife is also cool since it implies he either wanted a normal life or lived a normal life for her something

  5. Both, Giselle may identify as female but that don’t mean they dont make use of it ;) (stg watch giselle be revealed to have some eldritch abomination in place of their genitalia)

  6. Age is just a concept in soul society. No one ever dies of fucking age there after all since some shit always happen 😭

  7. He didn't lose though he was gonna fuse with his zanpakto vs no shinigami power ichigo if urahara seal didn't activate lol (kinda of funny he lose because he completed his plan and transcended shinigami so he completely let himself open to urahara attacks)

  8. It’s funnier when taken into consideration 1.) if I remember right aizen should know kisuke was aware of the hogyoku at least 200 years in advance and 2.) aizen acknowledges kisuke’s intelligence exceeds his own meaning he really had no reason to fuck around with kisuke. Of course, it should be acknowledged that kisuke’s seal only worked because they got lucky with just how powerful the mugetsu technique was combined with the hogyoku granting Aizen’s true desire

  9. The virgin sword and shield knight vs the chad centaur axe swinging god of destruction and creation

  10. Nothing like dragging your balls up a wall to let an old man touch a mountain, it’s like poetry

  11. Different likes for different folks! Some people like a sexy, big-boobed female Mega / ultimate-level Digimon (Which there are plenty throughout the franchise!)

  12. Same, although I’d have preferred something less mecha more diver if they were going to avoid big booba mega since this feels more mecha than diver

  13. The Zanpakuto works by fooling all five senses of the target, allowing them to mistake a hot dessert into a swamp or a fly as a dragon.

  14. Aizen on his way to destroy earth by ruining porn sites and the technological development that comes with horniness

  15. I think there’s need to be some consistency but not complete consistency. It’s better to leave wiggle room so when we see characters performing destruction based feats we can use that as an indicator that their raw power is at least beyond “x”. However, in regards to abilities it needs to be consistently inconsistent for things like damage potency (to elaborate using dragon ball as a visual guide: characters can easily destroy planets but don’t. This is because they make the raw damage of their attacks low and focus on potency hence god tier characters getting hurt by attacks that are the size of baseball).

  16. They kind of do tell stories with the cards tho, there are a lot of like ‘scenes’ between cards and then honestly things like this happen more often than you’d think, where one group of scenes or one card will just a little TOO well fit with another. I think it’s intentional, the artists probably keep their own little headcanons to inspire themselves

  17. Hueco mundo’s gotei 13 is Nel and Harribel achieving the next level of resurrecion: Segunda Milf Etatas

  18. Grimmjow already packing boobs that put all other bleach men to shame, can’t have him being too op

  19. Aizen may be a villain, but he’s not a monster. Well, ignoring his numerous Geneva convention violations that say otherwise.

  20. You are right in that the overlap between Aizen and Yhwach's goals are purely circumstantial, as they are both fighting against the system of the world, Soul Society itself. But their motivations are very different. This will be a long read, but I think the main villains of Bleach represent hurdles that humanity must overcome to reach higher levels of transcendence.

  21. Honestly, reading your comment makes me hope the hell arc final antag is just modern Death from the series Soul Eater. Especially when you have him as the fucking climatic villain after two juggernauts (relative to bleach) like Aizen and Yhwach LOL

  22. EOS Zoro will surpass kaido and ROGER. Zoro will surpass SWORD GOD RYUMA. Zoro will be the most skilled swordsman ever to exist. Luffy will be strongest tho. Luffy will be the strongest man ever to exist.

  23. Yes, the one piece is Kaido’s resurrected body which he use to finally fulfill the ZKK prophecy

  24. I know some people hate it when other fans say the editors might have forced Kubo to keep Byakuya alive. But it’s totally something they would do. They definitely made Kubo change his story at times during Bleach’s run.

  25. Never forget Toriyama editor’s shitting on his villains in the android saga from 19&20 to semi-perfect cell and the twins

  26. Simply being transcendent or not doesn’t mean anything to Ichibei since he himself is also transcendent. People seem to forget that once he activated Shikai, Yhwach was unable to sense his reiatsu anymore. Not to mention this makes sense considering his basically a god-like being himself. He has complete and utter dominance over both names and darkness across all of existence.

  27. To add to this, you also have to factor in whether or not aizen’s reiatsu would be capable of blocking or resisting ichibe’s abilities. This can influence whether or not the hogyoku’s evolutions can be stopped or at least limited/slowed down by ichibe as well as other strategies the RG could employ against Aizen to kill or seal him. At least, that’s if I understand reiatsu’s role right.

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