1. Personal hits are way better than a full bowl, taste better and less waste. Pull through and clear the chamber.

  2. Anyone who has studied UFOs/EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS...they all come to the same conclusion (when they are honest with themselves and the public; which is rare... They all come to the same end result: What we refer to as "Aliens/Extraterrestrials/etc" they are what the Bible calls "fallen Angels" who, mated with HUMAN women, making the Nephelim-- (the GIANTS who were written about by multiple civilizations on 6 out of 7 continents. (Excluding Antarctica...and that's only because the media will not admit GIANTS are certainly real in our not so distant past. J. Allen Hynek, and Luis Elizondo (former head of the UAP department working with the Pentagon both said the same thing. What we refer to as "Aliens" are the fallen 1/3 of the Angels from Heaven. (Lucifer and his followers) Dr.Greer may have the very best of intentions (and I believe in his mind he thinks he is doing a good thing.) However; like many other people he is deceived. "Aliens" are masters of deception, just like their leader...Satan himself.

  3. They sell shredded/pre-ground FLOWER because Ohio doesn't allow for sale of pre-rolled joints/blunts Plus, it's supposed to be 'no combustion' or "vape only" in Ohio. The only one Ascension currently has that is TRULY "shake" is Blue Boi. All the rest is pre-ground/shredded BUD.

  4. LOL I'm a Silverback too LOL this is way too funny

  5. Cardo's in Jackson is pretty awesome while we are talking about the area.

  6. If they were crazy, it would have been Coke bottles in free fall from the Heavens. LOL

  7. No my weight stays the same last time I smoked I felt abdominal pain but this time it was seriously nasty

  8. Could be your pancreas. Mine gets inflammation and it causes pain in my back (from the inside/solar plexus region) My gal bladder was removed years ago. Helped, but didn't 'fix' everything.

  9. I don't think think so, 2 years ago I had this happen and it's similar

  10. Id see a gastroenterologist. Have a scope done from both sides and see what the issue really is. Good luck and God Bless

  11. There are usually some Geese this time of the year over by the college (Up near the 2 roundabouts) I dunno about Ducks tho...how about the pond/lake going outta town on state street past the movie theater? If nothing else, it's a great place to hike.

  12. Yes it's a good deal. Looks like what would come out of my grinder.

  13. Love thier stuff, especially this strain. Pay no mind to anyone who really considering this "shake". More for us...and I mean that.

  14. It’s 100% “skunk” I’m in love. Don’t know if I’ll buy whole bud for a while now

  15. I switched after a bit of research. FYI Jackson Ohio (Buckeye Botanical) has 14g Ascension shake (Cherry Star) and it's phenomenal. $100 (20% off on Sunday, one item) Or 10% off Friday (1-3pm is also "Happy Hour*") *15% off total order Sunday is the best day for 1 bulk item like this. I've had it, and it's amazing.

  16. I didn't write it. The product however; ( despite the PACKAGING) is quite effective. More companies need to use this process. 8/10

  17. Diamonds would probably be the closest but they're butane/propane extracted usually

  18. These are the only guys ever using this process? I mean . . . Looks like OG Hash

  19. A small village south of Lancaster. It is in Hocking county near Tar Hallow State Forest.

  20. I know just where it is. My son lives there. Just gonna let him know. I'm glad. 👍 Just wanted to verify it was in fact the same one.

  21. If golf and archery can be considered sports, I don't see why this shouldn't be called a sport lol

  22. Okay! I was thinking of heading down to Zen. They’ve got lots of Vernona. Any strain you really like?

  23. Those were just a couple 'cheap ones' I had tried recently. Just looked over their menu and here are my pics: $25 Whip-it from Klutch 2.83g $40 Star Dawg from Grow Ohio 2.83g $35 G-Wagon from VERANO 2.83g They have other better deals but you'd have to spend well over $100 and buy in bulk. Star Dawg is fantastic, and I can also vouch for Klutch..."Whip-it" for $25 is what I'd buy today.

  24. I shall take your advice and go for that today!

  25. Post pics later with what you purchase. We all like drooling over the buds. (And it gives us all a peek at what that particular strain looks like) Thus, we get a sneak-peek before we purchase for ourselves. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 👍💚

  26. I'm gonna guess you have a heart murmur/irregular heartbeat with an innocent murmur. EKG is likely what the doctor would recommend so they can monitor your heart for a week or so during regular activities and rest. They are quite expensive. I'd not stress over it, but rather sell the watch. Just my thoughts, as I have the same issue. (22+ years experience and I'm still here) God Bless

  27. OP is talking about plugging the hole with fruit and using a metal faucet screen is a bad idea? Plzzzz

  28. Ot the fact that using galvanized metal with salts on it is a arguably stupid idea. As well as just taking the screen off to begin with, using a small piece of fruit would be better for their lungs as well as potentially add a taste that isn't potassium and zinc do yea, kinda is...

  29. Pipes every single day are produced from stainless steel That's what a decent faucet screen is made of. Directly from Google: Stainless steel is a solid option for pipes. There are also stainless steel screens available to use in pipes made from other materials. ... Stainless steel must reach very high temperatures before it gives off toxic fumes.

  30. The good hash I've had was lime green or MtDew green Had brown before also...really prefer green

  31. The color on the inside varies dekning on how its made i guess. I think this hash is nice. One of the better i have had lately. It feels like its very sativa dominated and the smell is really fruity :)

  32. When I'm saying green, I mean green all through. No variation And I'd say your correct, I think isopropyl alcohol is what was used to make what I had. Ultra-Ultra strong Haven't seen any like that in well over a decade, although I'm sure someone still does it that way

  33. What I wanted to see was a homeless man faking a business call behind that folding table. That's what I wanted to see. Highly dissatisfied

  34. Thats a shame. I got a half of their lemon cheese for like $105 last week. I still wouldn't recommend it.

  35. Saw this forever ago and it's certainly the car Asshole cops,no surprise

  36. It really is everything, could it act as a catalyst though?

  37. Maybe...but people do psychedelics of all sorts, and get nothing but recreational results. Intent means everything. If he feels there isn't a problem, or the problem resides outside himself (placing blame on others) psychedelics will have little effect on him. If he were to go into a Heroic dose with the mindset "I am going to resolve my issue, because the issue is within me" that would be different. Narccisist personalities don't always mesh well with the psychoactive. Admitting there is a problem and seeking it's resolve is something only he can do. 💚

  38. It's bizarre because he lacks narccisistic characteristics in his fits. It comes from a place routed in ignorance. He has immense love for us and wants the best, sometimes its difficult to align our visions on what best means though.

  39. It sounds as if something is being omitted. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to discuss this in private.

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