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  1. How does this help preserve humanity..... I hope no male is needy enough they think they need this person's presence ... Someone watched too much Maury and Jerry Springer growing up......

  2. Any site with location on will... So who's in violation ?

  3. She must of been a Karen... Anyone can fit that label.

  4. Grapefruit sour dream, sour blue Diesel,sherbhead,Rollins,mac1,lime sherbet. Buckeye or klutch.

  5. Reason I decided to never have any.. I'm 38 work 40+ hours a week and don't generate enough income to live on my own. And most of what I heard from anyone that ever did have them is complaint. They don't listen can't sit still ..eat.. break your stuff . Break their stuff. Break bones . It all costs. ..

  6. Work 40.. can't afford to do anything but work the next day. Can't live on your own either.. you need two full time jobs to make it... Most have 2-5 kids before they figure that out.....

  7. One of the best Ive ever had. Nice nug. They need to drop this again. My local doesn't ever have much klutch

  8. Never STOP... All your dreams are on the other side of all the things we were taught to hate.

  9. Where's the guitar.. that needs there. A few bottles of water and some energy drinks.

  10. It's not the feeling of a hangover there's no such things as a weed hangover.you felt good and now you feel everything.. you experienced relaxation and relief.. that's why most things that make people feel good .. become .. habitual....

  11. What do your pieces typically run I dig the flute. Does it make noise at all

  12. Hey brother I think I met you before you were blowing glass in sharonville at the convention center next to a band play

  13. Sorry for the low quality post, probably will get deleted, but just curious, what do you guys use to soak your tubes?? Vinegar ainโ€™t doing the trick anymore on the daily pieces

  14. The highest percentage rubbing alcohol you can get. And Epsom salt.. run real hot water through it in the sink awhile then dump the water out... Put alcohol in it and dump some salt in... Be careful it will be hot. Then shake it up and repeat till your happy with the results.

  15. A choice was made... Why not put the switch somewhere totally different. Was there no walls.

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