Andor - Episode 12 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. Declare at 1305/8 at the start of session 3 on day 5 to establish dominance.

  2. Is this the logo for the new film or the old one? Because they supposedly updated it after the “SNL” sketch.

  3. This is the original. They modified the sequel’s a little but whatever they did, it wasn’t enough.

  4. This is why I love ODIs. A nail biting match with both teams going toe to toe, New Zealand weathering India’s blows and striking back with pizzazz, the state of the game ebbing and flowing from one team to the other, only to be thwarted by the weather gods. Who knows which way this match could have gone.

  5. Someone get that armor pic to Ryan Coogler asap. They have to shoehorn it into the next sequel somehow.

  6. So I’m doing that right now. I got approved for the card and can expect it sent to me in 10 days. I haven’t cancelled my prime membership yet but can give you an update once I see the $200 giftcard in my account, cancel my prime, and then see if it disappears.

  7. Been looking all over the place for any info about this. Everything still good with your account?

  8. I still think her covid stance is and was asinine, but the comparisons here aren’t warranted.

  9. 1000 is the maximum possible overall rating, so even if Sky hits every ball he faces for the rest of his life for a six, he still wouldn't be able to reach that mark.

  10. What if he breaks into the ICC offices and computer hacks some computers to add this line to the webpage code?

  11. I now want a business drama about a bunch of imperial prison labor corporations competing for lucrative Death Star construction deals.

  12. Me eating all the worst bits of dinner and saving the yummiest for the end

  13. The last bite has to be perfect sized. I sometimes ration the second last bite to make the last bite pack a punch.

  14. I can’t believe Jimmy C gave us Ursula Andress / Halle Berry walking out the water in a bikini with a sexy aqua naavi.

  15. Feeling pretty good about this but I hope it isn’t a beat-by-beat retread of the first. An unlikely blossoming love story between individuals from two different “clans”, learning to ride a sky / water animal, a banshee vs helicopters finale seem a bit familiar.

  16. Damn that sexy blue aqua cougar really pulled an Ursula Andress bikini walk out of water.

  17. After KL Rahul, SKY is only the second Indian player to be namedropped in this comment.

  18. Player of the match seems like a toss up between SKY and Kanos, praying for SKY.

  19. These two should just knock the ball around and casually stroll to a total of 120. Establish dominance by fist-pumping and raising their bats after the last ball.

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