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  1. This looks great man, and a big yield wow, did you LST or top, what was the tech there, I have a GC cross I got as a freebee which is starting right now. You should try these bags called Grove bags for the cure man no burping although I did check in mine, windows and heat seal for best results. I actually fell in love, they have small sacs for like pulling Percy out. check them out, there cheap too. On the site you get a free 14g bag just to try !!!

  2. I got to get back to NYC since they have went rec to experience the city in a different light

  3. Man I’d love those strawberry nugget x super orange haze. That’s all I smoke right now the SOH

  4. I would have whole plant hung that, that’s a lot of bud flipping man

  5. Probably first thing is you should have put soil to the top of the pots

  6. Dude what’s that purple plant I’d love to have that for Color alone in the tent

  7. Yeah maybe a little common sense and research before actually doing anything with your seeds, just a cool dark drawer like night table, or a Tupperware container, you kinda already fucked up from putting it in the freezer, think about when they come out, condensation on the seeds is moisture, moisture can germ the seed.

  8. Those Color’s are crazy though, sometimes small plants though with those bulbous 4 buds will be super dank, sucks it didn’t yield a lot but trust it will be satisfying

  9. CDLC is drying right now, it’s so fire I’m gonna run a full tent, got to the the one for small space home growers and it smells incredible

  10. Sorry but stop spending tim win Reddit then get on indeed or other job seeking sited, if you know your going to run out of money and all that maybe scrolling Reddit isn’t the answer

  11. It is a little low I brought it up now to about 58, but tbh I’m not having that much luck with the grove bags, my apartment humidity is pretty low, maybe that has something to do with it, gonna grab some boost packs tomorrow, but the bud is pretty moist still I was a bit anxious to smoke that bitch so it won’t harm it really

  12. Awsome share I was thinking of doing this myself in a gorilla style

  13. Just actually learn what you need to do with autos before you decide to jump in, they are different then photos if done right you can turn more harvest and more strains

  14. Damn looks like you got a million stickers, that’s super dope man, the picture you did was dope too !!

  15. I find hand held from Vivosun works best these ones you have to rely on your focus of the camera as well

  16. Careful with how much you feed, see how your leaves are all curling down and deep green that’s early signs of nitrogen tox, I had it in my super orange haze. Some people call it the claw cause the leaves are like claws, it won’t ruin the plant or anything but slow up in the increase nutes

  17. Been seeing more people do that plastic hanger thing, what are you guys doing that for, just to keep the tent tight in the sides

  18. The same experience always amazing I’ve even order 1 seed of each strain and received 2 of each being in a tight budget

  19. Not one of them was seen again

  20. Your probably best taking Robert q unless you do want to subway and stuff but the trains go to union which yeh then you will have to take subway to Kipling station and then get on a bus to take you to the airport the trip would be like 6 hours lol plus the actual airport, then flight and stuff,

  21. There’s now a dedicated rail link from union to the airport - takes 25-30 mins iirc

  22. Okay then that makes it a bit more worth it, I forgot about that actually been a while since I travelled, but I’m going away in a month

  23. Any chance that CANADIAN mephisto farm will ever become a ticketed tour thing. For something us Canadians can check out :p long shot but that would be one awsome tour. A wine tour but weed tour !!!

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