1. What I do is, I write my paper and then copy and paste it to a tool called "Grammarly" and then it's pretty much good to go. ( not sponsored )

  2. I also have the grammarly premium for years but sometimes I feel my sentence is a bit off when I paraphrase the sentence from the literatures

  3. I only use the free version but anyway you can look at some other good written papers and then try phrase your sentences in a similar manner.

  4. Alf Mabrook on your achievements! But I find that men who obsess over background are suspect.. as if they use this reputation to hide demonic behavior or present an image to the community while enacting on tomfoolery

  5. I understand. I will try to accept that it may wont work between us

  6. Not to mention how dare he even assume your mother played a role in why your father acted out on their marriage. May Allah provide better! It isn’t easy for us out here but the lord will see to it!

  7. That’s a great question, considering that modern day feminism especially conflicts so heavily with Islam

  8. Hmmm but you didnt explain what is the definition of feminist muslimah tho? Why feminist has a conflict with islam?

  9. Feminism directly opposes the concept of the nuclear family unit. Something that within Islam great importance is placed upon.

  10. I guess we have different definition of feminism

  11. HYGIENE!!! Even if itd in the bin.. The blood smells rancid... Idk whsts infesting in there... And of course my irrational fear of someone stealing my blood for dark magic or something

  12. Perhaps you are Indonesian or the country with similar cultural background? Because that’s also my friends argument 😅

  13. Ikr. It’s also weird to me. Their arguments mostly about how bad the blood for the environment and my country doesn’t have good enough waste management

  14. I am a master's student and a research assistant for my professor, she told me that I work like a PhD student for her. I worked on publishing the paper and thesis at the same time, it was so stressful but she paid me for it

  15. For real, I wanted to apply for one of the universities in Hungary but decided not to because their website didn't provide any needed information. then, I applied for another university whose website is well designed, I could easily find the information I needed for my application and the program there

  16. I can give my opinion. But "Doctoral School of Business Administration" sounds a little weird to me, so I'm guessing you're from a different country. Without knowing the specific context, it's hard to know if I can say anything useful. Business includes many fields and research tracks which can be quite different from each other.

  17. Hay currently I am applying for several programs in Europe and my focus is on marketing

  18. One and a half pages, around 4000 characters. I am open to both content suggestion and grammar

  19. You're pressed for time, so I think the Youtube route will help. There are Youtube videos that helped me, not sure if I can link them here, but you can do a search "PhD statement of purpose tips" and they pop up right away. Make sure you choose those who have been part of adcoms.

  20. may you please send me the link to me? may I PM you?

  21. Imposter syndrome. Most PhD students suffer from it. You just need to push through. If you feel you are not good enough, tell yourself that a PhD is a research training program which will turn you into a good scientist. You are not supposed to know everything when you apply.

  22. it seems I need to remember that. thank you so much

  23. You’re welcome to PM me the article details. I’ll check if I have access… as an academic through my institution.

  24. Awww! Thank you so much for your help. I would love to PM you when I need to access some papers :)))

  25. Can you get access via inter-library loan? ILLiad is how I get most of what I need, but I know sometimes schools have to pay for these things and won’t. I’ve also heard of people emailing the authors and just asking for it.

  26. I tried to search it but I couldnt find iLLiad related to my school. Thank you anyway :)))

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